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The Best Document Scanners on Amazon, According to Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

For images, documents of all types, wireless use, portability, and much more from brands such as Epson, Fujitsu, Canon, and Brother, we sifted through reviews to find the best paper scanners on Amazon, as classified by reviewers.

The Versatile, Compact Duplex Document Scanner with Exceptional Speed
The fast, compact minilab printer for demanding photo production.

For busy professionals, the Epson DS-70 is the smallest and lightest handheld single-sheet-fed paper scanner1 with high speeds, scanning a single page in as fast as 5.5 seconds. This compact scanner accommodates up to 8.5″ x 72″ papers, including business/ID cards and receipts. Users will conveniently construct editable text and searchable PDFs with OCR and document management tools included. When the scanner is attached to a device via the USB port, no batteries or external power is needed. The DS-70, which is compliant with both Windows® and Mac®, is suitable for almost every workspace. And it is backed up by a restricted 3-year guarantee.

On the go: The best portable document scanners

We know, we know… in the last few weeks, we have written quite a few stories covering portable devices such as portable displays or portable projectors. We thought, though: what the heck? What’s the next one, right?
Why Would You Use a Portable Document Scanner?

When you have papers piled up and want a more organized way to organize it, handheld scanners come in handy. The need for cumbersome filing cabinets and boxes overflowing with stray records is minimized by holding your data online. On a desktop or a cloud storage facility, you can arrange your files so that you can quickly scan for and view them.

Doxie – portable scanners for going paperless
Best-rated (less expensive) document scanner

Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner The price gap between this and our best-rated choice is not big, but this scanner offers a different experience. It’s because it’s a flatbed scanner, which ensures that you can open the cover and put the papers or images directly on the glass and scan many pieces of paper at once. One reviewer comments, “I can put 4 standard size photos on the glass at a time and it takes less than 10 seconds to scan and send them to my computer.” “It plants each image into its own photo file automatically.” Even if the scanner door doesn’t have to be closed while scanning,” another reviewer has no trouble scanning their sketchbook. In order to hold the document in touch with the glass when scanning, I normally place a small weight (such as a large book or paperweight) on top of my sketchbook.” And if you just want to scan a regular old piece of paper, that’s no problem either.” One reviewer says, “I found myself having to scan some 600 pages of medical records on a flash drive in PDF format.” The scanner runs about 40 seconds per file on my printer. “I cut down the documents into batches of 100 pages for this Canon scanner and averages 30-35 minutes every 100 pages. Some reviewers were nervous because when the first started to use it, this was dud, but you only have to “Remember to toggle the ‘unlock’ button to unlock when you first get the scanner or it won’t work straight out of the package,” one explains. One explains.

Best document scanner for any size document

Epson DS-530 Text Scanner: 35ppm, TWAIN & ISIS Drivers One reviewer, who holds “tons of old papers, bills, receipts, and other paper junk, 99.9 percent of which I’m probably never going to have to go back to,” switched to this scanner when it was time to digitize their little problem. In all imaginable cases, varying from good and clean to badly wrinkled, ripped and otherwise mutilated, this little computer practically consumed piles and piles of old documents,” they write.” Hardly something that it can not ingest remains. I have scanned over 14,000 sheets so far, some of them complete two-sided pages, some as thin as receipts from a cash register. It takes pages of almost any amount.” The ability to address papers of any size is the main selling point of this scanner, and a feature that has been brought up in lots of reviews.” One says, “We scanned full-size pages and small cash register tape receipts without any problems.” It operates for a selection of applications as well. “One who ordered two of these says “even though machines had separate operating systems, all of them were simple to boot,” while another describes the setup as rapid with “solid TWAIN integration.

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