Writers Work Review

Writers Work Review

writers work review

How do writers work?

Writers Work, an online platform for freelance writers, allows them to locate jobs, finish them and be paid. They can also work remotely if they wish. Some of them are well worth your time. Some are basically scams that should always be avoided. Others are truthful, but require much work and a small reward.

Writers Work ranks where it matters most in terms quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and return on investment.

Sign up, I dug in the system and found out. I will share what I discovered and how it rated the experience.

Let’s start with the basics.

Writers Work is an online freelancing platform – everything is managed through their interface, including most communication with clients and the content that you send them.

Writers Work offers writing jobs including general website content, blogging, copywriting, and social media posts. Unlike some platforms, it doesn’t offer website design, transcriptions, editing, or other gigs like that.

You need to be at least 18 years old to sign up, and have an online account where payments can be deposited.

writers work review

From the Client’s Side

My main review will focus on the way the site functions for the authors.

Site visitors will be directed to the website to register to become a writer and make payment. You can post your job by filling out a form on the page.

The team claims that the listing will become live after 12 to 24 hours. It will remain online for 30 days. If you wish, it is possible to post a listing.

Final Rating on Ease of Use: 5 out 5 Stars One of the most important facets of a writing platform is how easy it is to learn and use. This is a problem with some sites. They have a lot of data and tools, and poor navigation which makes it difficult to use.

Better sites offer clean, user-friendly sites that provide tools and support without being too complicated. Writers Work has a well-designed site that presents your writing clearly.

writers work review

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Writers Work’s first ever review was written by me shortly after its launch. I know a lot about the products and have a great deal of experience.

This service has become much more popular and is causing controversy. Over the years I had updated this review numerous times. This time, however, I was ready to start over and give it an entirely new perspective.

When I revisited this review, I created a completely new account with a new email address, and paid for a fresh subscription. In order to be completely impartial, I made sure that everything I reviewed was the same as what a customer paying for a subscription would see. The company didn’t know that I was re-evaluating the service.

Let’s start with the basics. But first, a short summary graphic is available for anyone who needs it.

writers work review

Pricing Writers: What’s it worth?

Writers Work membership isn’t expensive. A life-time membership costs only $47. This includes all the features discussed in this review.

You also have the option of paying $15 per month for a monthly subscription.

The trial period isn’t free.

The screenshot below shows that Writers.Work offers 50% discount for early bird pricing. Although the service was launched at this price, some critics have pointed out that it is not available for longer periods of time.

writers work review

Ultimate Writers Work Review (21st Update)

Is Writers Work Legit? Writers Work, yes. Knowing your way around online writing, Writers Work is a great platform for you.

Read this Writers Work Review before you move on. It is not affiliated.

Writers Work is not an affiliate. I am a user and I have good reason. This is a long post – help yourself with this table. Let’s take a look at the Writers Work Review.

*This post contains affiliate link(s). Writers Work is NOT an affiliate partner. You do not pay any additional for the products I recommend. Only recommend products I use and trust.

writers work review

Writers at Work

Writers Work: Writers can use it to apply online for services or jobs, especially freelancers. A writer uses it to search the latest postings on various websites for writing jobs. Although they have an app called the “University Library”, it is not an agency that hires writers.

Is this how you can benefit? Simple. Simple. Writer Work is here to help.

The platform makes it easy for writers to search the most suitable job in a matter of clicks. When all the writer’s projects are in one place, it has the advantage of easy management.

Although their advertisements may seem appealing, this is not the case for freelancing beginners. Now that we know it’s legit, let’s get to the next significant part of this Writers Work review. Are you sure it’s worthwhile?

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writers work review

Writers.Work Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit? (I Tested It For One Month).

My Writers.work Review: Welcome!

Writers.work can be trusted to provide freelance writing services. However, before you spend your hard-earned money, take a look at my Writers.work review.

There are lots of opinions, reviews and criticisms about Writers.work over the internet.

So, I took the time to actually test Writers.work for 30 consecutive days. This allowed me to give my honest opinion about Writers.work in spite of all the unsolicited reviews.

Important: Note that I am not an affiliate. Writers.work is a website that I tested to see if it was beneficial to freelance writers. Or if they are ripping off writers. It is my personal opinion. Everyone can support or disapprove.

writers work review

What are the job types, pay rates, and how to select them?

Let’s look now at what types of writing jobs are available, their pay rates, and the process for selecting these writers.

Type of jobs are listed in the Jobs section:

Many job categories are listed. Some are listed below.

Copy editor

WordPress Writer

Ghost Writer

Book Reviewer

writers work review

Spelling And Grammar Checks

Writers Work Review. Conclusion Writers Work Review. FAQs References. Recommendations. Writers Work Review. Writers Work might be scammed or real.

Writers Work is one of those legit platforms that pay you for freelancing when you complete the jobs given to you by a client.

All you have to do is sign up for this global freelance platform, create a profile, and then choose a job and bid for it.

It’s simple, right? Well, not exactly.

This review will help you to understand what Writers Work is all about.

As a freelance writer, trying to find high-paying projects on Writers Work can be a daunting task. Not only do you have to outperform the talented competition, but you also have to compete with freelancers who are willing to charge very low fees.

