Baggu Leather Tote Review

Baggu Leather Tote Review

baggu leather tote review

Baggu Duck Bag Review: A Lightweight Canvas Tote Made of Canvas

Let’s face it, it is nice to have luxurious leather bags, but sometimes leather bags could be too delicate. In general, unless you have a Safiano leather bag or a Longchamp bag with treated leather, leather bags are not as forgiving for damage and stains. My leather bags would be unable to survive the trip to the farmers’ market, the beach or my friend’s house, where I knew their dogs might attack me. For these reasons, I decided to get a Baggu Duck Bag because it is a washable canvas bag that doesn’t break my wallet. A bag I could use to transport wet groceries was also important to me. The bag can fold up and be stored in your luggage for travel.

Duck Bag button with zipper pull

Baggu Duck Bags are great to discuss. The first is that it’s made from a 16 oz. recycled cotton canvas. So I don’t feel guilty about being a shopaholic, I enjoy buying recycled materials. It is lightweight but soft. Canvas is thick enough to make the bag sturdy, durable and not too heavy. Baggu does not specify what hardware is used, however I believe the buckles and buttons are made of plastic. They are very light weighted.

Baggu top handles

Bottom of the tote On Baggu’s website, it stated the Duck Bag fits a 15″ Macbook , but since it doesn’t have a laptop compartment, I wouldn’t use it to carry my iPad or laptop since the bag is not padded. The bag banging against your body while you carry it across your chest or shoulder would make it uncomfortable. You can store your phone and keys inside the zippered pouch. Although it zips much more smoothly than I reviewed the Baggu suete tote, it doesn’t have a YKK-style zipper like many other luxury bags.

When you button the bag up, it looks totally different.

Crossbody strap is adjustable. It can be adjusted to make the strap shorter so it can be carried on your shoulder. The long shoulder strap can be folded into the bag so that it is easy to transport with the shorter handles. The bag is equipped with multiple buttons at various points. After you have tucked in your shoulder straps, the opening becomes smaller. This setup means that your bag won’t roll out of its sides if it is laid on its side. Because strangers cannot reach your bag, it’s a security measure. The seams are another thing that is noticeable. You can protect and cover the seams with webbing. You won’t have to worry about the seams fraying after a few washes.

.Baggu Leather Tote Review