How To Return Amazon Gifts Without The Sender Knowing

How To Return Amazon Gifts Without The Sender Knowing (Guide)

Returning a gift to be exchanged for something better is perfectly acceptable. Amazon will even return your gift to you and issue you a gift certificate that can be used for any purchase.

Amazon is very easy to return items and you don’t have to pay anything to send the merchandise back.

  • Amazon lockers make it easy to return items, as well as gifts, via online shipping labels. Here is everything you need to know about returning items to Amazon without the sender knowing!
  • How To Return Amazon Gifts Without The Sender Knowing (Guide)

    What is the best way to return an Amazon gift in 2022?

    If you want to send an unwanted gift back to Amazon, the recipient must know the 17-digit order ID number. This can be found in the packing slip. Once found, you will need to submit an Amazon returns request, print a return label, and ship the item back to Amazon. It can take up to 25 business days for refunds and you will not be notified.

  • How do you return Amazon gifts? Continue reading to learn more!
  • Find Order ID & File a Return Request
  • If you are returning a gift from Amazon, the first thing that you should do is find the gift.

  • This is how you track the gift. Enter the 17-digit order code for the item that you wish to return. It is found on your packing slip, under “order ID”.
  • Contact customer service at Amazon to get more details if your gift is not found.

    Most often, they will be able to track your order for you by providing additional information like the name and address of the gift receiver.

    Once you have received the order ID enter the information in the Return Request form. Include the reason you are returning the item.

    It should be mentioned that if you are returning a gift and you do not have an existing Amazon account, you will need to set one up.

    You need to have an Amazon account in order to get a refund for items that are returned. To be able to issue or use gift cards, you must create an account.

  • Amazon: Select your return shipping options
  • When you put in your return request on the Amazon website, you will be emailed a printable return label and authorization to print at home and use for your package.

    The email link can be sent to someone you trust to print the authorization and label for you.

    The link can also be used to return your gift later. Amazon offers a return window of 30 days to return merchandise, including gift items.

    You should label each package separately once you have it. As multiple returns are likely to be returned in one package or box, this can cause delays and slow down the processing.

    You should seal the box before you return the item.

    You should include all papers, parts and accessories so that Amazon will give you the best gift certificate credit.

    How can you receive your Gift Refund?

    As soon as Amazon receives the returned item, you will receive your refund via an Amazon gift card credit that you can use online (the sender/giver will not know that you have returned their gift).

    You must return the item in exactly the same state as it was purchased.

    Furthermore, your gift return may be affected by whether or not the gift was used.

    Amazon will process your return within 25 days. You’ll receive an Amazon eGift gift card with any balance.

  • For unwanted gifts, you can also use Amazon Locker
  • The Amazon Hub Lockers is a fantastic option for holiday returns, and especially when you are busy.

    While they may not be available at all places, many areas are accessible from the city for quick customer access.

    Select an Amazon Hub locker to store your gift returns when you visit the Amazon return page.

    Some items and gifts cannot be dropped or picked up at Amazon Hub Locker.

    The lockers can only hold packages less than 18 by 14 inches by 12 inches.

    Once you have submitted the request, Amazon will send you an email with a code for dropping off.

    Use this code when you arrive at the locker location to access, enter, and use the locker for your merchandise return.

    A touch screen displays the code and prompts you for more instructions.

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  • Conclusion
  • You can return any gift from Amazon that you’ve received. The gift recipient will not know.

    For returns, please follow these instructions to send them or drop them off at an Amazon Hub Locker.

    Gifts that don’t suit you personally or are already out of your budget should be returned. It is simple to return a gift that was purchased from Amazon for credit. You can then use the Amazon gift card to purchase anything you want on Amazon.

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