Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental

Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental In 2022 (Pricing, Models + More)

Lowes and Walmart are just a few examples of retail outlets that rent carpet cleaners out to customers. These carpet cleaners can often be hired at a very reasonable price and they are readily available for use immediately.

  • You might be wondering whether Safeway rents carpet cleaners if you are a Safeway customer. Continue reading to find out what I discovered!
  • Safeway Carpet Cleaner – Rentable in 2022
  • Since 2022, Safeway will offer to rent carpet cleaning equipment for customers. For a fee, you will need to return the cleaners on-time. Incorrectly maintained carpet cleaners may attract additional fees. For more information, call your local Safeway to book a cleaner.

  • If you’d like to learn more about how the rental process at Safeway works, how much it costs to rent a carpet cleaner, and more, continue reading!
  • Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental In 2022 (Pricing, Models + More)

    What is the Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental?

    Safeway customers need to first call the customer service line and ask about renting a carpet cleaning machine.

    If the cleaner is available for rent, customers must show two pieces valid identification before renting the machine.

    You can get any form of ID that you like.

  • Driving license
  • Passport
  • Military ID Card
  • Students ID
  • Visa Credit Card
  • State/ province issued photo ID
  • Immigration card
  • After verifying your identity, the agent at the customer support desk will collect the rental and charge the payment. Customers can use a credit or debit card to rent the carpet cleaner.

    It is important to remember that you cannot rent the carpet cleaner with cash or a check.

    How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Carpet Cleaner from Safeway?

    Safeway has three carpet cleaner types that it rents. Each can be rented separately. Pro Deep Cleaner:

  • For a 24 hour rental, $35
  • For a 48-hour rent, $45
  • Pro Portable Detailer & Spot Cleaner:

  • $20 for a four-hour rental
  • $25 per 24-hour rental
  • $34 for a 48 hour rental
  • X3 Carpet Cleaning:

  • $30 per 24-hour rental
  • A 48-hour rental is $40
  • Safeway Carpet Cleaners will normally charge these prices. Customers should be aware that prices can vary by Safeway location.

    Customers who require additional accessories to their carpet cleaners will have to pay an additional charge. Safeway rents out carpet cleaner for upholstery and attachments for cleaning hard surfaces.

    These additional costs are typically $5-6, with prices that may vary from store to store. Safeway also sells cleaning solutions for the carpet cleaner, which range from $5 to $24.

    Safeway usually does not require carpet cleaners to be returned without a deposit. You may have to pay additional fees if you fail to return the machine within the time frame.

    Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental In 2022 (Pricing, Models + More)

    What Types of Carpet Cleaners Does Safeway Rent Out?

    Safeway rents Rug Doctor carpet cleaners in any of its participating stores.

    You can choose from three different kinds of carpet cleaning products to meet your needs. The following cleaners can be used:

  • X3 Carpet Cleaner
  • Pro Deep Cleaner
  • Pro Portable Detailer & Spot Cleaner
  • If customers would like to rent any of the above models, it is recommended that they call their local Safeway ahead of time and check their availability.

    Safeway also stocks Rug Doctor cleaning chemicals in their stock. These products are highly recommended for carpet cleaners.

    Are There Any Additional Fees for Renting a Carpet Cleaner from Safeway?

    Customers usually only have to pay the Rent Fee when renting a Safeway carpet cleaner.

    However, there are some additional fees that customers should be aware of.

    Safeway customers who do not return carpet cleaners on-time will be charged the rent amount each day ($20-40 depending on machine)

    As well, if the customer who rents the cleaner damages the machine, Safeway may hold them responsible for all repair and replacement costs.

    Customers are also required to wash the machine after returning it.

    Safeway could also add a $15-$30 cleaning fee to the machine if it’s dirty.

    Safeway Carpet Cleaner Rental In 2022 (Pricing, Models + More)

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