Cuyana Medium Carryall Tote Review

Cuyana Medium Carryall Tote Review

cuyana medium carryall tote review

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OK, I think you’re sold on Cuyana. Now let’s dive into Cuyana’s reviews and my absolute favorites products.

My Cuyana Small Carryall Tote is the most frequent question I get about it. This may be because almost all of my trips are in this bag. It comes in black. I’ve used it a lot. It is just a year old but it’s seen a lot of travel, photoshoots and even a fall in a street. It sustained only minor damage outside and everything on the inside was intact.

The size it will fit: A carryall bag is the smallest. This tote comes in sizes small through large. This bag, despite being small on the outside, is quite roomy. Cuyana was kind enough to offer me a medium Carryall Tote.

This is where I usually keep my DSLR, keyrings, wallet, keys and small items like scarfs or t-shirts. When I am carrying my laptop on days that are busy, it can easily be stored inside with plenty of room at the zipper. To protect my laptop and keep it safe, I got this laptop case. When my laptop is in the bag, I can carry other small items like my wallet, keys, phone, and glasses, but nothing too large since the bag is essentially stretched to max capacity width wise.

You can choose from Black, Sunshine (yellow), Blush. Navy or Stone. The Medium Carryall Tote was launched earlier in the year by Cuyana. I’m pretty sure I put a thousand heart eye emojis on their announcement post on Instagram because it was exactly what I’ve been wanting!

The Small Carryall Tote works almost perfectly, but it is too small for my DSLR and laptop. The Oversized Carryall Tote was too big for me, so I needed something smaller. However, I also wanted to have a carryall and zipper option. What was the problem? Cuyana designed this tiny beauty because I was not the only one.

The size: It easily fits my MacBook Pro 13′′ (as well as the MacBook Pro 15′′). The Medium Carryall Tote easily fits my 13″” MacBook Pro. It also holds keys and the wallet. When everything is packed in the bag I’m usually able fit a tee-shirt, scarf and perhaps a few small accessories in it.

cuyana medium carryall tote review

These Daggone Blemishes: How to Conceal

My style is very basic and I can tell you that I do not care about what others think. My preferences are for fit and quality. However, my closet is generally simple and I have the ability to use it all.

The best style decision I have ever made is to buy a bag of exceptional quality for every season. Let that bag be yours. Once in a while, I might swap out my usual bag for one with a smaller size. But that is only if it’s absolutely essential. This is almost always for the sake my outfit.

Madewell zip top travel crossbody with zip top was what started it all. Even though it’s too small for me right now, that bag still exists in my wardrobe. After that, I moved to the Madewell medium travel tote and got the pink one for spring. I know some people refuse to carry a purse that doesn’t have a closure but I love the ease of an open top tote bag.

The Cuyana Small Carryall Tote was also included in the bag selections. The pink color is my favorite and I gifted it to a friend who loves the stone shade.

Which I found to be perfect for carrying all my daily essentials when I don’t want to carry a large bag.

What is the best way to save money and time? I am not going back and forth from one bag to the next, changing my outfit every day or switching between them week to week. Also, I don’t need to spend too much time replacing cheap bags that won’t last as long.

Target offers a dupe of the Madewell zip top crossbody transport bag for just $24.99 I haven’t personally gotten my hands on it, but the reviews seem to speak pretty highly of it!

.Cuyana Medium Carryall Tote Review