Kindergarten Books

Kindergarten Books

Kindergarten Books

The Kindergarten Canon – The 100 Most Popular Children’s Books

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Being a parent is an amazing experience. I love reading to my boys. It’s partly the physical experience of little boys curled up in my laps with soft lighting overhead. The day is winding down and sleep is coming. You can also enjoy the endless library of books, which is a rich treasure trove full stories and pictures, as well as traditions to be passed on.

It got me thinking: Does there exist a list of must-read picture book for pre-schoolers? Are these the best classics of all time? A “canon,” if you will? It was impossible to find one so I made one. You can find the books on Amazon with this wishlist . I have enlisted the help of some friends to present you the Kindergarten Canon.

Tasha Tudor, 1 is One

Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, Very Bad Day – Judith Viorst & Ray Cruz Anansi The Spider – Gerald Mc. Dermott Amazing Grace Mary Hoffman, Caroline Binch

Are You my Mother? P.D. Eastman

Bear Called Paddington A – Michael Bond. Click here for the complete list.

Kindergarten Books

50 must-have books for the kindergarten classroom: 20 new + 30 tried and true

There are many ways to draw young children into reading, and what better way is there to do that than with a picture book. Below is my list of top picture books and some classics for younger children. It was hard to narrow down the 50-strong list. Here are 50 Must-Have Books for the Kindergarten Classroom What are your students’ favorite books? What book is constantly being poured over by a little one falling in love with reading? Your must-have picture book for kindergarteners should be shared at the end of this post.

Picture books on the New List have all been published within the past 3 years. Most books in this list were published during 2017, while nine books have made it onto the New York Times bestsellers list.

These “Tried and True” picture books are timeless favorites that the youngest readers can enjoy every year. This list was difficult to narrow down. It’s likely that you will see your favourites on the list. Please let us know if your favourite is not on the list in the comment section below.

Looking for books that will fill your school library?

Here are 10 Ideas to Create a Classroom Library On A Budget! Here are some great tips for getting books discounted, or even free of charge, to use in your classroom.

Kindergarten Books

Here are 100 of the Best Books for Kindergarten

The best books for Kindergarten have a unique ability to delight young readers. Even better, the best books for Kindergarten can do much more: they can help children feel confident and learn important lessons about the world.

Great books can help set our kids on a path to becoming life-long readers, and more aware citizens of the world.

Stories are what shape children’s early years.

They are exposed to. Books for pre-schoolers and toddlers are some of the most important books. The books that have been recommended for them and books to read for older children continue their influence.

When kids learn to read on their own varies greatly from child to child, but regardless of when a child learns to read independently, all young kids benefit from a rich literary life that starts with smart, engaging texts.

Once you get started, the amount of quality children’s literature out there is amazing. You may find yourself asking which books are best for your child at age 5 or 6. It can be difficult to choose from the many options available.

Parenting has the privilege of finding high quality books for your children that they will enjoy.

Kindergarten Books

The Kindergarten Canon: The 100 Best Children'S Books

“>Kindergarten Books Are Essential For Early Readers!

It was an amazing experience to watch my oldest son in kindergarten.

He started the year captivated with books and not able at all to read them. When June arrived, he still had his book collection, and he even knew what stories were in his library. He was always reading at night with his light-up booklight, so he would often stay up well past his bedtime.

It was incredible. My book-loving heart was made so much happier by it.

As he grew up, his passion for reading grew. He was able to get the best books in his hands and start his journey of reading.

Kindergarten Books

What Makes A “Good” Kindergarten Reading Book?

There is a common thought that most parents hold when they think of their child starting kindergarten. “My child will learn to read this year!” There is nothing more synonymous with kindergarten as this goal.

Therefore, it is essential to offer the “right books” to enthusiastic kindergarteners. As they tackle new challenges, we want books to excite, thrill, and make them smile.

What can you do to determine whether a book will be a good fit for your child? What is the difference between a book that’s great for kindergarten and a book that can be used as a chapter book? These are our top recommendations!

