Best Sat Prep Books

Best Sat Prep Books

best sat prep books

Disclaimer: Why am I suggesting Sat Books?

PrepScholar is very well known for its online SAT Prep Program. However, PrepScholar has decided to go old school and recommend a SAT Book List.

We’re SAT experts and have dedicated our lives to helping students achieve their academic and personal goals. If you have a strong self-motivation and enjoy using SAT books for your preparation, they are a good way to study content and practice strategies.

However, each of the SAT prep guides recommended here has its strengths and flaws. Several of them seem as if they were rushed to publication, while others unfortunately don’t offer the same level of quality that they did in previous versions.

PrepScholar seems to have incorporated the best bits of both books in its online preparation program, while also adding an element of accountability. We help you plan out and stick to your study schedule, keep track of your progress, and hone the specific skills and practice problem types you need most in order to improve your scores.

With prep books, you can try to customize your study plan to your specific needs too but with PrepScholar, we do all that heavy lifting for you . You can also get huge benefits from PrepScholar, which is much less expensive than buying the books.

This is because we don’t get any benefit from the SAT-book recommendations. However, our advice is neutral and objective.

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s move on to our list of SAT books. As the best source of SAT questions is always the test maker, I will start this list with The Official SAT Study Guide from College Board.

best sat prep books

Top Traditional Sat Prep Books: Strategy, Instruction, and Practice Questions

While these SAT prep books may be of good quality, there are some major weaknesses. For content review or practice, these books are among the top. Let’s take a look at each book and discuss the advantages and disadvantages.

I highly recommend SAT Prep Black Book for its insightful strategies and test advice. Mike Barrett has spent a lot of time studying the test and wrote the SAT Black Book. In it, he goes over the different types of questions and introduces critical tips, such as how to recognize tricky wording and “distractor” answer choices.

The book will be of great value to students interested in learning about the structure and format of the SAT and those looking for practical tips and strategies for answering questions, saving time, and saving money.

The book contains detailed answer explanations to the questions of all the official SAT practice test questions. This guide will walk you through all questions on the practice tests, and explain any errors.

You can use it to change your attitude when you take the SAT. The book can help you to incorporate strategies and explanations from the book into your own strategy so that each type of question is easier for you. While the Black Book is great for strategy, though, it’s less helpful for studying concepts.

The book doesn’t contain any SAT practice questions. It must be used with official SAT practice questions. This book refers to the official SAT questions. It also provides detailed explanations for some of the most difficult questions. The Black Book focuses primarily on understanding and strategy for the SAT. Therefore, it is not the best resource for content and concepts review. For instance, if you need to learn complete sentence parallelism lines functions, this is the right resource for you.

I like the book’s engaging writing style. But, that is just my opinion. Barrett’s explanation style or testing strategies may not suit everyone.

best sat prep books

Discover Your Career Fit

Lantern’s Career Quiz allows you to match career options with your characteristics.

It takes a lot of practice, dedication and study to score well on the SAT. By using some of the best SAT prep books, students can develop effective test-taking strategies and familiarize themselves with the types of questions they’ll encounter on the exam.

Here is a selection of the best SAT preparation books. Keep in mind that no single book is a magic bullet. These books will help you study for the exam, but they are not a magic bullet.

If the cost of SAT prep materials is prohibitive, you should check with your school. Online resources are also available for free.

best sat prep books

What’S Better About This Guide To The Best Sat Books?

It’s crucial that you receive correct guidance as your SAT score is critical for college applications. The wrong advice can lead to a loss of SAT scores.

It is best to review any advice that you are given (including ours), before you decide on your SAT Prep Plan. Be sure to read every article you find in your research before making a decision about whether or not to trust the person giving you SAT advice. This is the right place to answer this question. We believe this SAT prep guide book is far superior than the ones you could find on the internet.

In this article, I detail the reasons why certain SAT textbooks are excellent and which books lack weaknesses. Some of these prep books might not have been mentioned to you because they are less widely known or newer than books published by larger corporations with more marketing budgets. Instead of listing a small number of books with no context, we give you all you need information before buying a book.

It is important that you target the areas of weakness and how to improve them. I will point out SAT books which are most suitable for training on specific sections as well as books that suit high or low scorers. We don’t assume all students have the same needs, so we make our guides to accommodate a diverse range of test takers.

The SAT books I promote don’t pay any commission. These authors don’t have any personal connections with me. In reality, I’ve studied dozens of SAT prep books, and these are the ones I’d use if I myself were prepping. and get kickbacks or rankings adjustments from publishers in exchange for featuring prep books.

It’s nice to believe that I understand what I am talking about. I had two flawless SAT scores, and was able help thousands of students in their preparation for the exam. My experience includes test-takers from all levels. Some writers simply don’t know enough to distinguish between bad and good SAT books. They end up recommending books after they have already written them.

PrepScholar’s online SAT/ACT prep curriculum is my co-founder. We believe that we have created the most effective SAT preparation program. It will analyze your strengths and provide you with a comprehensive guide.

best sat prep books

Who’s this Sat Prep Books guide for?

First of all, the guide is intended for students serious about test prep.

To achieve a high score, you must be driven and willing to work hard. Getting through these books will take dozens of hours simply because the SAT covers so much material.

You won’t notice a difference in the book you choose if your study time is less than five hours. In this case, it’s best to focus on taking an official SAT practice test reviewing your answers . Because you have so little time to prepare, your score is unlikely to go up significantly in the final exam. So don’t expect miracles.

