Madewell Zip Transport Tote Review

Madewell Zip Transport Tote Review

madewell zip transport tote review

This Madewell Tote Has Thousands Of Fans And Now I’M One, Too

This bag is now my favourite.

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They and I are not compatible. The problem with purses is that they are too small for my phone, which means they become a bulky case. Or they can be so large that I cannot find what I need within the deepest recesses.

It’s been a dream of mine for years to have a bag that I can use and doesn’t look like it’s on a multi-day trip. Reviewed’s style editors, I have always been drawn to the Madewell Transport Tote. Having written hundreds upon hundreds about the $168 purse and read thousands of positive reviews. And then, of course, watched as it was sold at Nordstrom over and over again. It’s even been seen on celebs such as Meghan Markle or Jessica Alba. But, I had not tried it until now. It converted me to one who can carry a purse.

Madewell Transport Tote has a few things I enjoy. For the sake of appearance, this tote gets 10/10. It looks and feels worn and aged right out of its box. This bag is not as hardy and stiff like other cheaper ones I have purchased. It feels soft and smooth. I like the minimalist design the only “accent” is the single exterior pocket. It has a classic leather scent that I would love to bottle as a perfume.

The bag is just as practical and functional in its convenience. With dimensions of 12.25″ x 11″, X 5″, and 5 inches respectively, my main compartment can accommodate my Macbook Pro (with wallet, collapsible umbrella), notebook, jacket, jacket, and some other small items. It also has a smaller zip pocket to hold my iPhone 8 Plus and keys. This saves me time searching the bottom of the bag. Although the pocket is large enough to hold a book or tablet, it sits flat against my bag and doesn’t increase bulk.

It also has two handles. There are two options for carrying the tote: the shorter handle at the top or the longer shoulder strap which can be adjusted via a belt-like buckle. Although I prefer to carry my totes over my shoulders, this style is almost my favorite.

madewell zip transport tote review

Leather Tote Review: Madewell Vs. Fashionable Vs. Cuyana

***Update, March 10, 2018.*** After seeing that the post had been receiving a lot traffic, I felt it was about time to make an update.

Because it had started to gather dust, I sold the Madewell bag. I used it largely as purse big enough to carry around diapers and baby supplies when my kiddos were littler. They’re now bigger so I like a small crossbody or tote. Another Madewell bag was purchased, this time one of the crossbody travel totes. The quality is much better than it was when I first bought the bag. It is made of thinner leather and feels more synthetic than real leather. The strap is held together by a number of brass knobs, not a buckle.

Even though my Able bag is still in use, it’s not something I do a lot with. I recently was gifted a second bag from them, the Tirhas Saddlebag , and I use it quite a bit.

Cuyana provided me with merchandise in return for my promotion of a Portland event. Because my previous tall tote felt too high for me, I decided on the Classic Tote in caramel. I love the Classic tote. And the caramel shade is richer and warmer than it used to be. I would highly recommend this bag!

Grechen was one of my best blogger friends. She found me back in 2008, when I was searching the internet for leather totes. Fast-forward several years and I discovered that my little collection of leather totes had been accumulated by me while searching for the Madewell Transport Tote. It’s been a few years since I used these totes regularly, so I thought it was high time that I wrote about them. The beauty of the internet is that you can read feedback on almost any topic. It is possible to get feedback before purchasing almost any item. You can read feedback on almost any item before you buy it. This is like having a lot of women in one place. You could ask them questions such as “How heavy is it?” or “Was it broken in okay?” If it’s not, you might fall into a trap. You can find my direct reviews below on the Zip Transport Tote, Mamuye Leather Tote, Fashionable, as well as my questions. My Time Ownership: One Year, 11 Months. The Leather I Love the Most: I think this is the best of all three. While it’s strong enough to provide structure, its natural grain has begun to show through. It is sealed and finished in such a way that it doesn’t get stained or spilled. This makes it easy to use.

What I dislike the most: The handles on this bag are too narrow to make it a true tote. The bag is easy to carry cross-body, and I can even drape it over my arm. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that the handle is so short I can just carry it over my shoulder.

China. Material: Leather Strap + Brass Details. Overall, this bag is light. Zip Transport Tote comes with an inner pocket, is lined and is fully lined. It is made of leather that is thick enough to hold its shape well. You can still keep the original bag shape even if you stuff it with chocks.

madewell zip transport tote review

Madewell Zip Top Transport Carryall – A Product Review

Updated April 11, 2019: This is a brief update. It’s not very favorable for this bag. In the remainder of this review you’ll see that it was my second trip with the Madewell Transport Carry-All. It had it’s flaws, but I was willing to overlook due to all of the positives. Unfortunately, not a week after writing this review, the tote fell apart on me. It was my worst experience. The zipper fell apart while on the way back from work. Despite only being gone two nights it was becoming increasingly difficult for me to keep my notebook, laptop charger, notebook, and headphones in the bag. The tote became heavier as you added more stuff. However, because the shoulder and hand straps were thin, it was very difficult to find the right place for my laptop and other essentials while I was lugging it around from gate-to-gate. The leather was beginning to show wear. But not in a fine leather patina. It had more noticeable scuffs due to being placed under airplane seats or set on the ground in conference rooms.

