MUSTOOL MDS8207 Intelligent Digital Storage Scopemeter 2 In 1

Another top quality product that comes with lots of amazing features that worth your time and resources is the Upgraded MUSTOOL MDS8207 Intelligent Digital Storage Scopemeter 2 in 1Digital 40MHz 200Msps/S One Key AUTO Oscilloscope. The product is among the best automotive oscilloscope and has favorably rated and reviewed by many past buyers. The automotive oscilloscope is built to offer great services for users. It is very important to note that the company stated due to production errors 100 of these products are shipped without the battery compartment covers in the package. So, if you received a meter without the inclusion of the battery compartment cover, you do not need to fret just take a photo and contact their customer support. This means you will get resend to your address without any stress.

MUSTOOL MDS8207 Intelligent Digital Storage Scopemeter 2 In 1

It comes with 40MHz Bandwidth and 200MHz of real-time sampling rate oscilloscope. The device features multimeter and oscilloscope automatic measurement which is important to carry out tests. The product also sports HD screen with high-contrast display technology that features white characters on a black background for clear vision. The automotive oscilloscope features DMM functions such as true RMS, AC/DC current, duty cycle, AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, transistor, diode/on-off test, temperature displayed value, and many more functions. The dso trigger option that includes auto, normal, or single-mode. Also, the DSO Automatic Measurement such as Vmax, VPP, Vmin, Vrms, Frequency, and Vavg.

However, the device is incorporated with both Manual shutdown and automatic shutdown allowing you to choose. Again, with the automotive oscilloscope 100 sets of DMM data can be stored and 50 sets of DSO data can as well be saved. For users to be able to store important waveforms in their desired location, the product features allow for random storage location selection. The product has a high level of security as it automatically off itself when the power current is overloaded. The device is shipped with a powerful AA 5th battery that can last for a very long time if fully charged.

The Upgraded MUSTOOL MDS8207 is lightweight and portable as the product weighs only 200 grams and has a product dimension of about 83mm x 160mm x 32mm. Most buyers of the product seem satisfied with their purchase. Also, others stated that the device has good quality and strong signal. However, there are no complaints about the function and features of this product from past buyers.

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