15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart

15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart (2022)

Walmart, one of five biggest companies worldwide, also owns significant numbers of companies. Some of these companies are known subsidiaries while others may be more surprising.

  • Walmart, for example, owns the warehouse shopping site Sam’s Club as well as Hayneedle.com which is a popular affordable furniture website.
  • Below are 15 of Walmart’s largest subsidiaries from all over the world, and they all serve a different function for the super-sized organization that is Walmart. Each of these companies adds depth to the constantly-growing organization.

  • Walmart’s 10 Most Reputable Companies
  • Walmart spends a lot on the need to be competitive with Amazon. Walmart has a lot to offer, from fashion and global expansion.

    Walmart can seem enormous, even if you don’t know what to do with it. It’s simply huge. Next up, we’ll be highlighting ten companies Walmart has the most connections with.

  • 1. Hayneedle
  • Online furniture retailer Hayneedle is known for offering affordable, stylish options. While I had many opportunities to browse the website, my dream was for a simple, elegant remodel that would suit all rooms of my home. But Walmart owns the site.

    Walmart bought Hayneedle on 16 June 2016 with the hope that it would give them access to online shopping.

  • 2. Jet
  • Walmart also bought Jet.com 2016 for $3.3 billion, exactly the same reasons as Hayneedle.

    Walmart believed that they would be able to directly compete with Amazon.com through this acquisition.

    You can now type Jet.com directly into your browser and it will direct you to Walmart.com. Walmart.com has become a reincarnation of Jet.com’s design, style, and content, leaving the domain name.

  • 3. Massmart
  • The African-based business was bought in 2011 for 2.54 million dollars. Massmart Africa is Africa’s 2nd largest supplier of goods. The company has more than 200 stores that sell general goods as well as liquor.

    Under the Massmart corporate umbrella, numerous other companies specialize in discounted goods for consumers in Africa, such as Massbuilders and Massdiscounters. Walmart’s reach in sub-Saharan Africa was expanded by this acquisition.

  • 4. Art.com
  • Art.com has many similarities to Hayneedle. It is an established place where you can shop affordable wall art and decor. This site is in fact the largest seller of online home decor and art on the internet.

  • Walmarts successfully acquired the site in 2018 to expand its online presence and bring it closer to Amazon.com.
  • 5. Shoes.com
  • Walmart made an unexpected choice when it opted to purchase Shoes.com in 2017. The site, which cost $9 million to build, was meant to enable Walmart to sell products at deeply discounted prices that Amazon wasn’t yet offering.

    Walmart was again hoping to grow their online presence with the acquisition.

  • 6. Bonobos
  • Bonobos is the first name on the list. The purchase was made by Walmart to expand their online clothing range. Bonobos is an online men’s fashion site that offers affordable, high-quality clothing.

    Walmart purchased the brand for 310million dollars in 2017. The acquisition helped them continue their relentless journey of facing off against Amazon online.

  • 7. Moosejaw
  • Walmarts’ desire to add fashion to its resume did not stop with men’s clothing. Walmart also bought Bonobos for $51 billion in 2011, allowing it to be able to offer a unique and rugged approach to its growing fashion segment.

    Walmart has a favorite brand for outdoor activities like hiking, camping and backpacking.

  • 8. Bare Necessities
  • Elegant and sophisticated products are found at staggeringly low prices at Bare Necessities, and I was shocked to learn that “elegant” and “sophisticated” could be terms I might use to describe a purchase from the Walmart company.

    Walmart once more hoped that Bare Necessities’ success online would help it to purchase in 2018, in order to strengthen its position relative to Amazon.

  • 9. Eloquii
  • Walmart bought Eloquii Plus-Sized Fashion giant in their latest venture into the fashion world.

    Unlike Jet.com, Elonquii has retained its website’s apparently independent identity. The Walmart relationship that Elonquii has with Elonquii allows for lower prices.

    Elonquii remains to be evaluated to see if it is worth the $100million that Walmart invested in it to try to get it to the same level as Amazon.

  • 10. Sam’s Club
  • Walmart created Sam’s Club in 1983 to enable it to offer discount, large-volume shopping.

    Similar to Costco and BJ’s, you must have a membership to this “exclusive” club that you pay yearly in order to access the quantity discounts on offer in the giant superstore.

  • Walmart owns five of the most obscure companies
  • We’re not done yet! We’re not done yet!

    Here are five of the smaller, coming up we have five of the smaller, lesser-known companies that are owned by Walmart.

  • 11. Aspectiva
  • Aspectiva is by far the most innovative, forward-thinking buy on this shopping list.

    The small, Indian-based company was bought in 2019, with the hope that Walmart would be able to take advantage of their expertise in technology design and customer support.

    Although Walmart did not disclose the cost of this Indian corporate gem, it is easy to see the value and wisdom in acquiring it for the Walmart family.

  • 12. Amigo
  • Amigo was an American grocery store chain that is located mainly in Puerto Rico. Walmart purchased it in 2002.

    Walmart’s acquisition of Amigo was extremely lucrative. It allowed them to join forces with Amigo and expand their retail business. Amigo also received steeper discounts for its customers. This is similar to Super Walmart.

  • 13. Flipkart
  • Flipkart is based in India and aims to make small businesses in India more successful by providing them with access to wholesale products at affordable prices from around the world.

    Walmart is hoping to leverage its access to these goods to improve its presence both in India and in eCommerce.

    Therefore, Walmart purchased a controlling share in the company for $16 billion in 2018 to support their goal of growing their digital presence.

  • 14. Seiyu
  • Seiyu is Japan’s biggest supermarket chain and was acquired by Walmart.

    Seiyu was originally opened in 1963. It had an established reputation among Japanese customers, which Walmart could capitalize on when it partnered with Rakuten. Walmart wanted to make Seiyu a virtual grocery and delivery company.

  • 15. Carhco
  • The company is also located in Central America and Puerto Rico.

    Carhco, in fact, is the largest supermarket chain in that region and was acquired by Walmart in 2004. As part of Walmart’s ever-expanding global presence, Carhco was well worth the 2 billion dollars Walmart spent on it.

    Walmart is a company that is focused on providing information to consumers about the business.


    Walmart: Which company is it?

    Massmart They own many local brands, including CBW, Builder’s Warehouse, Makro, and Game. It was established in 1990 with six Makro stores. Walmart purchased a 51-percent controlling stake of Walmart in 2011, for an estimated $2.54 billion.

    Walmart: Which 50% are you the majority owner of?

    The Walton family

    Does Walmart Have Any Subsidiaries?

    Walmart is the fifth largest company in the world and also owns many other businesses. Walmart has both the well-known furniture store Hayneedle.com as well as Sam’s Club, a warehouse shopping superpower.

    Walmart Is Hayneedle Owned?

    Hayneedle (an online furniture retailer) was acquired by Walmart when Jet.com was purchased. May 25, 2020

    .15 Surprisingly Large Companies Owned By Walmart (2022)