Get Rid Of Opossums

Get Rid Of Opossums

get rid of opossums

How to: Remove Possums From Your Home Or Yard

Possums can have many beneficial uses around the yard. But the sight of these rats-like creatures on your property may not bring you joy. We have some tips for getting rid of these critters and signs that you should call professional assistance. Photo of Possums and Opossums. Although they are both marsupials. Although opossums have an “o” in their name, these mammals aren’t the same thing.

Opossums are often feared because they eat insects and clear up trash. It’s easy to wonder “Why do they need to be evicted?” Opossums are a nuisance, particularly when trampling or eating plants. Opossums are known to rummage in trash containers and even steal food from pets. You will need to be able to move them quickly to avoid injury to your plants and pets.

get rid of opossums

Safety Considerations

Leptospirosis and tuberculosis can be carried by opossums. Before you go searching for “can opossums get rabies”, they can be resistant.

Opossums could have ticks or mites as well lice and fleas.

This is why killing these species should not be attempted. The focus must always be on humanely trapping the animals and releasing them back into nature.

Photo by The best way to keep these creatures away is to get rid of any food or water. You can make your pet’s food and junk outside all night, inviting them to enjoy a meal. If fruit-bearing plants are on your property, ensure crops aren’t left on the ground. To prevent opossums digging through your trashcan, use sealable bags to remove these items.

Where do opossums live? These opossums are attracted to bushy, forested habitats.

get rid of opossums

How to Remove Possums Fast and Permanently

Joe Jonovich (Certified Bug Guy) Learn the most up-to date techniques from experts and stop them dead in their tracks.

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How To: Get Rid Of Possums In Your Home Or Yard

“>get rid of opossums.

Possums on ground Possums, their Role in Environment John Smith was among the first Europeans who saw an opossum after he arrived to the colony of Virginia. According to Smith, it had the head of an animal, the tail and body of a rodent, and was the same size as a cat. Opossums were used as everything since then, from food sources to misunderstood pests.

In the United States, the Virginia opossum is the only known species. Although it is found primarily in the South and East of the United States, the Midwestern states are where it lives, the species was brought to the Pacific Northwest in the 1930s. Opossums also move north to take advantage of the rising temperatures in winter.

An opossum, also known as a marsupial is one that carries her young inside a pouch on the stomach. After they reach adulthood, baby opossums ride on the mother’s back for about 4 to 5 years before going on their own. Opossums have a high mortality rate as babies, and even those that make it to adulthood live only about 2 years.

Although they are usually nocturnal, opossums can be found in daylight to search for food. These opossums can also be found alone. One group of opossums that you may not see is a mother and her babies.

get rid of opossums

How to Get Rid Of Opossums In Your Yard And House

Opossums are a nuisance to homeowners and gardeners as well as chicken raisers.

Generally they don’t stick around too long unless a female opossum makes a home for her young. Opossums can wander your yard in search of water or food, but they won’t stay long.

For those with a lush yard, full of plants, fruit, birds, or even trash, it is not often the case.

Opossums will decimate your garden or take out a whole flock of chickens overnight. Even if you don’t have chickens or garden, an opossum could still make a mess in your yard, dig in your brush or, worst of all, get into your garage or home.

Apart from the damage they can do to your home, opossums also carry several diseases. They aren’t carriers of common diseases in dogs and cats, like feline liver disease, parvovirus, distemper or feline cancer. It is rare for opossums to be infected with rabies.

According to University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Department, “Opossums have disease such as leptospirosis and tuberculosis. They may also be infested with fleas, ticks, mites, and lice.” These tips will help you get rid of an overexcited opossum.

How To Get Rid of Opossums In Your Yard Your first line of defense should be to keep opossums out of your yard. If they’re not on your property, they won’t enter your home.

get rid of opossums

How to get rid of opossums humanely

Opossums may not be the most dangerous creatures in your backyard, but they can cause a lot of damage if they get into your house. Here are the steps to help you get rid of them and prevent further damage.

Opossum Solutions >> See the Full Pest Library >> Opossums wander around your property looking for food, shelter and other necessities. Opossums can be resourceful so will eat all kinds of plants and animal matter. Also, they will find shelter in covered areas that are dry and covered, including attics and brush piles. To keep them away, remove these lures.

Remove all fallen berries, fruits, or birdseed.

Avoid feeding your pets outside. If this is necessary, make sure you take away all remaining food prior to dusk.

After each use, scrub grills and barbecues.

