Critter Control Review

Critter Control Review

critter control review

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Outstanding Great Average Poor But Excellent If I had to review the man who visited my house to perform the consult, I would rate him 5 stars. Also, the team that arrived to complete the work was amazing. They were polite and friendly. However, the service was expensive and the rats came back within two weeks. I have had to be awake for the past 2 weeks because of their presence. To my relief, they were able to make an appointment 3 days after I had called. Thank you so much. I was very grateful to God that Monday morning, between 8:30-11:30 am, I took the day off because I needed the rats removed. It’s Monday today, 1:25 PM and I haven’t heard from anyone. No apology was made, and no offers to come to my home were made. When I tried to call the office again, the girl who couldn’t have been nicer said she would schedule me for April 9th. The insulation, wiring, and ductwork in my attic will all be destroyed by that time. I’ll have to keep the rats from eating me for another 19 days. So, if everything goes well and they seal your home well then they are probably a good company to go with, but if you have anything go wrong do not expect the service you paid for (in my case I spent a HUGE amount of money). Critter Control won’t be responsible if Critter Control puts you in bad situations where you need it most. They deserve 1 stars because, in just over two weeks, my situation is exactly the same as before Critter Control arrived. I paid them and they rush to assist me.

Critter Control DFW is a crook. You are told what to do and how it is going to be fixed by them when they come. After you pay them the high price, the technician doesn’t know anything about what work is being done. Julian refuses to return our calls. Call another company, don’t call me.

Amazing communication. Very quick and easy! It’s a joy for me and my wife to have no rats. Now, I have to make a claim for the warranty. Their number has been called several times. I am having a severe rat problem. They put me off several days before they can come. It was not done enough to keep rats away when someone arrived. They put me on hold and not come back. BAD Service

Critter Control did a recent rat extermination. Although the job took one day, the techs were very friendly and professional. They also showed respect for my yard and home while setting up all of the equipment. It was essential to remove all existing insulation from the attic. A fogging process had to take place to get rid of any pest pheromones. New insulation had then to be installed. In addition, all openings had to be sealed. The service was excellent.

The Woodlands was our home since October 2014. Shortly thereafter we heard noises in the walls and in the attic. Critter Control arrived to perform an inspection of the house and offer us options. The level of service was exceptional. They did a thorough inspection, and then spent all the time necessary to go over their findings with me, walking me around the house and showing me issues. They came out and solved our problem. They showed me the entire treatment including the vents, pipes and holes that they had screened. Also, concrete they used to close the garage. The crew worked inch-by-inch around the house, feeling the stones and following the foundation. They were impressive.

It’s also a great guarantee. Because of the service we received, we now know that we can call them immediately if any pest or critter problems arise. It is precisely the type of assurance I required in my new town, with more critter- and pest-invested residents (we used to live in Colorado when the pests weren’t so bold or big).

I take recommendations seriously, and only refer people and services I have had excellent personal experience with. Critter Control is something I am confident in recommending.

.Critter Control Review

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