Best Shoes For Teachers

Best Shoes For Teachers

best shoes for teachers

Most Recommended Teacher Shoes

Teachers work hard so shoes are important. At the same time, you want footwear that is stylish and professional. This is a unicorn shoe. Absolutely not. Here’s a list of top-rated teacher shoes.

Dankso is the brainchild of former trainers on horses. The goal was to design shoes that are comfortable for all activities, including standing. How did they find the right shoes?

European-styled clogs Dansko has many styles to choose from, such as clogs made of leather in black, wedges and sandals, boots and booties.

This shoe is a favorite of nurses. It is essential that these shoes can be used for all types of standing.

As the name suggests, these shoes are earth-conscious, sustainably-sourced, and vegan. Earth Brand Shoes range from flats to sandals to Mary Janes or heels to dress shoes.

Bonus point: Earthbrand, an employee-owned Pennsylvania company is bonus.

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best shoes for teachers

Are You a Lover of Your Feet? 15 Of The Best Shoes For Teachers

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Like many of our teachers, you may have had a long-lasting relationship with shoes worn by your former teacher. You may find that your teaching style and personal preferences can affect which shoes are best for you.

In this post we will look at our 14 favorite teaching shoes, including plenty of stylish, practical, and rugged options.

Are you in a rush? Allbirds Tree Piners are our top-rated choice. These shoes are comfortable, practical, and long-lasting.

best shoes for teachers

Top Casual Alternative

5/5 starsThe Pegasus is the ideal shoe for athletic teachers. These shoes are made for professional runners who do dozens of kilometers per week. The shoes are light and flexible, with strong arch support as well as shock absorption in the heels. A removable fitsole sockliner is included for contoured comfort.

22 colour combinations

100% synthetic with a synthetic sole

A removable fitsole socksockliner

Nike Women’s Nike Air Zoom 36 Running Shoes are lightweight and provide good arch support.

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best shoes for teachers

Best Clog

Rated 4.5/5 starsThe Dansko Professional is the perfect clog for teachers looking for a more comfortable option. It is made from leather and will not wear out over time. These shoes have an air-cushioned sensation thanks to their 0.75 inch platform. The shoes have a roomy toe box that prevents bunions, accommodates larger feet and the instep collar is padded to increase comfort.

The Professional Colors and Finishes

Cabrio leather with a polyurethane sole

2 inch heel with a 0.75 inch platform

Padded instep collar and roomy toe box for increased comfort Dansko Women’s Professional Clog Buy Now

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best shoes for teachers

These 17 Shoes Are Amazingly Comfortable For Teachers: Autumn 2021

When I bought a pair for teachers, it was at the age of 27. My feet hurt so bad that I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid. It made it difficult to move around the school grounds, checking homework, teaching lessons and even standing while kids entered my classroom. I became an unfun teacher, who wanted to be there more than any other- contrary to my active teaching style.

Dansko Sam: Is similar to my Dankso Kirsten clogs. However, I already knew the meaning of “toebox”, and I decided that I needed a shoe which didn’t tighten my painful toes. I never had to worry about arch support before, but now the joints in my mid-foot were shifting due to active RA. Having absolutely no idea which kind of shoe would work for me, I walked into Nordstrom and was quickly overwhelmed by all the choices. Joyce Selby, a tiny shoe store in the open-air mall was the first thing I saw as I left the Nordstrom.

After listening to all my complaints, a friendly lady led me to Dansko to see the clogs. Dansko was a brand I had never heard of. I picked out a simple black mary jane clog. After she brought my size, I put them on my sore feet. It was a short walk before I realized that this shoe was a good fit. I turned the shoe over to check the price and noticed the style name….Kirsten. Named shoe. Dansko Kirsten has been discontinued. My Dansko Sam is an exact replica.

Fellow teachers, I know how shoes can either make or break your teaching day. Permit me to assist you in finding the perfect pair of shoes! We love Zappos as they offer all the best in comfortable shoes for teachers, along with free shipping and free returns.

best shoes for teachers


Dansko Finola Dansko Finola Dansko Finola. Sensible? Yes. However, it is refreshing to see an old-fashioned black oxford without any white sole. Finola customers love its removable insole. It can also accommodate orthotics. Best for:


plantar fasciitis (one instep heel).

feet needing adjustability in the instep

Zappos: Available in Euro sizes 36-42 (5.5-8.5), $134.95

Clarks Sharon Noel Clarks Sharon Noel. We love this Zappos style: It’s just like walking on bread. Recommended for:

Toes that need support and stability, but aren’t looking for something fancy.

best shoes for teachers


Ariat Sport Mule Ariat Sportmule – All the comfort and quality you expect from Ariat in casual-dress mules For:

plantar fasciitis (1.5” heel, good arch support, can wear with heel strap)

Achilles tendonitis. Nothing pushing in or rubbing back on the heel.

Get Zappos in Sizes 5.5-11 at $119.95

SoftWalk Madison SoftWalk Madison: One of our favorite comfortable shoes for teachers is actually a clog. The SoftWalk Madison receives rave reviews for being “out-of-the-box comfortable.” Is your achilles tendon giving you heck? It might be time to test a shoe that doesn’t have an enclosed back. It comes in several colors, sizes, and widths. This one is best for:

wide feet

achilles tendonitis

best shoes for teachers

How do you dress for teachers?

Your shoes are essential as you spend a lot of time on your feet. Teachers weigh in on the best shoes for the job.