The easiest and most straightforward step to SAT prep is buying SAT prep materials. For the best score increases, you’ll have to do serious work. We will show you how to make the most of every SAT book that we suggest.

This guide is seconded for students looking to increase their score by over 100 points. To consistently score this much higher on the SAT, you’ll need more than just tricks; you’ll need to understand the actual content being tested, that is, the underlying math concepts and grammar rules. You shouldn’t waste time on useless tricks that make you think you know something you didn’t.

However, if your goal is to increase your score by just 50 points, you can do so by retaking the SAT, particularly if it was only one time.

You will need a great study strategy to help you improve your SAT score. You can’t just cover the book. Instead, you need to focus on what you are weakest in and work on those areas.

best sat prep books

Here are The Top Sat Prep Books of 2021-2022

In this guide we will divide the top SAT books in the following categories:

Critical Books: No matter what you are good at, critical books will help you prepare for the SAT.

The best subject-specific books: This is the most effective way to improve your SAT Reading and Math skills.

Books for top scorers: The SAT prep books will push you to the top, and they’ll help you achieve the highest score possible.

These books can be used by low-scorers or people with low motivation. They should be avoided.

This is the #1 book to avoid: I no longer recommend the old version of SAT. It’s now on my “Do not Buy” list. Discover the reasons!

format of the SAT changed so much in early 2016 , I do not recommend using old SAT books to study for the current SAT. Even though older SAT test questions may be similar to newer tests, you will waste a lot time trying to learn the correct topics. You can also use our online SAT prep program to learn more about your specific weaknesses and how you can improve them.

best sat prep books

Critical Sat Prep Books

These books should be available to all test subjects, no matter what their SAT scores may or how much they are learning. This is an extremely high standard to meet in fact, there are only two books out of dozens I’ve tested that qualify for this title. We introduce them below.

We have spoken extensively on the value of official SAT Practice Questions. The SAT can be a very strange test that will require you to apply concepts in a completely different manner than what you were taught in school. To learn these patterns accurately, you should practice using real-world questions.

Official SAT Tests are available from the College Board. They provide practice questions. Ten official tests are available at the moment. These tests don’t constitute a pre-test book, but together they can be a very useful resource.

Tests contain real questions from students taking the SAT previously administered. Without a doubt, the quality of official questions is far better than that of questions written by unofficial sources such as Kaplan or Barron’s.

Even better, all official SAT practice tests are free! Download the PDFs of the official SAT practice exams from the College Board site. Print them to experience the real-world on-paper testing.

The best set of SAT test practice questions you’ll find anywhere. These practice exams are excellent if you plan to do a long-length test.

You can access each test completely for nothing and then download it.

best sat prep books

Best Sat Math Prep Books

My philosophy on SAT Math is that the best way to significantly improve your Math score is to learn the underlying content. While you can make progress by learning strategies to solve math problems and becoming familiar with the basics of math, you will quickly hit a brick wall if your math knowledge is not up-to-date.

Your best bet, therefore, is to find a book that can teach you math content in an organized way and give you practice problems you can use to focus on individual skills. The book should cater for your skills level, as you won’t be able to answer math questions that are difficult or too simple.

Steve Warner’s series SAT Math Books is highly recommended. He is the author of multiple SAT prep books that are suitable for both intermediate and advanced students. There is a complete set with 240 SAT Math challenges organized by topic or difficulty.

It is easy and beneficial to learn math concepts through lessons. These lessons will help increase your speed in solving problems and assist you to understand the meaning of a question.

With good explanations and realistic questions, practice questions can all be used.

It is crucial to customize your SAT Math practice according to skill level. If you’re scoring below 600, there’s no reason to focus on attacking the hardest questions on the test. Warner’s books will give you the right practice for your particular math level.

Too many books offer too much information, so it is hard to pinpoint the math concepts we need to use. In contrast, our SAT program splits large topics into smaller subjects . For example, in algebra we cover linear functions and single-variable equations. In order to pinpoint weaknesses, it is easier to drill these in preparation.

best sat prep books

Kaplan’S Sat PrepPlus

Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus is one of the best prep books available. It provides a comprehensive overview of the exam and explains how the tests work. You can also expect different types of questions across each section. You will also find a wide range of practice questions, five practice tests that are full length and detailed content reviews.

You will find over 1,400 question types in the book. Kaplan’s practice questions were extremely realistic. It was especially helpful for predicting what patterns would be on the exam. As an additional online resource, there are also video tutorials.

Kaplan is a very respected prep company that excels at being concise but comprehensive. Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus will help you approach the SAT confidently.

The only problem is that experts feel the book lacks challenge. It is still a great book for SAT Math, English, Reading, and other topics. The sheer amount of information in this book makes it superior to other study guides. This book can be used with any other books as a refresher and overview.

Kaplan’s SAT Prep Plus at Amazon

Which Sat Prep Book Is Best?

  1. 1 – The Official SAT study guide.
  2. 2 – Barron’s SAT, 29th edition
  3. 3 – SAT PrepBlack Book: The Most Effective SAT Strategies Ever Published.
  4. 4 – Kaplan SAT Prep : 2 Practice tests + Proven Strategies + online
  5. 5 – Princeton review 500+ practice problems for the New SAT

What’s the Number 1 Sat Prep Book Like?


Sat Prep Books Worth the Investment?

While the Blue Book (as it was called by students) used to be the must-have source for SAT prep, The Official SAT Study Guide, 2020 Edition, is mostly not worth purchasing. The entire book including its eight practice test is available online at no charge.

.Best Sat Prep Books