Cuyana Tote Review

Cuyana Tote Review

cuyana tote review

Cuyana Bags Review

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Cuyana Bags is an accessories company and clothing maker that designs timeless styles for modern women.

The brand’s products have been featured in Marie Claire and Town and Country. Megan Markle, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, and Angelina Jolie can be seen wearing their products regularly. More? A massive Instagram audience of 236k follows the brand.

Cuyana was named by PurseBlog as one of the 11 best emerging bag brands to watch in 2018. Wirecutter also included their Classic Structured Leather Tote with The 6 Best Tote Bags To Match Any Style in 2020.

To help you make an informed decision about whether Cuyana bags are worth your time, this Cuyana bag review covers the brand, its products and customer reviews.

Cuyana Overview – Cuyana was launched in San Francesco in 2011, by Shilpa Shaikh and Karla Gallardo. They are committed to creating sustainable, high-quality designs and using only the best fabrics.

Their goal has been to build a brand of global luxury that is affordable and inspires thoughtful buying.

cuyana tote review


Conscientious consumption is becoming more visible. You can also do reviews. Find plenty of unsponsored reviews of Everlane, Elizabeth Suzann, Only Child, Grana, and Cuyana on the site! My goal is to reduce waste and love bags. Here are the differences and similarities I found between these bags. Cuyana Classic leather Tote measures 13″h x 18 (L)x 5(w), inches, with a 9in strap drop. So the Cuyana tote is a a little shorter, but a lot wider. However, since the leather on the Cuyana bag is so soft and smooshy, it’s quite easy to fold in the sides a bit to make it less wide (like the picture below).

While the bags are very similar, these are my reasons for choosing the Cuyana tote:

-First off, the leather on the Cuyana tote is amazing. It feels super soft, and it smells incredible. It has a similar smell to Balenciaga’s leather bags. However, the texture of the leather is quite different. The leather on the Madewell tote is stiff and feels and smells like cheap leather.

-The Cuyana tote was made in the USA, while the Madewell one is made from China. Cuyana is an American brand that is committed to producing the highest quality goods.

The Madewell tote’s strap may be slightly longer than that of the Cuyana bag, but this can really make a difference when carrying a tote bag on top of a winter coat. While the Cuyana bag could fit, the Madewell bag most certainly wouldn’t.

Cuyana also offers three options for the Cuyana Tote: The tall tote, the classic and the zip-up tote.

As you can tell, the Cuyana tote wins my vote over the Madewell. The Everlane tote would be my most favorite if we could have a wider discussion about the various totes I have (including here the Mansur Gavriel Tote) I like the slimmer shape and adjustable straps. The two deep pockets in the interior are also great. Mansur Gavriel’s versatility is great. It can hold its shape and be used to pile in items. In general, I don’t like soft totes. If I had to pick one though, this would be it.

cuyana tote review

Leather Tote Review: Madewell Vs. Fashionable Vs. Cuyana

***Update, March 10, 2018*** I noticed this post has been getting lots of traffic, so I thought it was time for an update!

I’ve since sold my Madewell bag because it was starting to collect dust in my closet. It was mainly used as a purse large enough to hold diapers and other baby supplies for my children. Now that they’re bigger, I prefer a smaller crossbody, or a tote. The quality of my Madewell bags has declined since I purchased the first one. I recently bought another Madewell bag. It was the small crossbody tote. The leather strap feels thinner and more synthetic than genuine leather. Instead of using a clasp, the strap has a series brass knobs instead.

Even though my Able bag is still in use, it’s not something I do a lot with. Recently, I was given a Tirhas saddlebag by them. I love it!

Cuyana provided me with merchandise in return for my promotion of a Portland event. I chose the Classic Tote in caramel , because my tall tote always felt a little too tall for me. I love the Classic tote. Plus, the caramel tone is now richer. It is a bag I recommend highly!