Writers Work, a digital platform that allows freelancers to post jobs online for high-paying companies and individuals has been a huge help.

writers work review

Writers Work Fee: How Much Does Writers Work Charge?

Both the client and freelancer posting jobs on this digital platform pay the same amount.

From our Writers Work review, Writers Work charges a full price of $94 and has been on a $47 discount ever since they started.

The lifetime membership costs just $47 and includes all the features detailed in this review, except for the “upsells” mentioned below. This is required before accessing their full service.

Writers Work has no hidden fees.

As you can see, Writers is the title of this screenshot. Work is referring to the “advance” price at 50% off. The service, in fact, has been offered at this price since its inception and has been criticized for still being a “limited time” offer.

An option is also available to subscribe for $15 per calendar month as shown below.

writers work review


Additional benefits are available for writers.work members who sign up

Additional $99 is offered for the second offer, which includes individual writing training as well as a “Freelance Writers Toolkit”. We note however that this training session can be accessed via live chat.

The “Toolkit”, which includes several template documents and a 30-page e-book on the “Independent Reading Book”, is also available for $29. There is also an option to purchase two more video lessons at $99.

You do not have to upgrade and purchase any of these products. Writers Work’s review is focused on the $47 basic service.

writers work review

Writers Work:

Writers Work is, as their website states, an all-in-1 platform to help you find your dream job.

They aim to launch you a rewarding writing career, just like their advertising emphasizes.

Writers Work gives you all the support, training, opportunities and guidance that you will need.

This is similar to SolidGigs which trains freelancers and assists them with their job search.

Writers Work might seem expensive, considering the number of modules and software available, as well as the job board and boastful promises.

I’m going to save that judgement until the end of our Writers Work review.

Let’s now see all the benefits this site offers, and whether they are as useful as claimed.

writers work review

Amazon.Com Review

“What attracts you about interview?” Margaret Atwood poses the question in an introduction to The Paris Review’s 16 interview collection. What’s the deal with writing interviews?” Although Women Writers at Work doesn’t answer this question, it does raise many other questions and allows the authors included to speak for themselves. Over the past decades, Paris Review interviewed writers of every genre and gender. These interviews are now collected in books like this. However, this is the first Writers at Work volume to be devoted exclusively to one gender. The volume includes insightful interviews from Marianne Moore (Kate Anne Porter), Rebecca West, Dorothy Parker and P.L. Travers, Simone de Beauvoir, Eudora Welty, Elizabeth Bishop, Mary McCarthy, Nadine Gordimer, Maya Angelou, Anne Sexton, Toni Morrison, Susan Sontag, Joan Didion and Joyce Carol Oates.

The Paris Review is famous for getting authors to open up. These subjects share honest and often controversial opinions on themselves. Dorothy Parker says, “I’ve read my verses now. I ain’t funny.” The other (Mary McCarthy about “women writers”, “Katherine Anne Porter?” Don’t think she really is–I mean her writing is certainly very feminine, but I would say that there wasn’t the ‘WW’ business in Katherine Anne Porter”); and writing itself (Toni Morrison: “What makes me feel I belong here, out in this world, is not the teacher, not the mother, not the lover but what goes on in my mind when I’m writing”). You get a glimpse inside the lives and writings of these talented writers. –Margaret Prior

writers work review

Publishers Weekly

Dorothy Parker (Marianne Moore), Maya Angelou and Anne Sexton are just a few of the sixteen women authors featured in this fascinating, informative compendium. Interviews were conducted by Donald Hall and Elisabeth Sifton for Plimpton’s Paris Review. Offhand remarks frequently furnish unexpected new slants on the life and work of these writers. Katherine Anne Porter for example illuminates Ship of Fools’ autobiographical components and her sense of history (she claims she is descended from George Washington, a colonel in George Washington’s circle). Simone de Beauvoir looks at the conflicted and divided women in her fiction. Nadine Gordimer relates her childhood in South Africa’s gold-mining town. Her mother was neurotic and suffocating, while her father was a Jewish-Lithuanian immigrant. The collection, which is an updated edition of the 1988 volume, features interviews from between 1960 and 1994. Each is accompanied by a brief biographical-critical profile, a photograph of the subject and a facsimile manuscript page. Toni Morrison speaks out about the struggles faced by black authors in a culture dominated predominantly by white culture. Joyce Carol Oates talks to us about her methods of working. Joan Didion also discusses these issues. Travers, Eudora West, Rebecca West and Elizabeth Bishop are all here.

Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Writers Work Application Legitimate?

In summary: The work of writers IS legitimate. Please read the full review before signing up. This article was updated in June 2021.

Is it possible to make money writing?

Writers Work says that they can earn $20-$65 per hour by having their work published on the platform. The platform does not promise that you will get the lucrative $100 article job, nor can you predict how many articles are available.

How do you get paid to publish?

Pay to publish articles in blogs, journals, and magazines.

Can Freelance Writing Jobs Be Legal?

Writing freelance is legit. A lot of people make full-time salaries by working at home and creating marketing materials for other companies. You can also take your business with you when on vacation or to another country.

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