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Igloo 28 Quart Iceless Thermoelectric 12 Volt Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler, Silver

Igloo 28 Quart Iceless Thermoelectric 12 Volt Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler, Silver
Igloo 28 Quart Iceless Thermoelectric 12 Volt Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler, Silver Swing-up bale handle with comfort grip for easy carrying Molded-in side handles for two handed carrying or lifting. Capacity-32 12-oz cans; 26 quarts (24 liters) 8′ long power cord plugs into any 12V DC receptacle (e.g. cigarette lighter) for portable use – good universal fit in 12V outlet uses your car’s cigarette lighter to cool without ice, unlocking more room for food and drinks, as well as keeping all contents fresh and dry. Takes cooler temperature down to 36F below surrounding air Cools without ice and leaves you more room for food and drinks Ergonomic design features a curved back that comfortably hugs your side while carrying Quiet brushless motor and convection cooling with a fan to circulate cold air The 8 feet long power cord plugs into any 12V DC receptacle (cigarette lighter) for portable use 18 1/4 inches by 12 3/4 inches by 17 1/4 inches
  • Swing-Up Bale Handle With Comfort Grip For Easy Carrying
  • Molded-In Side Handles For Two Handed Carrying Or Lifting. Capacity-32 12-Oz Cans; 26 Quarts (24 Liters)
  • 8 Long Power Cord Plugs Into Any 12V Dc Receptacle (E.G. Cigarette Lighter) For Portable Use – Good Universal Fit In 12V Outlet
  • Uses Your Cars Cigarette Lighter To Cool Without Ice Unlocking More Room For Food And Drinks As Well As Keeping All Contents Fresh And Dry. Takes Cooler Temperature Down To 36F Below Surrounding Air
  • Cools Without Ice And Leaves You More Room For Food And Drinks
  • Ergonomic Design Features A Curved Back That Comfortably Hugs Your Side While Carrying
  • Quiet Brushless Motor And Convection Cooling With A Fan To Circulate Cold Air
  • The 8 Feet Long Power Cord Plugs Into Any 12V Dc Receptacle (Cigarette Lighter) For Portable Use
  • 18 1/4 Inches By 12 3/4 Inches By 17 1/4 Inches

Looking for a way to cool your food and drinks without the need for ice? Look no further than the Igloo 28 Quart Iceless Thermoelectric 12 Volt Portable Ice Chest Beverage Cooler! This cooler is perfect for those times when you want to keep your food and drinks cool without the need for ice. This cooler also has a quiet brushless motor and convection cooling to keep your food and drinks cold. The 8 feet long power cord makes this cooler perfect for portable use.

Coleman Cooler| 40-Quart Portable Cooler | Iceless Electric Cooler With Cooling Technology Up To 40°F For Picnics, Bbqs, Camping, Tailgates And Outdoors

Coleman Cooler| 40-Quart Portable Cooler | Iceless Electric Cooler with Cooling Technology up to 40°F for Picnics, BBQs, Camping, Tailgates and Outdoors
Coleman is a well-known brand that makes a lot of different types of coolers. This particular cooler is designed for outdoor activities like picnics, BBQs, camping, and tailgating. It features cooling technology that can keep food items at an optimal temperature, even up to 40 degrees colder or warmer than the surroundings. This is great for keeping food items cold or hot, depending on your needs. The 8-foot power cord allows you to plug it in wherever you might want to. Additionally, the door opens from either the left or right side, which gives you even more placement flexibility. The 40-quart capacity should be enough to hold up to 44 cans.
  • Versatile Hot/Cold Thermoelectric Cooler Keeps Food Items At An Optimal Temperature
  • Keeps Contents Up To 40 Degrees Colder Or Warmer Than The Surroundings
  • 8-Foot Power Cord Allows You To The Power The Cooler With A Car Or Boat Outlet
  • Door Opens From Either The Left Or Right Side To Offer Added Placement Flexibility
  • 40-Quart Capacity Holds Up To 44 Cans

Looking for a cooler that will keep your food items at the perfect temperature? Look no further than the Coleman Cooler! This iceless electric cooler with cooling technology can keep your food items up to 40 degrees colder or warmer than the surroundings, making it perfect for picnics, BBQs, camping, and more. Plus, with a 8-foot power cord, you can easily power the cooler with a car or boat outlet. Plus, the door opens from either the left or right side, giving you added placement flexibility. The 40-quart capacity holds up to 44 cans, so you can easily store your food and drinks for a day at the beach or a weekend getaway.

