Amazon Prime For Teachers

Amazon Prime For Teachers

amazon prime for teachers

Amazon Prime Programs and Perks for Teachers and Schools

It’s not true. I have no Amazon Prime addiction. WeAreTeachers Staff

makes it even better. Amazon Prime members have access to a wide range of perks. New perks are added every day. Amazon goes beyond Prime. You can rent textbooks, publish books yourself, or create educational materials. Here are some of our favorite perks and programs for teachers and students.

By now, you probably know that Prime offers free two-day shipping on pretty much anything you can think of. Select items can even be delivered the very next day in some locations! It’s just the tip of the iceberg. These are some Amazon Prime benefits that teachers will love. ( See them all here.

Prime Video: Access to thousands of shows and movies for free through your membership.

Amazon Music Prime

: Listen to more than two million songs and millions of podcast episodes, ad-free. You can create playlists in your classroom or search for podcasts that are relevant to your topic.

Amazon Kids+ : This program offers unlimited access to thousands of kid-friendly books, movies, apps, and more. Prime members get a 40 percent discount. Use the internet to find online or new read-alouds for your classroom.

amazon prime for teachers

Amazon Prime For Teachers (8 Benefits)

Amazon Prime is a great resource for students as well as teachers. It allows you to make savings, enhance learning and provide better classroom facilities.

Amazon Prime is a great resource for students as well as teachers. It allows you to make savings, enhance learning and provide better classroom facilities.

Amazon has become one of the biggest and most recognized eCommerce stores in the world over the past two decades. If you’re looking to purchase gifts, home appliances, books, movies, audiobooks and a whole array of other products, Amazon is the place to go. Amazon also offers unique perks for teachers, which you may not be aware of.

Check out the nine perks listed below to find the perfect solution.

amazon prime for teachers

5. Amazonsmile

AmazonSmile allows parents and teachers to support their schools by making a donation through AmazonSmile. The amazon smile program allows you to make eligible purchases and donate.5% to the school or charity that you choose. AmazonSmile allows you to shop at the same price and have access to all items as if you had a Prime account.

Just go to Once on AmazonSmile the user can choose to donate. Enter the school or school district name, and the decision will remain on the AmazonSmile account for all future purchases. User can modify the charity/school at anytime. All eligible items for AmazonSmile donation will be listed on the product detail page with the words “Eligible for AmazonSmile donation”.

In order to help parents set up AmazonSmile accounts to purchase items, school administrators and teachers may work with PTA/PTO representatives. For those schools or districts that are not yet registered with AmazonSmiles they may go to for assistance.

Amazon Org Central

amazon prime for teachers

Amazon offers what coupons and deals for teachers

Amazon doesn’t offer any discounts to teachers at the moment, but they have many third party sales and Prime benefits that teachers can avail of.

Teachers Stretching Dollars

You can find school and classroom supplies on Amazon at very low prices through the #FoundItOnAmazon page. This account is for teachers only.

This page offers deals on stationary brands including Sharpie, Sharpie, Elmers, Paper Mate, Sharpie and Paper Mate.

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime members will enjoy 2-day sales during June, featuring special deals on products

Discounts for teachers on textbooks, school clothing and other items are available!

amazon prime for teachers

The Most In-Demand Articles

Amazon Prime: The best online early childhood education Bachelor’s highest paying Early Childhood Teacher Jobs. Although most people are well aware of these benefits, some of them are particularly useful for teachers. Here are some tips and tricks to help you shop better and more thoughtfully.

You can decide what goes on your Amazon Wish List, however we believe it is somewhat of a trap. It moves items out of the “needs”, and puts them in the “wants”. So just mentally erase the word “Wish” and replace it with “Needs”. It may be a little tedious, but this will allow you to shop more efficiently for your job. It’s easy to mistakenly treat your classroom as if it were a bedroom in your house. You need to cut that! You can jazz up your classroom with a variety of inexpensive ways. Edit your list regularly to make sure you have only the essentials. The absolute essentials are what we consider to be the most important and should therefore be considered the top priority. Top priority is an item you must have in order to begin school and that cannot be found elsewhere. It is important that you are aware of the differences between schools so that you can find out in advance what items may be available. Next, you can start to add items according their function. It is possible to delete items from your shopping list at any time and begin again. Pro Tip. One-Click purchases are an easy way to fall prey to temptations. Do your school-specific shopping on a laptop or desktop. It’s even better to do your school shopping at your own desktop from the classroom.

Prime’s free 90-day trial is available for all members who sign up during the longest promotional period.

Did you know that a number of books, and magazines are available for loan through Prime Reading? If you have a Kindle, you can simply head to the Amazon Prime area, go to the top browser, click “more”, click on “Prime Reading” and add items to your virtual library. To view these books, you will need to have a Kindle. That isn’t the only price you have to pay. It’s easy to plug your Kindle into a projector so that you and your class have a shared experience with your virtual library. Like with all libraries, there will be a return date. Pay attention to those, as it is possible to rack up unnecessary fees. Clicking the “Return” button on your periodical or book can be enough to return it.

Kindle Unlimited membership plans allow you to access millions of ebooks on any device.

For $15.00 per month, you can access almost endless audio books if you are willing to spend a bit more. Audible is free for 30 days and can be cancelled anytime. You don’t have to delete all your audiobooks if you cancel. This option is great for teachers who are thrifty. You can take a month to gather books and then cancel. Let’s call it teacher hack 101.

Amazon Prime Video follows the same principles. Amazon is a very successful company. This is due to paying attention and responding to consumers’ demands. Amazon was aware that Netflix could not be the first to offer video streaming. For school and relaxation after long days at work, you can watch your video. Many of the items are free to view, and not available on Hulu or Netflix.

amazon prime for teachers

Amazon Prime Discount For Teachers

Signed by 0 Let’s get to 1,000,000!

This petition, which has over 1,000,000 signatures is the highest signed on

This petition has 1,000,000 signatures and is now one of the most popular on

Erica Powell began this petition with Amazon. Amazon now offers half off Prime membership for students. Although that’s fantastic, they should give this amazing deal to teachers.

To make it easy for teachers, students must confirm their eligibility via email.

Amazon can be used by teachers in many ways. Prime Video can be used to help you stream a film or create wish lists for your students.

Amazon is a wonderful company. Teachers who also have to be on a limited budget can get a discount from them. Because the subscription price is out of the school’s pockets, it makes sense.

amazon prime for teachers

Everything you love about Everyday Life

This post features educator-friendly Amazon favorites. I also wanted to share some non-education Amazon products I use every day. These are my everyday favorites and ones that I love.

Tea infuser It keeps my tea warm and is super easy to clean.

Lemon juicer – My daily routine starts with hot water, lemon, apple cider vinegar, honey, and hot water. This lemon juicer works well on my top rack dishwasher. I use it every day.

Water bottle: I might have posted a photo of the Peloton you ordered in spring to my Instagram. It is a Peloton that has become my obsession. To recap, you can find me at Monica_Burns. This is the perfect product for riding, even though I prefer a Nalgene while on the move.

As I mentioned at the top of the post, here are two of my past Amazon Prime Day lists:

Amazon Prime Day to Teachers

Do you have any favorites to share for Amazon Prime Day? Leave a comment below, or share with me on social media. Use the hashtag @ClassTechTips to tag your Instagram or Twitter photos. I can’t wait for you to check out these favorite Amazon items for educators!

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