Does Petsmart Price Match

Does Petsmart Price Match In 2022? (Chewy, Amazon + Other Faqs)

PetSmart is often the right place for those who have pets. PetSmart has a huge selection of products for all types of pets, with great prices. Customers can trust PetSmart to meet their pet’s furry, fishy and scaly requirements.

Does PetSmart Price Match In 2022? (Chewy, Amazon + Other FAQs)

But when it comes to getting the best price for your pet products, you might find yourself wondering–does PetSmart price match?

  • So, I decided to do some more research and I have compiled everything that I can find!
  • PetSmart Pricing Matches in 2022

    PetSmart will price match prices at other stores such as,,, and A price match must also be possible if the product is identical in size, brand, and color. Unfortunately, PetSmart does not price match Amazon or eBay prices.

  • Read on for information regarding PetSmart’s Price Match Policy, how competitors are excluded from it, as well as the exceptions and limitations to this guarantee.
  • Does PetSmart Price Match In 2022? (Chewy, Amazon + Other FAQs)

    PetSmart’s Price Match Policy:

    PetSmart is willing to price match all items that they have in-stock with the best prices. This saves the customer a significant amount of money, and it makes it easy to obtain all your pets’ needs.

    PetSmart also allows you to price match products if they are listed at a lower price.

    PetSmart doesn’t price match competitor items found on other websites, in catalogs or online, but only the ones that are adjacent.

    PetSmart also has a policy that allows for one product and one price match per customer. So, make sure to request only one price match per visit.

    How can I request an exact price match at PetSmart

    According to PetSmart’s policy, if you find an item in stock that is priced at a lower point at a competitor’s store or at, you can request a price match.

    Bring the item to PetSmart and Customer Service. They will help you.

    Also, ensure that you bring proper proof of the lower price, including an online listing, receipt, or advertisement.

    Does PetSmart Price Match In 2022? (Chewy, Amazon + Other FAQs)

    PetSmart Price Matching: What products can be price matched?

    PetSmart Products that qualify for price match are found in every department. There are very few exceptions.

    Apart from live animals and some specialty medications, the following categories at PetSmart are all covered under the company’s Price Match Guarantee:

    Enjoy food and other treats

    You can also buy beds and hides.

    Bowls and Feeders.

    Houtches and cages.

    Collars. Harnesses.Leads.

    Carrier, Kennels and Crates

    Dental Care and Wellness Essentials.

    Lighting and Environmental Control

    Flea and tick Products

    Food Storage Solutions

    Gates & Containment

    Products for Grooming

    Habitats & Enclosures

    Heating and Lighting

    Litter and Bedding

    Maintenance and Repair Products.

    Perches and Nesting

    Pet-Safe Cleaning Materials

    Decor and Stands

    Tanks and aquariums

    Vitamins, supplements, and preventatives

    Does PetSmart Price Match Chewy?

    PetSmart does offer a Price Match Guarantee for products purchased from Chewy.

    PetSmart holds a substantial share of Chewy’s stock. It is therefore a subsidiary of PetSmart’s company holdings.

    You can ask for a price adjustment if you see a cheaper item at PetSmart on Chewy.

    Does PetSmart Price Match In 2022? (Chewy, Amazon + Other FAQs)

    PetSmart price match Amazon?

    No, PetSmart does not price match products sold on has been classified as a seller-third-party and is not considered to be an directly related competitor. As such, prices for’s products cannot be match with PetSmart’s products.

    PetSmart won’t price match Prime Day offers, Amazon Prime Prices, Black Friday/CyberMondays Deals, and Amazon Prime Discounts.

    Does PetSmart Price Match Petco?

    PetSmart accepts Petco pricing in their online and in-store price matching.

    If you find a better price at Petco for any product that is in stock at PetSmart, the Price Match Guarantee will cover the cost adjustment.

    Simply show the sales representative the proof and they will begin the price matching process.

    Does PetSmart Price Match In 2022? (Chewy, Amazon + Other FAQs)

    PetSmart price match with

    If you see a price that’s lower than what you saw in the store, the sales associate can match it.

    PetSmart and work closely to maintain the same great deals, but if you find that one is better, the company’s policy will allow for price matching to recalibrate the consumer cost.

    PetSmart prices match Walmart

    PetSmart is able to price match Walmart’s stores.

    Because one of PetSmart’s main competitors is the Walmart corporation, PetSmart’s price match policy applies to any identical products that are in stock at PetSmart or

    If you see a lower-priced item on Walmart’s website, make sure to request a price match at PetSmart.

    Does PetSmart Price Match In 2022? (Chewy, Amazon + Other FAQs)

    PetSmart prices match ebay?

    PetSmart has a similar policy to Amazon: PetSmart doesn’t price match auction websites like eBay.

    Because eBay is technically a third-party seller of competitor products, it does not fall under PetSmart’s Price Match Guarantee.

    Customer cannot ask for price matching on items purchased from other websites.

    PetSmart Does PetSmart Match the Sales Price?

    PetSmart doesn’t offer price match on clearance, sale or discounted items.

    This includes the PetSmart product in stock and any competitor’s product.

    PetSmart does not permit sale items to be adjusted for price.

    PetSmart allows you to price match and use a coupon

    PetSmart is unable to issue coupons that can be used on already-priced items.

    It is invalid for additional discounts and deals as the price has already been decreased.

    Similar to the previous example, you are not allowed to request a price match of an item which is currently on clearance.

    Does PetSmart Price Match In 2022? (Chewy, Amazon + Other FAQs)

    PetSmart’s Price Match Policy Does PetSmart Exclude?

    PetSmart’s price match guarantee has some limitations. PetSmart is unable to match price on the following product types

    Refunds of customer products

  • Items from the Rain Check
  • PetSmart Gift Cards
  • International or Overseas Competitor.

    Live animals

    Pet Adoptions.

    Pet Services: This includes dog or puppy training, grooming, photography, and more ).

    PetSmart’s price match guarantee is not complete without these additional omissions:

    Items that are sold through a third-party retailer on a competitor’s website.

    PetSmart makes pricing errors, though this may vary from store to store and manager.

    Pricing errors caused by competitors

    Product already purchased by the customer

    Products where a third-party has influenced the pricing process.

    Learn more by reading our posts about the top PetSmart competitors, PetSmart competitive advantage, and PetSmart.

  • Conclusion
  • PetSmart prices match all of their merchandise. The PetSmart Price Match Guarantee can be requested for products that are not yet in stock. It will apply to items where the seller can prove that it is less expensive at an authorized competitor. is also willing to price match any of its products. Price match exclusions include live animals and adoptions, pet services, returns, gift cards, and already discounted items.

    Does Petsmart Price Match Amazon In Store?

    PetSmart will price match prices at other stores such as,,, or … PetSmart is unable to match Amazon’s or eBay prices.

    Does Petsmart Match Chewy Coupons?

    PetSmart owns Chewy. Com and will price match any items you find on their website.Mar 25, 2019

    Petsmart Price Match Policy: What is it?

    PetSmart Price Match Guarantee in-Store: PetSmart will match any price that you see in a PetSmart shop for the same product, provided it is still in stock in our store.

    Petco prices to match Chewy

    We will match your online advertisement price on for key competitors or as well as Choose a valid product. It is important that your product matches the price of our competitors. To request price matching, call 877-738-6722.

    .Does Petsmart Price Match In 2022? (Chewy, Amazon + Other Faqs)

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