Electric Cooler And Warmer For Car And Home With Wheels – 48 Quart (45 Liter) Holds 60 Cans Or 6 Two Liter Bottles And 15 Cans – Dual 110V Ac House And 12V Dc Vehicle Plugs

Electric Cooler and Warmer for Car and Home with Wheels – 48 Quart (45 Liter) Holds 60 Cans or 6 Two Liter Bottles and 15 Cans – Dual 110V AC House and 12V DC Vehicle Plugs
Brand NEW and HIGH QUALITY – Not a Used or Refurbished Cooler This 48 quart (45 liter) cooler holds 60 cans of soda or 6 two liter bottles and 15 cans of soda or beer. It is brand NEW and has high quality. Portable and easy to use, it plugs into any standard wall outlet or car power adapter and has a reversible handle for easy transport. With a large storage capacity, this cooler will keep your food and drinks cold or warm.
  • Portable Travel Fridge & Heater Whether Youre Travelling On The Road Or Camping In An Rv Camper Or Minivan This Large Capacity Storage Container To Heat & Warm Or Cool & Chill Food & Drink.
  • Plugs In Anywhere The Cooler/Warmer Combo Has 2 Built In Cords – One For Standard Wall Outlets And One For Car Power Adapters. Both Have Storage Compartments To Be Hidden When Not In Use.
  • Vast Storage Space This 48 Quart Cooler Stores About 60 Cans Of Soda Or 6 Two Liter Bottles And 15 Cans Of Soda Or Beer. A Removable Divider Creates 2 Compartments For Easier Organizing And Storing.
  • Chills Without Ice Forget Ice Packs That Need Constant Refilling Take Up Precious Space And Leave You With A Watery Mess When They Melt. This Cooler Maintains A Cool 40 F Temp Without Any Ice.
  • Double Handles And Wheeled Two Handles And Wheels Make It Easy To Carry Or Pull. A Dual Functioning Handle Allows You To Carry Your Cooler In Hand Or Pull It On The Ground Using The Wheels.

Looking for a way to keep your food and drinks cold and fresh on the go? Look no further than this electric cooler and warmer for car and home! This unit has a capacity of 60 cans or 6 two liter bottles and 15 cans of soda or beer, and comes with 2 built-in cords – one for standard wall outlets, and one for car power adapters. Plus, it has a removable divider to create 2 compartments for easier organization. Plus, it has wheels for easy mobility.

Best Electric Cooler

best electric cooler

The Best Cooler Powered by Electric

Jenna Ammerman Maggie Brandenburg Senior Reviews Editor. Each of our editors independently tests, rates, and reviews the most effective products. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers.

When ice just isn’t enough, a powered cooler is perfect. The top 60 options were reviewed before we chose the 9 most effective models. These coolers were put through the test for several months, consuming hundreds of kilowatts. We then selected the best models to compare. We tested and recorded enough performance and energy usage specs to make an electrician happy and subjected them to a profound amount of use and abuse. We tested them in extreme heat and on gravel roads. This allowed us to get to grips with the electrical boxes and to help determine which one was right for me.

Best cooler of 2021

The Top Thermoelectric Coolers

In the heat of summer, four weeks’ worth of testing five top-selling electric coolers has led us to conclude that they aren’t very effective at keeping cold. If you need to keep food at a safe temperature over multiple days, check out our review of the best coolers that use ice instead of ineffective thermoelectric devices. If you need to keep your drinks cool or have lunch ready for you while on the road, then the Koolatron P27 Voyager (29-quart) is the most efficient thermoelectric cooler.