Grechen is a friend and blogger I met a while back. I discovered her blog when I was looking up leather totes online. I think I was looking up the Madewell Transport Tote, and I stumbled upon her review Fast-forward a few years, and I realized I’ve compiled my own little stash of leather totes. After having used them for the past one-two years, it was time that I shared my experiences. The beauty of the internet is that you can read feedback on almost any topic. Before you purchase anything, you can get feedback. How valuable does that make it? This is like having a lot of women in one place. You could ask them questions such as “How heavy is it?” or “Did the bag break in okay?” If it’s not, you might fall into a trap. Below I’ve collected my thoughts, along with your questions , to share with you my straight-forward reviews on the Zip Transport Tote by Madewell, the Mamuye Leather Tote by Fashionable and the Tall Leather Tote Time Owned: One year, 11 months What I Like the Most: The leather on this tote is probably my favorite of the three. It’s thick enough to have some structure, but the natural grain and creases have begun to show over time. The leather is well-finished and sealed. I’m not concerned about spills and stains.

My least favorite thing about this bag: It is too small to be used as a tote. The bag is easy to carry cross-body, and I can even drape it over my arm. Somedays I wish I could just throw the short handles over my shoulder, but the logistics don’t work.

Where it’s Made: China Weight + Shape: This bag has a bit of weight to it because of the extra leather strap and the brass details but, overall, as far as bags go, it’s still pretty light. The Zip Transport Tote is lined and has an inside pocket. This bag is well-shaped because the leather is quite thick. Even stuffed with chocolate, the bag will still maintain its original shape.

cuyana tote review

Review: Cuyana Structured Leather Tote

For work, my preferred style of bag when choosing a bag type is the bag that I use most often: totes They are lightweight, carry all the essentials, and can be worn with almost everything. Although there are many totes available, the Cuyana Structured Leather Tote is my favorite. It’s the professional version for the Cuyana Classic Leather Tote. The name says it all, but the structure is much better than the traditional version. A full review was done on Youtube. It can be found here. Although the inside is very similar to most other totes it has no pockets and is large enough to hold all your stuff. Cuyana Tote Insert was the perfect accessory to my bag. This insert is available in many colors, so it can be used to complement or match the interior of your bag. While I don’t think the price is right, it was a great value.

. The style can be worn for every occasion, because it is so soft and warm.

Aside from the two leather straps, I also love that this bag has two. These ties can also be left hanging from the sides to add decoration. I think it reminds me a little of the Celine Beltbag. The real purpose of the side ties, however, is that you can attach them to the top and create an organized look.

It’s a good quality tote. This is the black pebbled leather I bought. It has been in my possession for six months, and shows very little wear. No scratches, color loss or transfer, and no wear on the corners. I’ll admit that it doesn’t get used very often. My bag mostly goes from my car, to the desk at work.

The tote has pretty thick straps so it’s extremely comfortable to wear even if you have a lot in it. Cuyana’s Structured Leather Tote is the best choice. The Cuyana Structured Leather Tote is great for transitioning from work to weekend. It even comes in an alternative color!

cuyana tote review

The Work Bag has been used all over the world and still looks brand new

This tote bag might be the best $265 I’ve ever spent.

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A few years back, I was looking for a work bag. On my daily half-hour commute to the office, my laptop was carried in my shoulder bag. A separate bag was required if I planned to take gym clothes with me. This would be something I forgot at my front door. This was also true if I wanted to pack a second pair of sneakers. Homemade lunch? Ditto. Also, I traveled extensively for consulting work and required something to carry my essentials on the road. It also had to be able hold a couple of days and withstand security screening.

Cuyana, a direct-to-consumer lifestyle company, is best-known for the bags Meghan Markle uses. However, long before Meghan Markle’s endorsement, I was told about the brand by a colleague who bought their cape. When I was on a business trip to 2016, I came across a Cuyana store pop-up and decided to buy their leather luggage set. The next trips proved to be so simple that I carried one bag with all my toiletries and I was able to just throw it in my suitcase. Cuyana’s flagship was on my second trip to San Francisco in the same year. So I stopped by to look around.

What is the weight of The Cuyana Tote

Cuyana totes is both the most well-constructed and durable. However, they are also heavy. Although the Everlane tote has the most light and sleekest design, it is also the least wearable. Jan 21, 2020

Can Cuyana use full grain leather?

The royal duchess showed off a favourite bag that she had purchased from the brand while visiting a glamorous baby-shower hosted in her honor. The elegant, soft pink design is made from full-grain Italian leather and finished in Italy with Italian hardware.

Madewell Transport Tote Made in What Country?

Sep 23, 2015.

How can I pick a great tote bag

It’s important that your bag complements your outfit and footwear. The bag should be elegant and crisp if the user is dressed up. You can also choose something more traditional if business casual. This will suit your appearance, no matter how you dress.

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