Kindergarten Books

Large fonts

For new readers, bigger fonts are a good idea!

A boost in comprehension and decoding skills has been associated with larger fonts. Larger text in kindergarten reading books is also much less intimidating to new readers, as pages inherently have more white space and less words. It allows children to easily see where their eyes should go next.

Kindergarten Books

These Kindergarten Books Will Enthralle and Captivate New Readers

Be aware that the easiest books for kindergarten are the ones at the beginning of this list. While the longer and more complicated reads can be found at the end.


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Pip Flap, David Milgrim’s The Adventures and Adventures of Otto: We love this book about Otto the Robot with all his amazing adventures. These stories make great kindergarten books, especially for those who have just started to read sight words or decode text. Multiple books included in the set won Theodore Seuss Gemel Award Honors, which recognizes outstanding beginning books. We love this starter set. See Pip Flap, support local bookstores and shop Amazon here. Bot!, by James Yang : Winner of the 2020 Geisel Award , this is a darling picture book mystery with simple text and fabulous illustrations that tell much of the story in and of themselves. Young boy stops at a doorman to present his “bot” but suddenly the bot flies away and into the sky like a balloon. People on every floor become more and more crazy as the frontman rushes to get from floor-to-floor in the building. Are they able to save the bot? We love this bot! It’s vibrant and fun.

Amazon, go, dog, go! Eastman

My son loved this book from beginning to end. The story is funny and can be shared aloud with beginning readers. It’s funny, and your children will be able to laugh at it. It’s worth reading twice so your children will always ask you “does that hat suit me?”

Amazon: Shop Here

Kindergarten Books

Kindergarten Rocks!

by: Katie Davis – (Harcourt Children’s Books, 2005) 32 pages.

Meet Dexter. He is a soon-to be kindergartener! There are many reasons he is afraid and panicked. A must-read to help relieve the anxiety all of us feel when starting school. Dexter realizes that being scared is normal.

This is the right school for any child who is excited or anxious about starting school.

Kindergarten Rocks!

Kindergarten Books

Best Kindergarten Books To Read Aloud

The following are top books that you can read aloud for kindergarten age children. The links to Amazon allow you to order these books quickly and easily. Or, print the handy book marks provided below to get them for free at your local library.

Picking out the right book can prove difficult. It can be overwhelming to choose the right books for different age groups. The following 45 books will be a hit with kindergarteners.

Mary Newell Depalma illustrates how a tree lives through its life cycle using simple poetic text and vivid illustrations.

Africa Calling

Dan Adlerman walks among the animals of Africa at night. Children will sleep easily with this rhyming story and its beautiful illustrations.

Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

by Leo Lionni introduces the reader to Alexander, a real mouse who wonders why he is chased away while WIlly the wind-up mouse is beloved.

What books are recommended for kindergarteners?

  1. Swashby and the Sea By Beth Ferry
  2. Christy Hale: Out the Door
  3. Heather Dean Brewer – Love is Powerful
  4. Mo Willems: A Busy Creature’s Day Eating
  5. Thank You, Omu!
  6. Saturday by Oge Mura
  7. Alexandra Penfold, All Are Glad
  8. Alex T., Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion

Which Books are Best for Kindergarten?

  1. Board Books. Even the simplest preschool books can facilitate learning for infants as well as toddlers.
  2. Activity Books. Activity books have joined the ranks with beloved kindergarten books.
  3. Picture Books.
  4. Sticker Books
  5. Series Books.Oct. 25, 2017

What books are five-year-olds reading?

  1. The Day Crayons Quit. Favorite for Emotional Intelligence.
  2. Giraffes Can’t Dance. Self-confidence is possible.
  3. Ice Cream Soup
  4. Goodnight Construction Site.
  5. Bob Books, You Have One.
  6. Curious George Curious to Learn More About Phonics.
  7. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.
  8. Ferdinand, The Story.

.Kindergarten Books