Whole house window fan

Use a portable air cleaner or air purifier if you have one

Air purifiers may help eliminate airborne pollutants, like viruses, in a household or enclosed space when used correctly. However to shield citizens from COVID-19, a handheld air cleaner alone is not enough. Operating an air cleaner will be part of a scheme to safeguard yourself and your health if used in accordance with other best practices suggested by the CDC.

The Best Window Fans, According to Hardware Store Owners
Use your HVAC system and consider upgrading filters

It will help to eliminate airborne pollutants, including viruses, indoors, because operating the HVAC device cleans the air while it is circulated. Running the HVAC machine alone is not enough to defend yourself and your families from the COVID-19-causing virus. Operating the HVAC machine will be part of a scheme to secure yourself and your families if used along with other best practices suggested by the CDC.

Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan

Any other window fan we’ve checked has been regularly clobbered, and several Wirecutter team members have been happily utilizing this device for years. In recent summers, though, we’ve seen new complaints crop up with this model, mentioning certain difficulties we’ve faced ourselves in re-tests. A special need is served by window fans, but they are notoriously poor materials. So, while this is the best of the bunch, any who are looking for a window fan may question themselves in the first place if they ought to buy one.

Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan
Evaporative coolers and whole-house fans

Evaporative coolers (or “swamp coolers”) and whole-house fans may help shield people from COVID-19 airborne transmission indoors as they improve airflow to cool indoor spaces with outside air. An evaporative cooler or whole-house fan alone though, is not enough to shield individuals from COVID-19. Operating an evaporative cooler or whole-house fan may be part of a solution to secure yourself and your families if used along with other best measures suggested by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

To increase natural ventilation:

Where practicable, open more than one window or door. If this presents a protection or health danger to children or other family members, do not open windows and doors (e.g., risk of falling or triggering asthma symptoms).

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Best smartish twin window fan

Holmes Dual 8 ‘Blade Twin Window Fan with LED One Contact Thermostat Regulation Warshaw suggests this one from Holmes if you’re searching for a twin window fan that you can set with much more precision. This fan, like the Lasko, has two blades that draw fresh air in and force hot air out, and it has a thermostat, except the thermostat is mechanical on this version, making it a little “smarter” than the one above, so you can configure the fan to blow before the room hits a more specific temperature (options include 60, 65, 70, 75, and 80 degrees) before it shuts off automatically. “I like that it has a thermostat feature that when the temperature drops in the middle of the night, the fan will shut off,” he says. “You won’t wake up freezing this way and have to] shut it off.”

If you have an HVAC system:

Run the machine fan for longer periods, or constantly, as just while the fan is working, HVAC systems clean the air. And when no heating or cooling takes place, certain devices may be set up to power the fan.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

In August 2019, we found a trend of reports concerning Bionaire Twin Window fans breaking prematurely, sometimes within months of purchasing in summer 2019 (in our own comments and in Amazon reviews). This comes as a surprise, since this model has been used by several Wirecutter team members for many years without issues. One negative reviewer noted that a new fan was delivered under the Holmes name through Bionaire customer support. We think it could be the Comfort Regulation Thermostat Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan that we listed in the Competition portion.

Advantages of a Window Fan

The fact that they can remove odors from a space along with the sun is one of the greatest advantages of window fans. In a way, they actually act as a “exhaust fan” like those typically used in toilets and other confined spaces that get damp or muggy. That implies that you can eliminate pet or smoke odors from your home easily and substitute those odors with nice fresh outdoor air.

Genesis Twin Window Fan

Yeah, our runner-up, but really it was a distant second position. If you want a window fan, we strongly suggest that you purchase the strongest one we’ve reviewed, the Bionaire. If, though the Bionaire runs out or if you completely have to pay a little less, the Genesis is the strongest of the dishonest others.

Brand new: Lowest price

The brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged, lowest-priced commodity in its initial packaging (where packaging is applicable). Packaging may be the same as what is available in a grocery shop, unless the product is handmade or sold in non-retail packaging by the retailer, such as an unprinted box or plastic container.

Best overall window fan

Four out of our five experts decided that a twin window fan is a reliable way to both ventilate and cool down a room. Lasko Twin Electric Reverse Window Fan As conventional in-window versions, smaller and more rectangular than the box fans that would first come to mind, twin window fans have the potential to both remove hot air from a space and draw cooling air in. This Lasko Twin Window Fan is a best seller at the shop in Maat. “It has the ability to go forward and in reverse, so you can exhaust air,” he says, adding, “if you have a smoky room, you can bring fresh air in According to Maat, the Lasko fan is also very silent, and competitively priced. Plus, this involves extending side panels that can extend to suit windows up to 35 inches wide and an integrated dial that can be changed based on whether you want a warmer or colder space (when the room reaches your chosen setting, the fan will turn off). Tarzian, Garber Hardware’s Nathaniel Garber Schoen, and Warshaw Hardware’s owner Ed Warshaw all advocate using a twin window fan like this with each claiming that Lasko is a brand he trusts.