Place your garbage in trash and compost containers made of animal-proof materials with tightly fitting lids.

Take down logs or woodpiles that opossums could use as shelter.

get rid of opossums

4. Choose the Right Control Method

Once you determine where your opossums are living and the nature of the damage they are causing, choose one or more of the below methods to remedy your specific problem.

A live trap can be used to remove an opossum from your home. This is one of the easiest ways to eradicate it. Keep these tips in mind.

You can trap an opossum from the late autumn to early winter. This is before the breeding season starts.

Opossums tend to be nocturnal. To keep them away, set the trap only at night.

Bait your trap with a smelly bait like fish.

get rid of opossums

Opossum Control. What Can You Do To Remove Opossums

This guide is intended to provide general Opossum management information. The following products and techniques will help you control Possums. This guide will help you to control Possums. We recommend that all Possums be controlled using the suggested products. You should consult your state or local guidelines before you control the Possum. Opossums may be deadly so take care.

Are you surprised by an enormous rodent appearing in your yard? It likely was an Opossum. Possums (or “Opossums”) are 2 feet tall and 6 to 10 pounds. Their long tails are long and their claws sharp. They have a pointed snout and sharp teeth.

Possums love to hide in tree trunks or other places where they can find shelter. Most commonly, they are found near dumpsters and wooded areas.

Possums will often venture into homes to find food. However, they also seek sheltering areas such as crawl spaces, garages, or wall voids.

When they are hungry for vegetables or crops, the possums will cause chaos in your garden and back yard. Sometimes they will fight with animals. Other than this, there are a number of illnesses they can have, such as tularemia or spotted fever, Chagas, leptospirosis and tuberculosis.

For product suggestions and detailed instructions on how to remove opossums, check out our DIY Guide.

The first step toward controlling an Opossum is its identification. Opossums must be identified before treatment can begin. These are the characteristics that make Possums stand out.

get rid of opossums

These are 5 ways to get rid of the Opossums.

It is possible to clean up the spot and prevent opossums from returning. This will be dependent on your abilities, where you live, and how the animal settled.

Most states have shooting bans. If you suffer from a possum invasion, no traps or repellents will not save you as the only way out is to completely fence off the site. A fence is unnecessary if one possum appears. If they do appear, however, trapping them can be done.

You can shoot or hunt. Shooting possums, although it is illegal in some states, is the best way to rid them. Hunting the possums won’t be difficult if you don’t have a hunting ban. A powerful flashlight is required to walk the perimeter of the property. If the sun rays are too strong, an animal will get disoriented. The animal will likely be shot quickly if the hunter is skilled. If the animal is playing dead, it may attempt to kill you. You can capture it with your fingers as long as thick gloves are worn.

Fencing. Regardless of whether you are positive there are possums at your place, before you eliminate them up, you need to protect yourself from the invasion of new ones. Even if you remove a few animals from your place, they can easily come back if there are holes in your fence. Make sure you inspect the fence for holes, undermining or rotten board damage. Opossums excel at climbing, but they will not climb up the fence over which an electric wire has been placed. In that case you will only have to control the integrity of the fence.

Humane traps. They are easy to catch because possums do not fear the traps. You can place the trap along the trail of the animal or close to the location where it eats. If the trap is not set correctly, possums will try to climb into it. They will then remain in that area until they are released. If you do not want to accidentally catch your neighbor’s cat, follow the advice of the Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of California scientists: <>. If you decide to use possum traps, read our review of the Top-3 possum traps that will surely help you catch a possum.

Use lethal traps. These traps are placed either along the fence line or directly on to the animals. Researchers at Warnell School of Forest Resources University of Georgia say that it can be very useful to use these traps to create shallow holes, hollow trunks and/or to make closed holes. Place the bait in there, such as cheese, rotten food, and fruit.

Repellents. Possums can be scared off using chemical repellents or naphthalene as well as household ammonia. However, naphthalene, ammonia use is prohibited in most states, as their vapors are poisonous and can penetrate into the building and even poison the soil if they get into it. There are many products on the market which are safe for your pets and you.

get rid of opossums

How To Get Rid Of Opossums (2021 Edition)

Virginia opossums may be the most common opossum in North America. Their destructive habits can cause damage to gardens and lawns, making them a nuisance. Is there a better way to get rid of these harmful pests?

The following guide will be helpful for wildlife control professionals:

Opossum-Removal Techniques Used By the Pros

How to keep Opossums away from your Yard.

How To Identify Possums

Causes and Signs of Infestations

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