Mamuye Tote Review

Mamuye Tote Review

mamuye tote review

Leather Tote Review: Madewell Vs. Fashionable Vs. Cuyana

Updated March 10, 2018, ***I noticed that this blog post was getting a lot of traffic so it seemed like the right time to update.

I’ve since sold my Madewell bag because it was starting to collect dust in my closet. When my kids were younger, I carried it around as a bag large enough for diapers and supplies. They’re now bigger so I like a small crossbody or tote. One of the Madewell’s smaller crossbody bags was sold to me, so I decided to purchase another Madewell bag. It is made of thinner leather and feels more synthetic than real leather. The strap is held together by a number of brass knobs, not a buckle.

My Able tote is still with me, but I don’t really use it that much. This may be due in part to its beautiful color. They recently gifted me the Tirhas Sackbag, which I have used quite a lot.

I worked with Cuyana last spring to promote an event in Portland, in exchange for some gifted merchandise. Because my previous tall tote was too large for me, I decided on the Classic Tote in caramel. I love the Classic tote. I love the caramel colour. It is so richer and more warm than ever before. I’d highly recommend this bag.

Grechen was one of my best blogger friends. She found me back in 2008, when I was searching the internet for leather totes. Fast forward several years and I found my very own stash of leather totes. After using them regularly for the last one to two years, I think it’s time I share my insights. That’s the beauty and power of the internet. You can view feedback and make purchases on virtually any product before actually purchasing it. That’s how valuable it is. You can imagine a group of women, who are the most likely to be the buyers, standing in front of an item. They can then ask questions like “How heavy?” “Did it get broken in OK?” and “Is the material comfortable?” You can find my direct reviews below on the Zip Transport Tote, Mamuye Leather Tote, Fashionable and Tall Leather Tote. This tote is sturdy enough that it has some structure. However, over time the natural grain of the leather and its creases will show. The leather is finished and sealed in a way that I don’t have to worry about spills or stains, making it very easy and simple to use.

What I don’t like: These handles make it difficult to carry as a full-sized tote. My bag can be carried on either my shoulder or cross-body. Somedays I wish I could just throw the short handles over my shoulder, but the logistics don’t work.

Where it’s Made: China Weight + Shape: This bag has a bit of weight to it because of the extra leather strap and the brass details but, overall, as far as bags go, it’s still pretty light. Zip Transport Tote has an interior pocket and is lined. Because the leather is fairly thick, it holds its shape very well. You can still keep the original bag shape even if you stuff it with chocks.

.Mamuye Tote Review