Windcatchers of Dubai: Traditional Cooling Towers Shape Desert Vernacular
Windcatcher: Inflates in seconds with NO power or pumping

Ryan Frayne raises funds for Windcatcher: Inflates on Kickstarter in seconds with NO control or pumping! We have built the Quickest inflating air pad EVER! utilizing our groundbreaking technologies. Great for hiking, and even for the beach & indoors.

Small cell/Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) feature

Using a purpose-built project manager feature, the Nemo WindCatcher DAS/Small Cells module offers an important tool for validating and measuring multi-floor indoor venues, such as stadiums and airports. Nemo WindCatcher will be used by in-building deployment teams to validate DAS deployments and produce reports for venue commissioning.

Nemo WindCatcher Multi-Data Analytics Solution

Nemo WindCatcher is a multi-data analytics solution that is vendor-neutral that offering the most detailed network research available on the market. It embraces a broad variety of data inputs and all global industry instruments for data processing.

How to use the Windcatcher Air Bag
A little help from his friends

He went to China after Frayne’s victorious Shark Tank performance to ensure that his manufacturer was prepared for all the attention—companies always get an avalanche of interest after an episode airs. (Windcatcher had a $4 million estimate at the time of taping; Frayne says since 2015 he has not revisited the figure.) Whilst overseas, Frayne started suffering from stomach diseases. They were new and he was concerned about them. He also started getting emails from friends and business experts congratulating him on his Cascade Designs licensing contract and exhibiting similar Cascade items at trade shows. He had a partnership with the agency, but no agreements were reached for those goods. Frayne went off, confused, to see what was going on with Cascade and to get legal assistance—and to figure out what was wrong with his welfare.

Where is Windcatcher Today?

The commodity has received a lot of popularity thanks to Shark Tank. Ryan checked his merchandise rates a month after the sale and raising them from $99 to $79 for marketing purposes. In 2015,, an entrepreneurship platform, was highly fascinated by Ryan’s usage of air entertainment technologies and included him in 2015’s seven best Shark Tank pitches. A Seattle-based company, however, rendered a product very close to the Windcatcher.

Windcatcher Product Reviews

Most of the users of Windcatcher enjoyed its inflation convenience and the fact that it could be turned into a bench. For most lovers of hiking and camping, the object was by far the most relaxing pad they had ever seen. The Windcatcher, though does not inflate fully for some and comes with added weight relative to other inflatables. Some users still have an issue with the range, which is comparatively narrower, compared to some users.

Airflow from wind pressure

If the open side of a windcatcher faces the predominant wind, it will “catch” it and carry it down into the building’s core. An significant driving force is also suction from the lee side of a windtower, generally much more steady and less rushing than the friction on the upwind side (see Venturi effect and the theory of Bernoulli: Ch. 5 Filtering the wind through the building cools the citizens in the interior of the structure. The air passes through the house, leaving the other side, producing a through-draft; the rate of airflow;

Flexible in-depth analysis

Via proactive network management, advanced hardware roll-out, and troubleshooting, wireless network operators may use Nemo WindCatcher to evaluate vast volumes of drive test data to boost consumer service. Using advanced analytics in the Nemo WindCatcher, operators may introduce latest innovations, such as 5G NR, LTE, LTE-A and Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Device manufacturers can use Nemo WindCatcher to adjust their devices’ functionality for use under various network conditions.

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The Windcatcher Story

I was lying there on the beach during Christmas time in Hawaii. I wanted to lie directly on the beach after blowing two breaths of air into an inflatable raft/mat; and seeing what pitiful progress I had made, it was still my only option. My pal, who had a wife and an infant to think about now, seemed more inclined to inflate a raft of his own. As such, for a further thirty seconds, he maintained this charade before finally giving up. “this is f——ing ridiculous”This is ridiculous f——ing. When I lay there, listening to his words of wisdom, my mind filled with thoughts of how………… Yeah, ice-shave!

“A bug for inventing”

Frayne, now 34, is a tiny guy with a big smile. His handsome face is surrounded by dark, wavy hair while chemotherapy does not make him bald. He cups his hands in front of his body as he talks but never covers them, like he’s attempting to catch his emotions between his fingertips. But don’t confuse the building or positive attitude of Frayne for fragility; when talking about his life and struggles, he’s stoic. He will actually talk about the lawsuit, how he considers those court steps he has taken, and also the details of his symptoms (though once, when asked how his treatment was progressing, he broke down).

Risks and challenges

There is still a risk of running into complications that will interrupt fulfillment, since our commodity is relatively easy to produce. A slight delay may result in the event that our OEM partner or supply partners are unable to provide the required components on time. We collected quotes and samples from multiple partners to limit our risk. We are ready to turn to a new provider if either partner fails to fulfill standards. We have also padded our launch date by two weeks in addition to this precaution, allowing us enough time until the end of August to produce a better air mat.

Forces to move air

The windcatcher may work in two ways: guiding airflow using the wind pressure blowing through the windcatcher, or directing airflow using buoyancy forces from temperature gradients stack effect. The relative meaning of these two forces has been addressed. With – wind speed, the value of wind pressure clearly rises, which is usually more critical than buoyancy in certain circumstances under which the windcatcher operates effectively.

A founder’s legacy

He needed the company to concentrate on licensing the inventions as Frayne introduced Windcatcher. Yet Frayne, still the inventor, ended up operating Windcatcher as a business that developed the goods alone. He was guided to reconsider the strategy and adjust to his original concept by juggling therapy and dreaming about his future.

Yazd Atash Behram

Iran has an intense and arid environment. In the afternoon, it may get really hot and cool off considerably at night. Back when Iran was named Persia, long before electricity and air conditioning were developed, keeping cool in these circumstances demanded ingenuity; that’s how windcatchers were born.

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