Best Obd2 Scanner For Honda

Best Obd2 Scanner For Honda

Best Obd2 Scanner For Honda

How To Choose The Best Obd-Ii Scanner For You

It’s the way your repair shop or car dealer would diagnose your vehicle’s problem when it was towed in. Why shouldn’t you have the same information?

Not all the best OBD-II scanners are created equal. There are two general types of devices.

The OBD-II handheld scanners include a screen and a cable that can be plugged into your car’s OBD port. The OBD2II wireless scanners connect to the OBD port and then display their results via Bluetooth.

Whichever type you choose, there are several high-performance OBD-II scanners that cost less than $200. A few are even less expensive than $30. The best OBD-II scanners offer the perfect combination of size and weight, and can read fault codes as well live data. The most important criteria are:

  • It’s easy to set up. It shouldn’t take you too long to setup the scanner.
  • Faults and explanations. The best OBD-II scanners not only tell you the faults your car has but also can explain the meaning so you can either fix it yourself or tell a mechanic.
  • Check your I/M readiness. A good scanner will run the major engine and emissions tests to see if you’ll pass your state’s inspection.
  • Accuracy. A scanner is worthless if its results aren’t accurate, because the only thing worse than no information is incorrect information.
  • Size and weight. The scanner should be lightweight and heavy so it can stay with you and not get in your car.
  • Live data. By tapping into the car’s engine speed, timing and other parameters, the right scanner can help track down an intermittent problem.
  • Graphs. While numbers are useful, a graphic representation is better than reading them, especially if it’s comparing before and afterwards.
  • Warranty. Your car should last between eight and ten years. So why not your OBD-II scanner, too? That said, the best offer a lifetime warranty that should outlast your ride.
  • Then, how about screen size for a handheld scanner? The largest, most visible and easy-to-read display that can be viewed is one that’s icon based. This allows for quick changes. If you’re clumsy, look at rugged scanners with rubber bumpers to absorb the shock of being dropped.

    Finally, the price for these sophisticated devices is right on par with professional-level scanners that are available for under $100. That’s barely an hour’s labor for a qualified mechanic, making it a win-win purchase.

    Best Obd2 Scanner For Honda

    This is the Best Overall Obd2 Scanning Device

    CarScan Pro offers pro-grade functionality for a reasonable price. This dedicated OBD2 scan tool works on nearly all German, Japanese and American-made cars built for North America after 1996. This tool can interpret almost every DTC (diagnostic trouble code) that cars can produce. The scanner can check every control module of the vehicle, even the more modern ones like tires-pressure monitors. It also scans basic systems such as the engine, emissions controls, and the engine. The device can perform a simulation of smog testing, assess the alternator and display live data regarding engine operation, antilock brake, and other system functions during road tests. The tool ranks faults according to importance, and displays “Freeze Frame” data. This is a quick snapshot of what happened in your car at the time the control electronics generated the trouble code. This car diagnostic tool can even predict a DTC that’s likely to flash in the near future.

    Bidirectional control, sometimes called active testing and still distinguishing the CarScan Pro OBD2 scanner is what makes it stand out from other OBD2 scanners. You can send commands to the CarScan Pro to check the functionality of any given system. This is similar to a technician at a dealer. It can make adjustments the car manufacturer allows in its control software — say small changes in idle speed — and disable certain modules in advance of mechanical repairs. Car lovers who love the 1990s will be pleased to know that CarScan Pro can scan OBD1 diagnostics on many vehicles built prior 1996.

    This car scanner has a large, crisp, color screen, an intuitive user interface, quick-read LEDs that help classify issues fast and hot keys that minimize the number of menus and selections required to get where you want to go. The OBD2 Bluetooth scanner is fully contained in a durable plastic case. It also includes a detailed manual, full-time US phone support and web support. This OBD2 Bluetooth scaner can connect to Android and Apple smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With Innova’s RepairSolutions2 app, the connection opens this car code reader to a range of data on the internet, including repair tutorials, maintenance recommendations and direct links to finding parts.

    All told, the Innova Car Scan Pro OBD2 tool offers outstanding features on a solid foundation of functionality and support. The tool has all the features a hobbyist would need, at a cost that is thousands lower than professional OBD2 scanners. You can get it for only $376, although the list price is around $400.
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    Best Obd2 Scanner For Honda

    This is the Best Bluetooth Smartphone Obd2 Scanner

    BlueDriver can be connected to an OBD2 port on a vehicle and to the BlueDriver app to control it via Bluetooth. The diagnostic scanner has nearly the same features as higher-end devices, but at a fraction of the cost of an OBD2 corded scanner.

    BlueDriver is able to read Bluetooth trouble codes. It does this by providing a clear description and not just an alphanumeric code that you need to search for. It can clear codes, of course, and display Freeze Frame data (a snapshot of what was happening in the vehicle when the fault code was triggered). Bluetooth scanners can perform simulated smog tests and display live operational data as the vehicle runs. You can print or save reports that describe problems and potential causes, as well as possible solutions.

