Lo And Sons Catalina Deluxe Tote Review

Lo And Sons Catalina Deluxe Tote Review

lo and sons catalina deluxe tote review

Lo And Sons Bags Are The Best Selling Products For Organized People

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Lo and Sons is a travel bag company that I first encountered. When I was scrolling through a Facebook sponsored posting, I saw soft grey and white clothes being folded and then placed in a canvas tote. So I clicked back.

After twenty minutes, my husband was looking over my shoulder. He inquired, “Aren’t you looking at videos of people packing?”

Yes. Yes. It sounds crazy, but I continued to watch the videos of people packing. I watched shoes being neatly tucked into the shoe-specific pockets of a gym bag, carry-ons with special sleeves placed neatly over luggage handles, laptops sliding with a sigh into jacquard-lined work totes. I was hooked.

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With the Lo and Sons small Catalina Deluxe tote bag.

lo and sons catalina deluxe tote review

Catalina Deluxe Small Dust Duffle

The Catalina Deluxe caught my eye with its handy base compartment where you can stash shoes, dirty clothes, or anything else you want to keep sectioned off. The Catalina Deluxe is available in small and large sizes (18″ x 16″) as well as an 18.5×18″ version. You can also get the Catalina in a tote or the original Catalina without the crossbody strap.

After trying both large and small, I decided the large size was too big. It took me so long to unpack it and even make myself uncomfortable when I tried them out. The small size hit the sweet spot of being big enough to pack for a week or two away, but small enough that carrying it around an international airport was still manageable. I have replaced my LeSportsac duffel with this one. It is much lighter and more comfortable because of the padded shoulder shoulder sleeve. This can also be used as a cover for the shoulder straps or the top handles.

The canvas can be washed.

I hope these photos show how beautiful the bags are on the outside. No picture I take is going to sell the inside as well as the original Lo & Sons videos. Seriously, go to any Lo and Sons product page and watch videos of people packing for 20 minutes. You will later thank me.

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.Lo And Sons Catalina Deluxe Tote Review