Dagne Dover Allyn Tote Review

Dagne Dover Allyn Tote Review

dagne dover allyn tote review

Dagne Dover Allyn Tote Review

The Dagne Dover Allyn Tote has been my favorite bag for many months. You’ve probably seen the bag many times if you follow me on InstaStories. I have also shown you how big it can hold. However, I realized I never did a review of this tote on the blog. The Wardrobe Oxygen Community discussed this bag on Facebook. I decided it was time for me to review the Dagne Dover Allyn Tote on the blog.

Dagne Dover sent me the Large Allyn Tote as a gift. I was not required to review it, but they didn’t know that I would. It quickly replaced my other bags and became my everyday work bag. Made of leather, this bag is elegant while being significantly lighter weight than my other Dagne Dover bags . Like all my other Dagne bags, it is so smartly designed with a place for everything. The 11” straps are a perfect length to fit over my shoulder even with a winter coat (I somehow forgot to take a photo of it over my shoulder), but also can carry in my hand without it dragging on the ground. Below are photos showing me with the Allyn Tote and bag. I also have the Dagne Dover Large Allyn Tote, which is packed for normal teleworking at a coffee shop. Amazing how many things this bag holds.

I was able to keep my MacBook in the neoprene pouch with zipper. The larger, heavier work laptop also fit inside.

It has a pocket in the neoprene side that can be used to store your tablet. I like to use this to keep my planner and notebook.

As with my Dagne Dover Totes, the Allyn Tote comes equipped with a detachable water bottle holder made of neoprene. It prevents condensation from touching any other items in the bag and the holder holds the bag steady at all times.

The pocket can be used to store a Metro farecard or your ID card at work.

It has a zip pocket that is perfect for quick grabs. To hold cords, batteries and plugs I use it to store my earbuds, headphones, etc.

dagne dover allyn tote review


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This has been my most-requested post topic, so I’m thrilled to be able to help now that I own the Allyn in all three sizes! Reader request meant that the contents of each bag weren’t exactly what I carry. You can request a different assortment of items if that would be more beneficial to you. I will make every effort to do so!

Small Allyn in Sienna / Small Allyn in Haze Camo, Medium Allyn in Oxblood, Large (Original) Allyn in Poppy

Small: H 12.5″ x L 10.5″, x W 4.75 (snapped), H 16.5″x L 10.5″x W 4.75″(unsnapped),

Medium Dimensions: L 13.5″xH 12.5″xW.5.5″ (snapped), Medium Dimensions: L 17.75′′ xH 12”xW.5.5” (unsnapped),

Large: H 13 1/4″ x L 7″ (snapped), H 20″xH 13″xW 7″ (unsnapped).

Every bag comes with a dedicated tablet/laptop sleeve, a Neoprene water bottle holder, key leash, an extra slip pocket and an external phone slip pocket.

dagne dover allyn tote review

Dagne Dover Allyn Tote Review

Dagne Dover Allyn Tote is a soft bag and has a smaller footprint. It has a sturdy base but the bags walls are soft and can be folded over like other totes. The interior organization is what makes this bag stand out among other totes. It has pockets, pouches, as well as compartments that can hold everything. When I work in a coworking environment, or need a bag that can be taken on business trips, this bag is my favorite. I then don’t have to pack a separate purse for networking events or casual dinners, and I can leave the desk and go to lunch and not look like I brought the whole office with me.

Read: My original review of the Dagne Dover Allyn Tote and all I fit in my bag Though it is smaller than the Legend Bag, it still holds quite a lot and can be a great everyday work bag. It was a great bag for work and I still use it at coworking places. I love the leather, it’s luxe, quality, and also maintains its color even if it gets scuffed.

Many people have told me they prefer the Allyn Dagne Dover duffel to the Legend. They use public transportation and the Allyn is lighter and easier for walking to the office.

The Allyn Tote does not zip closed on top, but has a strong magnet to hold it together. It won’t close on the top if you fill it up to its maximum capacity. A reader wanted to know how it works when the bag has a 1″ binder inside. I found it easy to fit my 1” binder, water bottle, planner paper, and purse essentials in the bag. It was still easy to put over my shoulder, but the bag would not clasp shut on top. It did close when I placed my basics (laptop, cord, purse necessities, journal, or paper planner) and it closed. The magnet does a great job. If you desire a bag that can completely zip closed, you may wish to instead go with the Legend Tote.

Is Dagne Dover Good Quality?

Dagne Dover Sells Affordable Bags With this brand, you can for sure find a good quality, fashionable bag for a decent price. … The bag is great for students and campers who want a huge book bag. You can mix and match the color with whatever you own, while it is also comfortable. July 2, 2021

Does Dagne Dover Go On Sale?

The best Dagne Dover Cyber Monday 2020 deals: It also rarely goes on sale, but during Dagne Dover’s Cyber Monday event, you can save 20%.Nov 30, 2020

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