Two pairs of pants are purchased every year. Usually, they’re on sale at Target’s 70% Off Rack. My shirts come from the same place. My third grade class is so expensive that I don’t feel the need to buy costly clothes. The only thing that I am not covered with super-sale clothing is my feet. There is no way I will ever be able to live without my feet. Footwear can change your life. The things that cover your feet support your feet as well as your ankles, knees, and back.

Teaching requires physical activity. Every day, you have to be moving. For you to be able to continue, good rubber is necessary. It is important to use solid, professional-looking kicks for long school days. However, everyone is unique so the things that work for me may not be for you.

Dr. Marten Boots have been my go-to footwear for two years. It’s very grungy of me, I know. These shoes are not for me because I’m a Soundgarden or Pearl Jam fan. They fit well, feel comfortable on my feet, have great ankle support, as well as giving me the feeling that I’m “going to work”. New Balance Walkers also appeal to me. They look like shoes, but feel like sneakers. Rockport Walkers do not appeal to my taste. I know they are really popular, but they just didn’t jive with my feet. The grunge boot is being discontinued this year. Bean Chukka Boot. Right now, I am wearing them. They may be my most comfortable pair. Lighter than the Dr. Marten and definitely breathe a bit better. And they’re L.L. Bean, so if the sole wears out, I can have it replaced.

I polled my colleagues and friends over email and Facebook. It was clear that there was friendly banter about which brand is the best. My conclusion was that feet are all different which means different shoes.

The Review Thomas Newkirk in Minds Made for Stories reminded us about data’s limitations. According to Newkirk, we simply can’t translate raw numbers into identifiable human reality. So I am not going the count or stating numbers for each brand. Instead I want to tell the stories behind each footwear decision and allow you to make an informed choice.

“ALEGRIA!!! ( Worn by nurses, teachers, and other professionals who are on their feet all day. You can find a variety of styles, colors and patterns. This is perfect for me as an artist. Super comfortable.” Skechers produced sneakers that appeared dressy, but that are still very comfy. I love wearing bare socks. Skechers go Walks are so comfortable and provide a great deal of padding, which is a plus for anyone who has to be on their feet all day. You can get them both in mens or womens sizes. These are what my colleagues in the food service industry use to serve their customers. They keep my feet cool in the summer heat.” One friend wore Sanuks for the entire school year, without socks. At the end of that year, he was FUNKLESS. I have worked on my feet for 12 hours. Most of that time was spent sitting in the same place for many hours. I have a suggestion. Keen footwear. They do not require the Dansko-clog-lengthy break in, so the results will be a bit more predictable. Dansko clogs were $120, and I donated them. Keen. There are clogs as well as reg shoes. It can be hard to remember that. Because they provide strong arch support, Danskos saved me. I also live just 10 minutes from their factory store. Birkenstocks are a great choice. These shoes are not cheap, but are very stylish and comfortable. The shoe has ADIPRENE(r), Adidas’ sport technology in its heel, for all-day comfort and shock absorption. “Footwear Advice John Thomas has 15 years experience in the shoe industry, before moving into education. I own two pairs, black and blue.”

best shoes for teachers

Comfortable shoes for teachers

There are three main statutes that teacher shoes must meet. They need to be:

comfort improve your posture

lasts a long time


Shoes are my favorite thing about me as a teacher, stereotypically female. When I made this list I considered all these things. Aside from these, I also asked other teachers which shoes were most comfortable or versatile.

Scroll down and you’ll find shoes suitable for both male and female teachers. Amazon is the only place you can find all kinds of shoes.

best shoes for teachers

Sneakers and Walking Shoe

These shoes can support your feet while you are running or walking long distances. They’re great for elementary teachers that need to keep active on the playground. They can be worn with almost any clothing, but they are not suitable for those who want to appear more formal.

These FuelCore Nergize V1 sneakers, made from synthetic fabric with a rubber sole provide great support. They are lightweight and comfortable for all-day wear as long as you don’t play very active outdoor games. The sole of the shoes is made from memory foam.

They are sleek, stylish, and don’t seem too bulky. These shoes hug your feet but don’t provide as much support than a running shoe. These are good for walking and running but not for active sports or running.

14. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes This shoe is made to be used for running. Each color comes with a white outsole. Top is made from synthetic fabric. The top features a memory socks liner, a textile lining, and lace closing.

These shoes hug the foot. These shoes offer lightweight comfort and great support for active outdoor sports.

Reviewers agree that although this shoe was designed to be used for running, the shoes wear out very quickly and don’t support strenuous exercise.

15. These shoes can be found in over 40 colors by TIOSEBON Athletic Walking. These shoes are made of breathable fabric and have an elastic top. They also feature a slip-resistant sole. The material is environmentally friendly.

What Shoes Should Teachers Wear to Work?

These are the appropriate shoe types for teachers. Flats and pumps made from synthetic or leather. Low-heeled or flat sandals with comfortable straps.Sep 6, 2021

Do Teachers Need Sneakers?

Go for close-toed shoes with good support. Your feet will be used a lot as teachers, and you may need to stand for hours. Most schools will suggest that teachers avoid wearing flip flops or shoes that expose their toes or feet. Close-toed shoes like dress sneakers or dress flats are a good option.

Are Danskos Good For Teachers?

You spend the majority of your day as an educator standing or walking in the classroom. Shoes for teacher are important so that you don’t get sore or achy feet. … Whatever your preferences, Dansko has the supportive footwear that can go the distance for long school days.

Can Teachers Wear Hey Dudes?

Nurses and teachers love Amazon’s No. It’s a great pair of shoes for teachers or nurses who are constantly on their feet. This pair is super plush with a fantastic name. Amazon’s top seller in February 2021, The Hey Dude Wendy Loafers for $55, rank No.

.Best Shoes For Teachers