The Top Five Choices We tested five of the most popular models over four weeks in summer heat. After observing how they perform, it became clear that electric coolers don’t do a good job keeping food cool. Check out this review to find the top coolers that use ice, not ineffective thermoelectric units. If you need to keep your drinks cool or have lunch ready for you while on the road, then the Koolatron P27 Voyager (29-quart) is the most efficient thermoelectric cooler.

best electric cooler

Table of Contents

Cooler Price Size (quarts) Power Draw (amps) Heat Mode? You can also use the thermostat.

1. Koolatron — P27 Voyager $$29 4.5Yes No 2. Wagan – EL6244 $$ 46 4 Yes No 3. Dometic – TC35 – DC-A $$$$35 3.8 Yes Koolatron – P95 $$ 45 4.5 Yes No 5. Koolatron $$45 4.5 Yes No 5. This cooler, which is 29 quarts in size, will keep food and beverages cool on hot days.

Koolatron manufactures many sizes of electric coolers. From a small 6-pack chiller, up to a fully-stocked 45-quart party fridge. Based on the reputation of other reviewers, we chose to go with P27. This cooler holds two-liters of liquid and several days’ worth snack items.

However, the cooler kept coolest on very hot days. It will allow contents to reach 50 degrees outside on 100-degree days. It’s okay to keep drinks chilled and packed meals warm, but it’s not recommended for storing dairy products in the sun.

Koolatron produces many different types of coolers but this is our favorite because it’s both affordable and small. It was the coolest cooler we had tested. Although it isn’t as cold as ice yet, the coolers are more portable.

There are some essential tips to help keep your food at 40° in the cooler.

Don’t leave the empty cooler in the car when it’s parked in the sun; take it with you so it starts out at room temperature rather than baking-hot.

Coolers for Cars

Ausranvik 37-Quart Portable Fridge Car Cooler

Dometic Compact Cooler 12v Electric Powered

Do Not Leave the Seat!

The wide selection of coolers available means that there are many to choose from. We have researched, compared, and even rated more than 20 models in order to help find the ideal car cooler.

Our search for the best electric or non-electric coolers took us to the Internet, where we read reviews written by experts in outdoor equipment, boaters, campers, consumers, and many others. These coolers are lightweight enough to be carried in your car and provide the highest insulation.

We made sure that there were a variety of sizes available to meet your space and size requirements. Our coolers can hold 24 cans. This should provide enough space for a four-person family. However, large models will also be useful for Costco hauls and long weekend getaways.

These 13 car coolers have been our top picks, and are ideal for your next adventure.

best electric cooler

Refrigerators and Coolers for Ramblers

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The The electric coolers we have tested were both in our home and outdoors. An electric-powered cooler can be operated at home from a 110-volt AC plug, but the safety margin becomes more narrow when it is connected to your car’s 12-volt socket. Discerning quality and identifying the right product for your specific needs becomes critical.

Some electric coolers can fit right in your home, others will be out of place. The right electric cooler for you all depends on your intentions. Continue reading to learn more.

Best Plug In Cooler for Camping:

The Best Electric Cooler with High Capacity:

The interior space is impressive. Its interior design was impressive for a small electric cooler. During my review, it proved helpful for light-duty action like grocery runs but concerning for extended use.

best electric cooler


Dimensions: 6.25 x 7.67x 11.3 inches.

Dometic HTML3

It is the most popular choice. You can use it for work sites and camping.

Perfect for travelling: Compact design

Powerful compressor-powered cooling.

You cannot use the freezing feature in iceless coolers.



Maximum Capacity 36 quarts Dimensions: 27.32x 15.67x 16.02inches Cooling Technology : Compressor. Check price on Amazon Best Igloo Electrical Cooler:

Thermoelectric 12 V Portable Ice Box

We highly recommend the Igloo electric chest. It’s much lighter than a compressor cooler – and lasts longer too with minimal maintenance.



Very portable.

No freezing.

best electric cooler


Dimensions: 26, or 28 quarts.

Coleman PowerChill 12V Thermoelectric Cooler If you are looking for a large thermoelectric cooler for your truck, RV or SUV, we think the Coleman PowerChill is a solid choice.

You can store food and beverages in plenty of space, and it is easy to transport to and from the vehicle.

Large capacity

Increased cooling power compared with most thermoelectric coolers.

Includes adapter for home use.

There are some complaints regarding durability after 2 years.


