Aldi Employee Dress Code

Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

It can be difficult to work in a grocery or retail store. People are constantly moving and need to interact with customers.

Because employees represent the most visible face of the company than anyone, it is only natural that employers expect them to look polished, clean, and approachable.

Aldi’s reputation for paying above-average wages might make you wonder whether employees must dress well for work. Here is what you need to know about the Aldi employee dress code.

Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

What is the Aldi Dress Code in 2022 for Employees?

The Aldi store employee dress code includes three basic components: Aldi-logo polo shirts, basic, solid color pants and steel-toed footware. Aldi prides itself on being conservative and neat, and all employees will be expected to follow that example. Excesses tattoos, hair dye, and jewelry, are not permitted, but are allowed in moderation.

Let’s learn more about Aldi’s employee dress code. We will discuss tattoos, dyed hair and piercings as well as jewelry. Continue reading to learn more about the Aldi standards as well as why there might be variations across stores.

Aldi employees need steel-toe boots

Aldi workers will agree that work is tough. Every day new truckloads of goods arrive at Aldi. With employees who are cross-trained and able to perform almost any task within the store, stocking and unloading is a common job.

So that employees can protect their feet on the job, steel-toed boots will be required.

Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

Can Aldi Employees Have Tattoos?

Tattoos can cost a lot, and it could be an issue when they are required to conceal it at work.

Aldi permits its staff to show off tattoos. Aldi employees most often wear short sleeves polos. Therefore, extra cover ups (like long sleeves underneath) are unnecessary.

The store manager must agree to not consider tattoos offensive. You should also cover any tattoos that have a political, sexual, or racist message at all costs.

Additionally, face or neck tattoos will likely be handled on a case-by-case basis according to the individual store manager.

Are Aldi employees allowed to dye their hair in bright colors?

While the Aldi employee handbook is purportedly vaguely worded on the topic of bright hair colors, it’s a safe bet that your hot pinks, purples, greens, blues, etc. You are strongly advised against them.

This does not necessarily mean you’ll be dismissed for trying new colors.

Aldi corporate is not in control of the decisions made by individual stores. In a larger city where people are more likely to have their hair dyed, this might prove less objectionable and be accepted.

Connecticut’s One in Ten commenter pointed out that coworker had blue-tipped hair.

Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

Can Aldi Employees Have Visible Piercings?

It’s not common to have ear piercings these days. But, Aldi employees have been known, on a caseby basis, that they wear their facial implants during work. Others have expressed concern about the lack of uniformity in policies.

Although septum and nostril piercings tend to be the most frequent, there are many other options.

It’s best to talk with your Aldi employee before considering a facial.

It is possible for the piercing to close if performed during work hours.

Some jewelry stores sell clear plugs, which can keep the new piercings from getting closed. However, those may still be worthwhile to look into.

Are Aldi Employees Allowed To Wear Jewelry?

Aldi employees can wear conservative and tasteful jewelry. For example, you can wear simple necklaces or earrings that are just below your collar.

Employees could be exposed to dangerous hazards if they have large jewelry items, such as statement necklaces and hoop earrings.

Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

Aldi employees are allowed to wear jeans and leggings

Aldi employees can wear jeans to work. The dress code allows jeans to be worn as long they have a solid color, aren’t ripped or ruined, and that the pants fit at the waist.

It is difficult to know what leggings look like. I searched the internet for an answer.

However, I saw employees wearing leggings in my Aldi store (I am in Pennsylvania), so it is possible that they are handled differently at each location.

Aldi Employees Can Wear Shorts

While I couldn’t find anything conclusive from about shorts on store employees, a few commenters on message boards indicate that shorts are permitted at Aldi during the hot summer months.

Knowing Aldi’s conservative appearance, you can imagine that Aldi would prohibit anything too short, revealing or with tears.

Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

What should you wear to your Aldi interview for a job?

I’ve covered what you can wear on the job, but what if you’re going through the application process and now you have an interview?

Aldi surprisingly suggests business casual for interviews (a good rule of thumb is to dress one “level” higher than the workplace dress code; it’s always better to be over-dressed than under! ).

It means business casual pants (or dressy or casual skirts for women), and a suit jacket over a button-down shirt or polo for men.

Similar to the above, you should dress in business casual if invited to an Open House for Applicants.

Aldi may be a good place to start if you’re looking for employment.

  • Conclusion
  • Aldi is more conservative than the norm, although individual stores (and the managers) will differ on matters such as tattoos, dyed hair and piercings.

    Aldis can dye hair.

    Aldi’s company image is clean-cut and conservative, and employees are expected to reflect that. Excesses tattoos, hair dye, and jewelry, are not permitted, but are allowed in moderation. Please read on to find out the Aldi guidelines and what might be happening at other stores.

    Can Aldi Employees Wear Shorts?

    5 answers. Regular associates are known to wear navy blue shirts. The grey shorts are worn by management. Management is also expected to wear black slacks, but emplolyees can wear regular work jeans as long as they aren’t ripped.Jul 14, 2016

    Can You Have Tattoos At Aldi?

    The use of tattoos is permitted. Piercing the face is not permitted. No facial piercings. No tattoos allowed, provided they’re not infuriating. Apr 29, 2017,

    What is the dress code for working at Aldi

    In general, professional and business wear is preferred. Men might wear a suit jacket with trousers and slacks, with a shirt and tie. This could be a blouse, dress pants, or a gown for women.

    .Aldi Employee Dress Code In 2022 (Tattoos, Hair Dye, Shorts)

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