Echo Cs 352 Review

echo cs 352 review

Echo CS Echo Cs 352 Chainsaw

Feel the CS 400 is still expensive? Well, Echo CS 352 is another top brand choice. You’d get Echo’s brand reputation, performance, and more. Here are the features you can choose the CS 352 chainsaw for various applications. Power Output Just like any other chainsaw, one looks at the power output first. The 34cc professional grade engine can help handle multiple projects around your home. We must admit that this is not the most powerful chainsaw, so you may want to use it for light-to-medium-duty applications. If you start using it for heavy-duty applications, you may notice it doesn’t perform as expected. The chainsaw bar lengths are 14 and 16 inches.

Yes, it will be smaller than the CS 400 unit. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it for other cutting applications. The two bar lengths can make it easier for you to cut the different pieces at home. Ease of Maintenance Looking at maintenance needs, we find the tool is easier to handle than other units. Reaching the air-filter is a good example. You won’t need to open the air-filter cover to make the necessary changes. The same applies to changing the chainsaw’s other parts. Sometimes you’re a newbie or in the field with limited tools. You need to be sure the chainsaw can run smoothly again in a short time. This chainsaw is possible.

Anti-Vibration System Looking at ways to improve a chainsaw, we need to consider the anti-vibration system. It’s always good if you can get this model as it minimizes vibrations. The chainsaw helps low vibrations by using rubber bushings. Rubber is better at keeping vibrations low than coil springs. As a result, the chainsaw should feel comfortable in your hands than other units.