15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (You’D Never Guess It)

Walmart prides itself on offering one of the largest possible ranges of products and services to its millions of everyday customers.

  • Walmart has a wide variety of products that attract many shoplifters.
  • You may be wondering what the most stolen items from Walmart are. You might be surprised at some of these items! This is what I found out.
  • 15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart In 2022!
  • 1. Cosmetics
  • Surprisingly cosmetics can be stolen easily from Walmart and other stores due to their large size.

    You can carry small items such as lipsticks in your pocket or bag without leaving visible fingerprints.

  • 2. Portable Electronics
  • Due to their perceived worth, electronic items are tempting to steal from shops. Again, electronics of smaller sizes are more common and are easier to conceal.

    Walmart usually locks doors to expensive electronic items, making it easier for thieves to steal smaller and more valuable electronics.

  • 3. Packed Meats
  • Even though it seems unbelievable, it is actually true. This has been the norm for shoplifting over more than two decades.

    It’s not obvious why this item is so popular in shoplifters ….

  • 4. Alcohol
  • This also tends be true with higher-end alcohol that is contained in smaller containers. They are less noticeable when slipped into bags or pockets.

  • 5. Mobile Phone Accessories
  • It is easy to conceal cell phone accessories, such as chargers, on the person of shoplifters. Phone cases are especially handy and can even be placed directly onto the customer’s personal phone right in the store.
  • 6. Baby Formula
  • Although baby formula may not be as popular as you think, there are still many people who shoplift it. My research however has revealed that they have a potential high resale worth, meaning more profit!
  • 7. Sunglasses
  • It could be because a customer is able to walk right up to glasses and slip one on their face.
  • 8. DVDs, Blu-rays and Video Games
  • These items can be carried around in pockets or bags, and they’re often very costly, making them highly profitable!
  • 9. Razor Blades
  • Some razor blades might be protected by locked doors in Walmart stores and other grocery shops.

  • Because they are a popular item with shoplifters, this is why!
  • 10. Drugs that are not available over the counter
  • The difficulty in accessing these items can be attributed to this one.
  • High-end over-the–counter drugs are more costly than those that can be purchased in stores because they are difficult to get.

  • 11. Cigarettes
  • You must purchase these items over the counter.
  • 12. Jewellery
  • These can be carried in small pockets and bagged and sold outside for a large sum.

  • 13. Sporting Goods
  • Because sporting goods are often very expensive, the temptation to steal them might be tempting.

  • 14. Jeans
  • Jeans were an extremely popular choice for shoplifters. They used to be stolen often from the changing rooms. Even today, they are popular!
  • 15. Swimsuits
  • You can conceal them in your pockets or bags making it easy for thieves to get hold of them.

    15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (You’d Never Guess It)

    What Is The Most Shoplifted Walmart In America?

  • This award is not the best for any store. Unfortunately, this title has been placed on a number of Walmart stores throughout the US!
  • Although there isn’t a clear definition of “most shoplifted”, stores in Westwood Cincinnati and Mankato Minnesota are the top shoplifted locations in the area.
  • Learn more on Walmart’s Shoplifting Program and how Walmart will press charges if they find shoplifters.

  • A post by me on Walmart’s top selling items is also available.
  • Conclusion
  • Walmart gets a variety of stolen items each day. These tend to be smaller items that can be easily hidden, and thus go unnoticed when brought out unpaid for!
  • .15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (You’D Never Guess It)

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