What Is The Lsat Max Score

What Is The Lsat Max Score

what is the lsat max score

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3.3/5 – (9 votes) LSATMax is a great course for those who want a modern approach to the often outdated LSAT. With excellent mobile apps, higher scores guarantees and great mobility options you can do your work wherever you like. Students who want to see where they are in relation to the test can use analytic feedback to get this information.

This course is very valuable and relatively inexpensive compared with other LSAT review courses. Whiteboard Lessons provide a wonderful tool for people who prefer classroom learning. It’s also a fantastic piece of the LSATMax pre-test tool.

1. This Mobile App With Online Access LSATMax App is completely free and available in all three major App Stores: Amazon App Store (Apple), Google Play Store (App Store) and Amazon App Store (Amazon App Store). You can watch whiteboard video lessons, do daily drills, or complete Logic Games from the comfort of your dorm room, a coffee shop, or even the beach.

One tip is that you can download your content in advance using the app. So you can view lectures, complete practice questions, even without internet access. And you won’t lose your data.

LSATMax’s Android and Apple mobile apps now offer the opportunity to test the new digital LSAT. They also offer full LSATs for 90 years that you can practice on your smartphone or tablet.

You can also access all the course materials via LSATMax Online. A free trial is also available. Hard copy binders of the entire course material, such as lesson plans, homework assignments, diagnostic examinations, and other Prep Tests, will be sent to you.

.What Is The Lsat Max Score