    These possible solutions are what separate BlueDriver and the Bluetooth OBD2 scan pack. The dongle can connect to Identifix, a database that auto shops use to find millions of solutions. It also ranks potential problems. It also ranks possible repairs. It’s likely that this is a more efficient way to start looking for possible causes and solutions, and it may even save you time and money.

    The phone app has clean, easy to process graphics, and the package comes with US-based support via phone, email or live chat. The BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBD2 scanner is the most affordable when compared to its features and capabilities.

    Best Obd2 Scanner For Honda

    This is the Best Obd2 Scanning Device on a Budget

    The CarScan Advisor OBD2 scanner takes its cues from Innova’s more expensive OBD2 scanners. It costs around $100 and packs lots of value for the cost of a superior Bluetooth/smartphone scanner.

    CarScan Advisor code reader provides all of the basics: decoding and reading check engine light trouble codes, battery testing and evaluation, system diagnostics on ABS codes for most cars and freeze frame data which captures what happened when an error code was activated. This tool displays live data when the vehicle is in use, including RPM, fluid temperature, and fuel injection data. It can help diagnose all types of cases.
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    This OBD2 scanner’s patented all-in-one screen is big and easy to read for the price. Everything is packaged in a large, rugged case. It comes with the same support and thorough manual as Innova’s more expensive scanners, as well access to the internet-connected Repair Solutions 2 app.

    Best Obd2 Scanner For Honda

    Foxwell Nt301 is the Best Obd2 Scanning Brand

    The FOXWELL NT301 is the best OBD2 scanner brand for Honda due to its capacity to work with many vehicles and diagnose almost any problem.

    It offers technical data that may be hard to understand at first, but it contains plenty of details to solve most issues in less time.

    The screen is excellent and there are light indicators that will alert you to the vehicle’s performance. Additionally, the menus can be used intuitively for easier navigation.

    This scanner is easily one of the best, but the others may be more suitable for you depending on your needs.

    Check out the next section where we review several other options to find the ideal scanner for your Honda.
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    Best Obd2 Scanner For Honda

    The Best High-End Consumer-Class Obd2 Scanner With A Candy-Bar Grip

    The MaxiDiag MD808 code reader is built by a company known worldwide for professional automotive diagnostic equipment and products that compete with those manufactured by Bosch. Autel makes a range of OBD2 scanners for consumers, including the MaxiDiag MD808.

    With similar features to the Innova CarScan Pro’s top pick, this MD808 has a price that is more affordable for consumers. This includes all of the necessary OBD2 code reading, clearing and analysing features, and bidirectional control. You can target the systems that will be analysed and disable/enable certain features embedded in the control programs.

    It comes in a rectangular package, which is preferred by some users. The hard plastic shell is protected with a rubber grip, adding another layer of protection. On the downside, its screen is narrower than the CarScan Pro’s, and it has fewer keys. An extra menu layer may be required for operation.

    Best Obd2 Scanner For Honda

    What codes do Obd2 scanners read?

    The OBD scanner must read the error memory of your vehicle before it can perform any diagnostics. Afterward, the OBD scanner accesses the vehicle control unit and analyzes the data. While some data might not be pertinent, the OBD scanner typically scans all of it.

    After the scan is complete, you will receive a list with all the error codes currently being applied to your vehicle. Some error codes can be ambiguous, in which case, you may still need to visit a workshop.

    Standard error codes are used by all manufacturers. These codes are usually not accessible to enthusiast scanners, unless the reader and scanner is purchased from the manufacturer.

    Moreover, error codes are structured according to a uniform principle:

    Professional and expensive scanners can provide additional information about general vehicle functions, such as defective or non-functional lights.

    You can only read the error codes with a scanner diagnostic:

  • Powertrain (Code “P” = Powertrain)
  • Chassis (code “C” = chassis)
  • Body (code “B” = body)
  • Networks (code U = User Network).
  • Best Obd2 Scanner For Honda

    Fixd(tm), Scanner Editor’s Pick

    The Honda FIXD(tm), the OBD2 scan tool that is best for Honda, has a clear advantage. The FIXD(tm) combines basic and advanced diagnostic functions into one easy-to-use tool.

    Diagnostics for all systems. The NT510 Elite lets you scan all the available systems for problems. The NT510 Elite scans every system on the board, including the transmission, engine, and ABS.

    Live data, codes and freeze frames. During the scan, the FIXD(tm) will display and clear generic codes in all the available systems. Just as important, it allows you to view freeze frame data so that you know when a code was registered. You can even pull real-time sensor data from the device to monitor various parts’ health and performance.

    There are many reset options. First of all, you can use the NT510 Elite to reset (turn off) the Check Engine Light. You can also use the NT510 Elite to turn off all warning lights. It supports oil resets, EPB resets, SAS resets, battery resets, DPF resets, TPS resets, ABS bleeding, and other functions.

    Bi-directional controls. You can initiate bidirectional control tests with the FIXD(tm). It will command the component to perform as if the command was from the PCM. For example, you can fold mirrors, roll windows, open/close doors, activate/deactivate brakes using this scanner.

    Active testing and adaptations. Although you will not be able code or program, active testing and learning new components can be done. This means that you can make repairs to sensors or batteries, and also to learn how to adjust throttle and steering angles.

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