Why you should trust us

We have invested more than 50 hours studying, measuring, and living with fans to learn what it takes to transfer air efficiently around a space in researching this guide, and our guide to the best fan. We interviewed many researchers who have devoted their entire careers to learning how to cool spaces more efficiently, including: Danny Parker, a principal research scientist at the Florida Solar Energy Center; Paul Raftery, PhD, a researcher at the Urban Environment Center of UC Berkeley; and Edward Arens, PhD, director of the Environmental Architecture Research Center of UC Berkeley Sa

Genesis Twin Window Fan

The second most strong fan in our tests was (occasionally mentioned as the Avalon Twin Window Fan), but we suggest it only if you absolutely can’t get the Bionaire. The breeze is slower, we sense the wind at a maximum distance of 16 foot and its less simple settings render it overly confusing to navigate simple functions. The Genesis stands out from a field of worse rivals, but putting the Bionaire aside, it’s still among the more strong versions around, it’s electronically reversible, and it’s quick enough to mount, and one good side effect of its lesser strength is that the Genesis is not as noisy as the Bionaire.

Genesis Twin Window Fan

With a simple gui and an individual button corresponding to each aspect of the fan, like rpm, temperature and electronic reversibility, it is also the simplest to manipulate, which implies you can press a button (rather than manually flipping it to move from pulling in fresh outside air to venting stale or smelly indoor air, like many good window fans.

Reversible Window Fans

A reversible window fan does not count as a style, because almost every fan in this class has a purpose. However, based on how you intend to use the latest window fan, it is something to pay particular attention to.

Design and operation

Window fans are built to fit into open windows, and also have side panels that can be stretched to cover the whole opening of the window. There is either one big fan in most units, or two small fans placed side by side.

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Air King aims to show its credibility for producing high-quality ventilation goods for over forty years and counting. A three-speed motor with air flow varying from 2510 to 3560 CFM is used in the Air King 9166F Whole House Window Fan. The 9166F boasts an impact prone housing as well as a front grille and blades of powder-coated steel. Air King’s Storm Guard® Device also includes the window fan, which helps you to cover the window behind the fan during inclement weather or while protecting the house. The Air King 9166F offers a simple, fast, and money-saving remedy if keeping your cooling system on does not work within your household budget, or if your home doesn’t have a central air system.

Types of Window Fans

You know they all look the same if you have ever bought a window fan before, and most have only 1 and 3 fan blades. It could be tempting to go right for the fan with the biggest blades or a three-fan unit, but if it’s underpowered, it may be a mistake. Here are the major styles of window fans widely accessible nowadays, until we get to tech specifications.

Best box window fan

Lasko Window Fan, E-Z Dial Ventilation Although a twin window fan is suitable for a tiny apartment or a bed, you might want to spring for a box fan if you have a larger cooling area. “Tarzian, who also recommended this one, agrees that it’s just a very strong fan.” He told us that this model is reminiscent of more old-fashioned fans that his family used to sell in their hardware store years ago, which were then used to cool your entire house. Maat tells us that this one is “highly powerful,” almost to the point of being “enterprise level. By installing this one in the window of a space at the top of your building, opening a window downstairs, and then turning the large fan into the exhaust setting, you can re-create the impact of those fans, Tarzian says, basically establishing a ventilation circuit. “It’s not an air conditioner, but you can really cool the house off in this way if the house gets really heated up during the day and then the sun goes down and it gets cooler at night,” he says.

Window Fan Features

Features are the next direction to turn if you can’t settle between two window fans depending on their style or price point. While opposed to a tower fan, there are not so many features to get enthusiastic over a basic vertical window fan brings something to the table than a ceiling fan. The main aspect to keep an eye out for is a thermostat, which is popular for mid-range and luxury window fans. As the quality of the thermostat can differ, it is also an environment to continue with care, and a badly positioned sensor can also make it a useless function. Considering the slim price gap from one variant to the other, consistency is crucial.

Window Fan Cons

A window fan definitely won’t support you inside if the air quality is bad outside. Their real cooling ability is constrained by both the outdoor temperatures and where you have put them. Depending about whether it’s a direct drive or a belt-based device, displays may also be a concern (or lack thereof) along with noise.

How we tested

During an unconscionably hot week in a New York apartment in August, we checked five window fans. In a regular double-hung window, we mounted each fan, taking careful notes about how easy it was to set up and run them for hours, day and night.

How we picked

At major retailers such as Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowe’s, we began by assembling an extensive list of all window fans for sale. We didn’t come across that many promising new products that we hadn’t reviewed in previous updates, but we reevaluated many fans that we’ve tested (or tested and discarded in the past) to see whether some warranted a second glance. The window fan industry is not exactly filled with creativity. We also pored through these fans’ user feedback, holding an eye out for any annoyance or defect habits or time-tested reliability. We based this guide on twin-blade window fans intended to be used in standard-sized spaces, keeping with previous years, and removing single-fan versions that would be too noisy, too big, and overly strong for most people.

Ease of Use

We said it before and we’re going to tell it again… fans aren’t complex machines, and they’re not challenging to use. That contains window fans, which when it comes to ease of usage, are a notch beyond devices such as low profile ceiling fans.

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