Poems For Middle School

Poems For Middle School

Poems For Middle School

English Teacher’s List Of 72 Top Poems to Use in Middle And High Schools

English teachers may find it more challenging to attract struggling students into poetry. A measured vocabulary, multiple “doublemeanings,” and the invisibility of rule-breaking or rule-following can all cause trouble for students. It is often a source of distrust and hatred that causes more problems than other forms. This means that many children dislike poetry and believe it to be stupid. We have the responsibility of convincing them otherwise. In the worthy and noble pursuit of changing that perception, I humbly offer a list of my favorite poems for use in the English classroom. To help you choose the right works for your students, I offer lesson planning information.

Here are five poems that students cannot leave the room without reading.

#1 “The Rose that Grew From Concrete”, by Tupac Shakur. Summary: The poem is a short, powerful comparison between Tupac’s childhood and the growth of a rose from concrete.

Reading Level: 6th grade+ Themes: Growing Up, Great Expectations, Stereotypes Literary Devices: Metaphor, Memoir Student Interest Level: 10/10 Notes: Author is one of the most influential artists in American music history, and his life story is captivating in its own right. Many of his songs are perfect for comparisons or reading and analyzing by themselves. A biography of the author encourages interest among the boy-resistant boys and allows for the possibility to debate the importance of writing in their work.

#2 “Mosquitoes”, Aimee Nezuhkamatetil Full Synopsis : A young woman watches changes in her family’s relationship. It is an excellent entry point for the rest of her poetry, and could likely shatter student perceptions of good poetry.

#3 “The Gift”, by Li Young Lee. Synopsis: As he takes a piece of his mother’s hair out, his son tries to conjure up the gentleness with which his father treated him in his childhood.

Reading Level: 9th grade+ (worth a shot in middle school, but certainly not a straightforward read even for high school) Themes: Memory, Role Model, Familial and Romantic Love Literary Devices: Metaphor, Interaction with Reader Student Interest Level: 8/10 Notes: Fascinating writer biography #4 “Sonnet 18” by William Shakespeare Full Text Synopsis: The narrator addresses the object of his affection, primarily comparing this person to the best qualities of summer.

Poems For Middle School

Poetry for Middle School that Kids Can Understand

Are your preteens or young teens inclined to appear a bit jaded? Let’s face it, middle school is not an easy time for anyone. Students, parents, teachers — everyone’s a bit nervous! It can take a while to get through 6th, 7th, and 8th grades. Poetry is a great way to express yourself. I am a huge fan of encouraging poetry that isn’t boring. This middle school poetry list has a wealth of poems that all ages will like. So if your 12 year olds slams the door in your face, make sure they have a book of poetry on the bed to read while they stew about how unfair life is!

Poems For Middle School

About the Author

Nancy Mack was a middle- and senior high school teacher. Dr. Mack currently works as a Wright State University English professor where she interacts with pre-service and post-service teachers. In addition, she co-directs the university’s Summer Institute on Writing and has worked with local PBS stations to develop multimedia support programs for teachers. Chapters in Heinemann’s books, NCTE, and articles in The English Journal. She previously published Teaching Grammar With Playful Poems (Scholastic, 2005).

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