The bag that was defective was returned quickly to the store. Now I am looking for a reliable, durable travel bag. Although it would work well for commutes shorter than usual or as an everyday tote bag, the quality of this particular one was just not right.

Google search, YouTube reviews, and DMs sent to favorite bloggers about their top recommendations started the quest for the ideal work bag. One thing that I quickly discovered was they are not budget-friendly. I expected to get good quality and low prices for something as common as the work bag, but this was not the case. The Tory Burch Gemini Robinson t-shirts were my favorite, costing $390 and $285 respectively. The Philip Lim work bag, which costs $895, is the one I’m most in love with. My budget was less than a third of my dream bag, so the lengthy search for a high quality, travel friendly, laptop compatible work tote under $200 was underway. I went back and forth for days and compiled a list of 6 options. Since I am sometimes undecisive, I used Instagram to allow my audience to make their decision. Madewell Zip Top Transport Carry all – the winner This bag is my first full week-long business trip. I decided it was a perfect time for me to do a product review.

madewell zip transport tote review


Home About Me Dental School Travel 101 in 1001 Review: Madewell Zip Transport Tote Have you ever had the perfect bag? The bag you always reach for is this one. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had it for 3 days or 3 years, the texture and color are just as vibrant as the day you brought it home. It makes you feel like an invincible person. Madewell Zip Transport Tote – This is it. My J Crew tote had seen years of heavy use and was in dire need of a new replacement. It was obvious to choose the Madewell Transport Tote as it is similar to my J Crew Downing Tote in design and style. The decision was easy. When I saw the Madewell Transport Tote, however, it was a shock to my heart. While I was familiar with the design of the transport bag, in-person I found it to be less impressive. It felt like I would always be comparing the two bags and feeling dissatisfied. When I was about to leave the store, I saw the Madewell ZIP Transport Tote. Now, that’s a handbag!

You may be wondering what the zip version of the transport bag is like. You will notice that it has a zip and this adds privacy to the bag. Additionally, the zipper version’s interior is lined while the original features exposed leather. Although both bags are listed on Madewell’s website, the Zip Transport leather is thicker and more luxurious than the original. This was the reason I chose the zip bag original. Unfortunately, the price of the zip version differs by $20. But I did get mine from a large sale so it is still a relative price.

The quality of this leather tote bag is undoubtedly the best. Its natural, soft texture makes it a material that will only get better as you age. It is also very durable. Jasmine Proof protects it from spills. Love this bag! The bag’s interior is lined and has pockets to store items.

Straps are another popular feature. Although it has two traditional double straps (though they’re shorter than the original), the straps can also be adjusted to make the bag a crossbody. It is great to have the option to customize it to fit my short stature (5’2”). The shoulder band is wider, which adds comfort. They thought of everything.

Lipstick Sunnies

This tote has quickly become my everyday bag. The bag can hold both a tablet or a laptop. It is perfect for school and work. The crossbody strap allows you to carry your laptop and tablet without having to use your hands. However, I am most excited about using this for travelling. This bag will double as an ideal carry-on and can also be used to take with you on your adventures in new places. Basically it will go everywhere.

To be completely objective in my review of the bag, I wanted to highlight its strengths and weaknesses. It’s hard to find any. In fact, the black version of this bag might be something I consider buying. The handles’ leather isn’t treated both ways. While this can make it difficult to keep the handle facing inwards, the leather inside is untreated and helps the bag stay on your shoulder. This flaw can be a drawback or it could just be a smart way to make your bag more usable.

madewell zip transport tote review

One $158 Product That Makes Me Feel Like A Grownup

A person in the second half of their 20s will be ashamed to tell you that up until very recently, I didn’t have a proper workbag. Although I have worked full time for over six years, I never owned a dedicated work tote. It all changed one day when a close friend said that she bought the “best work bag ever” and, after hearing how much she loved it, I decided to make an order. Madewell’s Medium Transport Tote is the bag she meant. It comes in many colors and costs $158. I placed an order before I could think twice. It was delivered a few weeks later.

This is why. It is big enough for me to carry my entire belongings, which includes my MacBook Air. A small zip compartment is located inside. It allows me to organize my items so that they do not get lost. It’s made out of smooth brown leather and looks much better than the $158 price tag. I love how it is minimal and clean so that I am able to bring it with me when I go home from work. Only a week, but I’ve brought it with me many times to dinner. To go out after 5, I would bring my smaller, more stylish bag into work. You know the most important (and often unforeseen) thing about this bag? I felt like a mature adult when this structured, chic work bag was under my arm. A person who seems to be able to put their lives together and not have to worry about random people on the streets is my maturest self.

Take my word for it. One look at all the glowing five-star reviews on this bag should solidify its greatness. I love this bag. One reviewer said that the bag is very high-quality. “Gorgeous. Spacious. One person raves about it as “perfect bag for work”.

Here it is: The ideal work bag in a tote. See how I styled Madewell’s Medium Transport Tote and you can shop the bag online.


Madewell AnineBing Jacket (similar style here, $349); Madewell Medium Transport Tote ($158); Shop Madewell Medium Transport Tote $158; Shop Madewell Medium Transport Tote $5158. Shop Madewell Medium Transport Tote. Crystalline edition ($78). Shop Madewell Madewell Transport Tote. Shop Madewell Madewell Transport Tote. Shop Madewell Madewell Transport Tote. Shop Madewell Madewell Transport Tote.

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