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Tory Burch Perry Tote Review

tory burch perry tote review

How We Picked And Tested

In order to identify the most useful laptop bags for work we read blogs, reviews and posted on forums. Additionally, we talked with our co-workers and gathered their feedback about the qualities that make a great laptop bag. Next, we created a list that included 55 laptop tote bags. Each bag was evaluated for its price, availability through retailers, reviews from third parties, size and materials. The bag’s distinctive features were also noted, like a zippered compartment and dedicated laptop pocket. We also provided color options and warranty coverage. Then we divided the laptop bags into five categories based on their overall design and price: black-hole tote bags, budget tote bags (usually under $50), convertible bags, traditional totes, and travel laptop tote bags.

Based on their overall features, we narrowed the pool and chose 23 bags for testing. These range from traditional to spacious travel bags and black-hole bags to convertible and conventional bags.

Cuyana Short Structured leather Tote Cuyana Tall Leather Zipper Tote Longchamp Longchamp Large le Pliage Tote Matt & Nat Abbi Tote Tote Tory Burch Perry triple-Compartment Tote

EaseGave Laptop Bag Mosiso Laptop Tote Bag Overbrooke Classic Canvas Laptop Tote Bag Sunny Snowy Laptop Tote Bag

Dagne Dover Signature Tote (Classic) Lo & Sons Seville Tote

Solo New York Jay-Leather Tote Targus 15.” Newport East West Tote

Overall quality of each bag was assessed, along with the durability and carrying comfort. We also evaluated water resistance. Two weeks later, twelve Wirecutter staff members commuted to the semifinalists’ homes and picked their top picks.

tory burch perry tote review

Tory Burch Bag Review

This is my first bag review so I am not familiar with the process. I have received many requests for reviews of bags over the months and I was unable to answer them all. So I decided to give it a try by reviewing Tory burch bags which are very similar in design and are also relatively new. Living in Oklahoma (& also being from Arkansas) there are no Tory Burch stores, nor are there any Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc. so it is sometimes tough to order online and not know exactly what you are getting. I hope that this helps and you can ask me questions on Twitter (@emilyanngemma).

The bag I am reviewing today is the new Tory Burch ‘Perry’ tote . This bag was just released in the last few weeks. Because it’s the ideal bag to transport my DSLR, flats, and other essentials when I visit San Francisco this weekend, it caught my attention. Aside from the fact that it is a cognac or “Bark” colour, I also love it. Because of its versatility and matchability, this bag has become a favorite in my wardrobe.

Perry totes can be purchased in various colors. NORDSTROM, however, has the best selection: Black and Navy (which are gorgeous), Baby Blue & my, which is known as ‘Bark.

Pink Aviators Tassel zip pouch iphone case I have a 13-inch laptop, however the Perry Tote fits perfectly with a 15. My laptop (camera and DSLR) was with me on our flight from SF to home. The bag also holds all the other things we need.

This bag’s main feature is the fact that it is very spacious. However, you can still find your things. Some people dislike the fact that it doesn’t come with a zipper. Personally, I don’t mind the tote. I enjoy being able grab items quickly and easily, particularly when I’m running.

You can see in the ^^ photo, everything fits nicely & there is extra space.

I’m a freak and I really have a thing for pockets/compartments. A spot is something I love to store things, like my lipstick, gum and other small items. my phone, lipstick, gum, etc. It’s very comfortable and I love the inside.

tory burch perry tote review

You Need a Good Every Day Tote. We need your advice on Tory Burch or Coach, and anything else you might recommend.


Start date Jordan91

It is a mid-range leather tote that I require. Nothing too fancy, just something I can use everyday and put my small laptop in. The Tory Burch Perry bag and coach have received great reviews. My budget is upto PS400 ($500 usd) Does anyone recommend these brands or any other brands?

Jordan91 Mairaculi

Sorry I can’t help but to apologize. So far, my only options were really high-end or very cheap bags. Good luck with your search, and I wish you the best of luck!


This Coach Market tote was my best friend. I had it for about 2 years and used it a lot and it held up well. There were no signs or damages over the 2 years. I decided to sell it and get a new one. While I am not certain if this is still made, the style of it reminds me of the Tory Burch Perry tote.

.Tory Burch Perry Tote Review

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