Does Home Depot Rent Trailers

Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

Home Depot has a lot to offer DIYers as well as professional craftspeople. They have a large selection of building materials and other home improvement products, at affordable prices.

Home Depot provides rental of tools to customers that do not have the necessary equipment or tools. So, does Home Depot rent trailers? This is what I found out after doing some research.

Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

Home Depot To Rent Mobile Homes In 2022

Home Depot does rent trailers as of 2022, which is provided by trusted brands, including Snake River Trailer Co. and Ohio Steel Industries, Inc. Customers can rent trailers for an adjustable period of time, from less than a day up to one month. Prices start around $14 for 4 hour rentals.

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  • What is the Deal When You Rent a Trailer from Home Depot

    Home Depot trailers can be rented for personal hauling. Customers will receive these benefits, regardless of the price or rental period.

    This trailer can be towable and equipped with both hydraulic surge brakes (tested) and LED lighting.

    You can payload between 1,450 and 2,990 pounds.

    User’s Manual Downloadable Utility

    Easy-to-load mechanisms for transport and unloading goods.

    Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

    What types of trailers do you have to rent from Home Depot and what sizes?

    Home Depot rents four major categories of utility trailers, according to current availability

    Lawn and garden trailers with 3×5′ lifting capability.

    Channel Frame Trailer, 5’x8′ for hauling.

    Solid Wall Trailer with 5-foot x 8-foot hauling capabilities

    Home Depot states that the majority of home and garden projects, as well as moving, should be within this range.

    The trailers feature a steel frame, strong floor anchor points, versatile ramp gates and heavy-duty construction.

    What is the best place to rent an enclosed caravan?

    Home Depot does not allow you to rent an enclosed cargo trailer. There are no locations that offer these trailers for short-term rentals.

    Home Depot sells enclosed cargo vans up to 1,868lbs at its locations.

    Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

    Is it possible to rent a dump trailer from Home Depot?

    Home Depot has dump trailers available for rent. Customers requiring the service of a dump trailer can choose between three sizes of rentals:

    5′ x 8′ Dump Trailer with 3 cubic yard capacity.

    6′ x 10ft Dump Trailer, 4 cubes capacity

    7′ x14′ Dump Trailer has 7 cubic yards of capacity

    This dump truck can carry loads between 3,100 and 5,800 lbs, which is ideal for offloading heavy equipment.

    Home Depot dump trailers also come fitted with remote-controlled hydraulic lift functions and barn door-style rear gates for easy access.

    Is it worth renting a trailer at Home Depot?

    Prices are determined in-store and subject to change depending on availability and location.

    A trailer rental starts at $14 and goes up to $504 over 4 hours for the most expensive model.

    Additionally, dump trailer rental prices are calculated in-store depending on the timeframe and job type.

    For trailer rental you must pay a $100 down payment.

    The customer is responsible for the deposit.

    Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

    How long can you lease a trailer from Home Depot

    Home Depot rents all its trailers under different rental terms.

    It is possible to rent a trailer for a 4-hour, 24-hour, or monthly period. There are scalable prices.

    You will pay a penalty if you exceed the rental period. This late fee increases the length of time you have the trailer beyond the due date.

    You can book regular rentals of dump trailers for as many times per year as you like, up to ten years.

    This is particularly helpful for home-based contractors and anyone performing routine maintenance several times a year.

    Are There Any Home Depots That Offer Trailer Rentals

    Many larger Home Depot stores offer the possibility of renting a trailer.

    However, there may be slight differences in pricing and availability of specific trailers from one retailer to another.

    Your best option for assessing your trailer rental requirements is to call your local Home Depot. You will find their contact information easily by using our store locator.

    Be aware that trailer rentals must be picked up in the store, even though pricing and hauling options can be found online at

    It should not be difficult to find a store with over 1,000 locations in America.

    Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

    What is the best way to rent a trailer from Home Depot?

    Determine which size trailer your project requires and how long you will need it for, and check its availability.

    You can request the rental of a trailer for your time frame if the trailer you need is not available at the Tool Rental Center located in the Home Depot.

    What Do You Need To Rent A Trailer From Home Depot?

    Home Depot will ask for a valid driver’s license and photo identification to let customers rent trailers.

    Also, a credit-card is necessary to make the security deposits payment.

    A trailer rented from a home depot comes with jacks, spare tires, and a tongue. But customers will need to purchase additional tools or accessories for the complete hookup.

    If you want to find out other rental services that Home Depot offers, make sure to check out if Home Depot rents trucks, if Home Depot rents carpet cleaners, and find out Home Depot’s rental hours.

    Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)

    Conclusion: Can Home Depot rent trailers?

    Home Depot offers a range of sizes and types of trailers that can be rented to customers. While you cannot rent an enclosed cargo trailer, customers can find dump and utility trailers available at most locations.

    Rentals start around $14 for the smallest trailer, with a rental timeframe scaling between 4 hours and 4 weeks, but exact prices will be determined in-store.

    How much does it cost to rent small trailers from Home Depot

    For the smallest trailer rental, prices start at $13. Rentals last between 4 and 4 weeks. Prices will not be exact until you visit us.

    What Is The Biggest Rental Trailer?

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    .Does Home Depot Rent Trailers In 2022? (Sizes, Cost + More)