Magoosh Gre Word List

Magoosh Gre Word List

magoosh gre word list

Magoosh Vocabulary

Magoosh offers many resources that encourage students to explore new words and learn GRE vocabulary.

Magoosh’s GRE Vocabulary Flashcards allows you to quickly match definitions by clicking a button. Magoosh also offers a Vocabulary Builder App. Practice matching words with their definitions.

Magoosh has many word lists that can be used to practice vocabulary for the GRE exam. Magoosh and the Magoosh app have these word lists. It took time to gather the most useful GRE wordlists and make them accessible in an eBook. Magoosh’s GRE Vocabulary eBook has 300+ words, most of which are found on GRE. You can use them to learn words and organize them into various themes.

magoosh gre word list

The Top 20 Best Tested Gre Terms

Magoosh has complied a word list of the 20 most tested words on the GRE. Memorizing and learning these words are essential for scoring well. Various flashcards can be found for these words, including on the GRE Flashcards. If you can practice the words you’ll score well.

Ambivalent (adj.

Auspicious (adj.)

Belligerent (adj.)

Capricious (adj.)

Corroborate (v.).

Emervate, v.

magoosh gre word list

All-In-One Word List For Gre Vocabulary

Prasad Ostwal Mar 29, 2019*2 min read

You aren’t the only one struggling with words or not knowing which wordlist you should prepare. When I was preparing for GRE verbal, I was bombarded with multiple word lists like Magoosh, Barrons-333, Manhattan and so on!! Everyone endorsed their choice of list because every list has its own advantages, so I was confused which list to choose. I came up with the idea of combining all lists and extracting most common words from each.

First: I have compiled these lists of famous names you might be familiar with:

Barrons 1100 Words

Magoosh 2000 Words

Majortest Essential 1500 Words

Princeton 500 Words

.Magoosh Gre Word List