Capacity: 40 quarts Weight: 18lbs Dimensions: 23.5″ H x 15.3″ W x 17″ D Cooling technology: Thermoelectric (Cool only) Check Price on Amazon Read Our Review Best 12 Volt Electric Cooler For Your Car:

Koolatron P-20

This slim-profile design is easy to place behind your front seat or between the rear bucket chairs.

The 12 volt plug you have in your trunk can be used to put the item there.

Quiet & powerful.

Made in the USA, more durable and long-lasting.

Versatile – provides both warming and cooling functions.

best electric cooler


Dimensions: 18.25×17.5×8.5inches Weight: 9lbs

0472 12 volt/110 volt Fridge (50 Qt) ARB 50-quart electric freezer is the best choice for campers and road trip enthusiasts looking for a portable compressor cooler.

It can be easily stuffed into most car trunks. You can also fit it on the ground behind your front seats.

The largest capacity portable electric cooler available.

Same powerful cooling and freezing capability as a kitchen fridge.

Included adaptor to plug into 120V outlets.

If the compressor switches on, you will see a spike in voltage.

Ivation Electric Cooler & Warmer With Wheels

Thermoelectric Technology provides reliable cooling & warming for all your potables and perishables. Enjoy Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Catering, Dining Outdoors, Picnicking, Barbecuing, Road Tripping and so much more

Holds about 60 cans of Soda or 6 two Liter Bottles and 15 Cans of Soda or Beer. Plenty of space for bottles, food tray, dishes, to-go containers, etc.


Bring the Refrigerator & Oven With You! • Bottom of Cooler features Smooth-Rolling Widths. The integrated handle can be folded away and extended for stress-free transfer & tidy storage.

POWER ADAPTERS TO HOME & VEHICLE – Complete Travel Cooler System enables you to transport food & drink supplies anywhere with a Hideaway AC power cord for standard wall outlet & DC Adapter plugging into car/truck Cigarette lighter. You can be the talk of the town, indoors and out!

Find the best price

best electric cooler

Cooling Technology Up to 40degF

Cold thermoelectric cooler keeps food items at an optimal temperature

Maintains content up to 40 degrees cooler than the temperature outside

A 8-foot power cord allows for you to power the cooler using a car/boat outlet

To offer more flexibility in placement, the door can open from either the left- or right sides.

The 40-quart storage capacity can hold up to 44 cans. Design for light-weight traveling

K-Box Electronic Cooler and Heater For Car and Home – 34 Quarts (32 Liter). Dual 110V Ac House & 12V Dc Vehicle.

Portable Travel Heater & Frigidge: This big capacity container is ideal for heating & cooling food or drinks.

PLUGS IN ANYWHERE The cooler/warmer combo has two storage compartments that can be hidden when not being in use.

VAST STORAGE SPACE – This cooler is 34 quarts in size and can store 48 cans of soda, or even a 2 Liter bottle. It also has plenty of storage space to hold food and snacks. A removable divider creates 2 compartments easier organizing.

CHILLS WITHOUT A ICE: These ice packs, which require constant replenishment, take up space, and then melt leaving behind a watery mess. This cooler retains 40 degrees Fahrenheit without the need for ice.

EASY TO PORT AND STORE: The electric cooler/warmer is easy to store and carry. The cooler can be easily stuffed into car seats or trunks, allowing for convenient bulkless travel.

Compare the Best Prices

Electric Coolers: Are they worth it?

Electric coolers are costly, and can cost as much as $700 up to $1,500. The following are some other options. A cooler may be sufficient if your needs are to cool beer or go on weekend camping trips. A fridge is a great option for people who travel for many weeks.

What Are the Things I Should Look for In An Electric Cooler

  1. DURABILITY. When thinking about which cooler to purchase, consider how much punishment it will take.
  2. Insulation
  3. SIZE

Which Car Cooler Is Best?

The YAPASPT electric car cooler bag is the best.

Do Yeti produce electric coolers?

Goal Zero is a well-respected company in this industry. I have used both the Yeti 700X ($700) as well the Yeti 1500X ($2,000) for cooling the vehicle. You can read more about it here. Dec 12, 2020

.Best Electric Cooler

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