Echo Cs400 Review

This chainsaw is a great weapon for someone who expects to put it in. It can handle skilled woodcutters’ needs. And, a large part of that is sporting a 40.2cc gas engine. Innovative construction keeps the blade clean after a day’s work. In reality, we went through over a dozen hardwood trees without changing the stress. The 18-inch blade allowed us to clean up tree damage up to 20 inches. With smart use, it could handle thicker, of course, but we simply didn’t have thicker trees to test the concept. It’s also very lightweight and useful. It begins quickly and ends before you dull the blade.

The Echo Cs-400 Gas Chainsaw Review

Reviewing a chainsaw can be a little tricky because we’ve found people treating chainsaws and their brands like their cars. Dodge is better than Toyota… you get the idea. When we decided to review the ECHO CS-400 18′′ Chainsaw, it was with the knowledge that we would put it in the hands of some guys who had years of experienced tree trimming under their belts. The trouble, they used a rival brand. With a predisposition to bias—because that’s how we operate as humans—

I submitted my product to them for use and tagged along to try it alongside them, hoping to provide their biased opinions with any necessary “balance.” It turned out I worked over nothing… and they were very satisfied with how well ECHO did. One of them was quoted as saying: “This is the best chainsaw I’ve ever used, which wasn’t a pro-only model.” Not bad… not bad. Editor Note: Check our 36V Cordless Chainsaw Shootout article to see how battery-powered chainsaws compete with corded ones.

Echo Cs-400 Chainsaw Review

OK, there’s nothing surprising about the Echo chainsaw except… well, it really looks like a ‘Pro’ model – and that shocked our professionals. They previously regarded ECHO as “prosumer,” a product produced by both customers and professionals. Yeah, frankly, that’s true. ECHO pitches this chainsaw and several other items on both markets (as opposed to the Echo Timber Wolf chainsaw CS-590 which is more squarely focused to Pros). The conclusion that a prosumer product can’t perform well for professionals and take severe use and abuse was incorrect.

Besides being able to power through wood, what our guys enjoyed was the fact that ECHO didn’t stick any of the market frills on this chainsaw. It’s a serious tool that doesn’t have what we now consider to be troublesome features such as a tool-less chain tensioner, separate cut-off switch, and unnecessary body molding that recesses controls instead of making them easy to get to.

All is functional and available with the ECHO CS-400. If the saw gets dirty or needs cleaning, you won’t have trouble getting to the major components. Speaking of parts, the guide bar and chain were disassembled and the package included a T-wrench, guides, kick guard and ECHO Power Blend XTended Life 2-stroke gasoline. You can instantly see that the ECHO CS-400 has a very solid look and feel. Pick it up and you can immediately identify the tool’s perfect balance, as it hangs from your finger under the front handle. And I mean fine.

This tool doesn’t tip forward or back in the slightest with the regular 18′′ bar, it’s fine. The rear handle is fully enclosed and the motor begins with a step plate to position your foot. The pull starter is, as you’d imagine, on the tool’s left side and so is the fuel and chain oil access. The cut-off switch is a basic steel toggle switch—simple, reliable and durable. The chain tensioner is the basic T-wrench style on the right side. Lose the twin bolts holding the bar firmly in place, then switch the desired sum to the chain tensioner. The air cleaner sits atop the tool.

With a quick knob switch, you can remove it by hand. We liked ECHO using an automotive air filter. It’s a far better filter quality than any we’ve seen and quickly replaced when dirty. The fuel filter is easy to access and replace when needed. Maintenance, it seems, is something ECHO made very simple and trouble-free.

Build Quality Of The Echo Cs-400 Chainsaw

The Echo CS-400 comes with a standard warranty, but be mindful that operating the chainsaw with the wrong oil form will void the warranty – check the user guide for complete instructions and maintenance tips before using the chainsaw. The CS-400 is a powerful, reliable chainsaw with an impressive selection of features. It is suitable for light-to-medium cutting activities, including tree trimming, cutting old decking and other outdoor and larger gardens work.

The following features make Echo CS 400 chainsaw the chain sew of choice for many people: Simple start-up: no annoyance with a computer not starting soon! This makes the work easier. Runs Smoothly: The engine is programmed to run smoothly so you don’t have a constant start and stop. Last years: Many Echo chainsaws owners own them for over 25 years or longer. Durability is Echo chainsaws’ heart. Top-handle or rear-handle configurations: Your user-friendliness is expressed in your configuration choice. Superior quality: Because Echo chainsaws continue to develop and enhance and keep the great technology, you still have the best quality unit. High performance: This is the Echo chainsaw’s heart and soul, making any project easily handled by homeowner.

Should You Buy The Echo Cs-400?

Pro-Fire® Ignition System For Fast Starts.

Device anti-vibration Also, the anti-vibration dampening method is different from what we normally see. The CS-400 has a common solution, not springs. This chainsaw uses coil-simulating rubber bushings. You won’t have to think about spring losing its resistance over time. We didn’t think much of the initial metal transfer. While checking it, however, a rogue log hit it with considerable force. And it didn’t leave a scratch. The chainsaw also has a screw to change how much oil the chain gets. Super useful through tougher wood!

Anti Vibration System

If you have lots of clearing work and activities to do with your chainsaw during the year, you’ll need a machine to handle the violence. The Echo CS-400 is another power move for novice chainsaw users who know how to operate a strong computer. The 40.22-cc motor gives the 18-inch power bar enough torque and power to tackle the toughest forests. With a dry weight of 10.1-lbs, it’s still not a heavy saw, and the user has fair power control when running the machine at full tilt. It also features the automatic chain oiler and inertia-brake found in the leading Echo models. Before you buy it, make sure your skill level matches this computer with additional strength. This model won this review’s best all-round chainsaw pick.

Echo Cs-400 40.2Cc Chainsaw – Runner Up Pick

Weight—10.1 lbs.

Engine Capacity – 40.2Cc

Consumer – This is the perfect model for homeowners and owners who use a saw to manage heavy workloads over several seasons.

Weight – 10.1-Lbs.

Bar Length – 16 To 18-Inches.

Low Vibration Considering The Power Available.

It Has A Reliable And User-Friendly Operation.

See Details Concluding You should now have a better understanding of your needs and the perfect chainsaw that fits your style and experience. If you’re still struggling to find the right chainsaw for your needs, you can depend on our top three picks to get you off the fence and make a buying decision. If you’re a beginner chainsaw guy, try the Echo CS-400. This model has enough strength to do yard work.

Experienced users can choose the more powerful Echo CS-590 Chainsaw which, in this review, we feel has the best overall performance and value. If you’re looking for a chainsaw on a budget, the Echo CS-310 is a great affordable option that still has plenty of power. Whatever your choice, make sure you select a model that meets your requirements. Final decision Echo CS-400 Chainsaw We’ve had several Echo chainsaw reviews and several suggest this model as the best possible chainsaw.

Definitely strong enough to handle a professional’s needs. And it’s about half the price you’d pay for a professional saw. If you need a saw to support you in your daily life, you can’t go wrong with it. While we hated some minor stuff, we just love it overall and give it a 5-star rating of 4.5.