Target Makeup Return Policy

Target Makeup Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

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Hundreds of customers visit Target’s in-store beauty departments every day to buy from a huge variety of cosmetic products and over 150 different brands of makeup items.

  • You might be disappointed when a product doesn’t turn out as you expected. Here is what I’ve found out about it!
  • The Target Makeup Return Policy in 2022
  • Target allows you to return both open and unopened cosmetics within 90-days of your purchase, along with the original receipt. This policy was in effect as of 2022. You can return the same items up to 120 days later if you purchased with a Target RedCard, or up to one year later if you bought a Target-owned brand.

  • If you want to know more about the types of makeup that can be returned, whether makeup can be returned without a receipt, and why your return request may be rejected, keep on reading!
  • Target Makeup Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Can You Return Makeup To Target after 90 Days?

    Target can accept makeup returns within the first 90 days. But, no full refund will be given. You will instead be issued a merchandise gift certificate, equivalent to the product’s last 90-days low price. This can only be used in store.

    However, you can return makeup to Target after 90 days for a full refund or exchange if the makeup was purchased with a Target RedCard, which gives you 120 days to return items.

    If the product belongs to Target brands like Sonia Kashuk, then you may return it up to one year later.

    Do You Have to Return Your Makeup To Target?

    Target will accept makeup returns without receipts if the buyer can show proof.

    Target will find your order online if Target REDcard was used, Visa Mastercard Mastercard AmEx (which you should have kept), or Target gift cards. Unfortunately, cash purchases cannot be tracked this way.

    Alternativly, you may access the digital receipt from to confirm your purchase.

    If you are unable to provide any proof of purchase, you will be refunded with a ‘merchandise return card’. is not able to redeem it online.

    Target Makeup Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    Is it possible to return used cosmetics to Target

    Target allows you to return slightly used and opened makeup products within 90-days of receipt. Target does not accept exchanges or returns on makeup that is already used.

    Target also offers a standard return policy for defective products, such as makeup that has dried out. With the receipt, you can return it within 90-days.

    Target will not accept returns or exchanges for makeup products that are damaged, open or missing a receipt. The decision to refuse a return or exchange is at the store’s sole discretion.

    How Can You Return Makeup Purchased On

    Makeup purchased on can be returned to any store using any of the following as proof of purchase: the receipt, the barcode found in the Target app, Target delivery or shipping confirmation email, or the original form of payment.

    You can also send makeup to Target Online Returns via However, you’ll need to pay the return shipping fee unless Target makes an error in shipping.

    Some items cannot be returned online. will inform you when your return is processed.

    Target Makeup Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

    How can you help Target if they refuse to return your item?

    Some Target items have a modified return policy that can affect your request for a refund.

    The Target Online Returns Centre will not accept your return request. If this happens, you’ll receive the merchandise via FedEx within 7 days. For tracking purposes, the tracking number you received with your return shipment may be used again.

    You will be notified by email if your item is declined. These could be any of the following:

  • It was beyond the return window
  • The item may appear worn or damaged.
  • It was used excessively and opened.
  • The online returns centre couldn’t find any additional information or order numbers.
  • did not sell the item.
  • Target Offers What Kinds of Makeup?

    Target sells numerous makeup, beauty, cosmetic, and skincare products. These include foundations. eyeliners. eyeshadows. eyeliners. concealers. powders. blushes. and bronzers.

    Target offers both Target-owned and third-party brands of makeup in-store and online.

    You can find it selling Burt’s Bees products, Chapstick and COVERGIRL as well as Disney, EcoTools and L’Oreal Paris.

    Conclusion: What is Target’s Makeup Return Policy?

    Target allows you to return makeup within 90 days of purchase with receipt. You can get a complete refund or exchange. It can accept returns on opened or used products (within reason) as long as the receipt is provided.

    However, if you don’t have the receipt, you can still return the item if you can provide an alternative proof of purchase. Target will not accept returns or exchanges if your makeup products are defective or worn out.

    .Target Makeup Return Policy In 2022 (All You Need To Know)

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