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best classroom bookshelf

20 Amazing Classroom Bookshelves For All Your Organizing Needs

Make it easier for students to grab their next favorite book!

. Children will find it easier to locate what they want and place the books back after they are done.

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This adorable little stand is perfect for small children, even toddlers. It has wheels. This is a great choice for Pre-K and younger students.

Want something smaller than the existing bookshelf? Although it retains five shelves and the adorable birch finish, this book display is single-sided. It takes up less space.

Do you want more flexibility? It is one of the traditional school bookshelves and can store multiple items. You can store books, globes and even musical instruments in the same place.

We like this book shelf because it offers both storage and organization options. How pretty is that color? The bookcase is available in pink or blue and has three rows of book storage as well as two open shelves.

best classroom bookshelf

Dollar Store Organization Ideas

If your town has a dollar store or dollar tree then you already know this is one of the best places to get classroom organization ideas. Below are some of my favorite classrooms that pulled off the dollar tree organization with style.

IMAGE SOURCE All of these containers have mismatched shapes and colors that I just love. They are all in the bright family so they create a cohesive look. A collection like this can be combined to make an attractive, colourful, and organized bookcase.

IMAGE SOURCE – THETEACHERCREATURE Colorful, shallow bins that are ideal for papers or student work. You can add color and variety to your classes by purchasing a rainbow collection.

PURELY.PRIMARY Small containers with lids are perfect for organizing small supplies, and game pieces. I love how this teacher created a beautiful space by adding pretty accessories and inspirational signs to the top of the bookshelf. The iPad cart is a great way to help your kids separate their low-battery iPads.

.Best Classroom Bookshelf