How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime

How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

Amazon Prime is available on most mobile devices, such as the Amazon Fire Tablet, Samsung Tablets, iPads and iPhones, allowing customers to make multiple profiles and cater their personal selection.

  • Amazon Prime customers often wonder about the number of profiles that they can create, as well as how many devices are allowed to use one Amazon Prime account. For those who are wondering the exact same question, read on to learn what I found!
  • How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

    How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022?

    Amazon allows three devices to be logged into the same Amazon Prime account simultaneously as of 2022. However, while three people can stream Amazon Prime at once, only two can watch the same video on Prime at the same time. Amazon Prime customers have the option to create 6 profiles. This gives every member of their household their own profile.

  • Continue reading to find out more about Amazon Prime’s simultaneous viewing capabilities, how you can have multiple Prime accounts, what you can do with your Prime account, and other details.
  • Amazon Prime Accounts – Can they be shared?

    Amazon makes it possible for Prime customers to share their Prime accounts and make them available to family members, trusted friends and others.

    Prime members have the option to share their login details with family and friends, or they can set up a profile and compile their own film and TV lists.

    Amazon customers should only give their Amazon account to someone they trust with sensitive information like the password.

    Therefore, it is recommended that accounts be shared only with members of the household and with trusted friends (ex. a significant other, best friend etc.

    How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

    Amazon Prime allows multiple users

    Amazon Prime Video accounts can be used by up to three individuals and/or 3 devices. They are able to stream TV and movies simultaneously.

    Prime Video members are only allowed to watch one video simultaneously.

    However, the stream can be viewed simultaneously by all three users and devices.

    Amazon Prime lets members create 6 profiles in one account. This feature is great for families that have multiple devices.

    Is it possible to watch the same Prime video on two devices simultaneously?

    Amazon Prime Video Members can have as many as three devices connected to the internet and streaming simultaneously, but only two devices are allowed to stream exactly the same video simultaneously.

    While Amazon does not state the specific reason for this restriction, it’s reasonable to conclude that streaming the same film on two devices at once could cause issues with connectivity.

    It is recommended that friends or relatives who are interested in watching a film together on Amazon Prime watch it from their own accounts. This will prevent issues.

    How do you add someone to an Amazon Prime account?

    Prime members can add users to their Prime accounts in two ways.

    One method is by creating a profile for them on their account and sharing the login information.

    You can also install Amazon Household. This allows you to share your Prime account with others in the household.

    Amazon Household requires that all Amazon account holders have Amazon accounts. Members must provide login information for each user to add accounts to Amazon Household.

    Amazon Household can be used by parents, but customers need to remember that it is only for their children.

    Members must grant access to their Amazon Prime accounts to allow them to share their account.

    How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

    Can I Share My Amazon Prime Video Account Safely?

    Amazon Prime Video accounts may be shared at some level of risk. In order to share a Prime Account, customers must hand over their login information to the person they wish to share it with.

    One of the risks associated with sharing a Prime Account is that customers may be charged fraudulently, have their identity stolen, or the other account being deleted by another user. This can also lead to unauthorized access for other users.

    Therefore, customers are severely cautioned against sharing their Amazon Prime account with other people outside of their household.

    However, if customers still wish to share their account with a friend or family member they trust, they can take precautions by putting the following into practice:

  • To prevent their friends from learning their password, log into the friend’s phone.
  • Make sure your friend logs off the account when they’re done with it
  • You should ask them to not save their login details on the app and that they only share it with the account holder who is physically present so that they can input the information themselves.
  • Amazon Prime Supported Devices

    Amazon Prime Video can be viewed on many devices. The following are the current ways customers can view Prime Video:

  • iOS Devices (iPhones, iPads etc)
  • Android Devices
  • Tablets
  • Amazon Fire Tablets (all versions)
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Chromebook
  • Smart TV
  • You can read our guides to renting movies from Amazon Prime and commercials for Amazon Prime.

  • Conclusion
  • Currently, Amazon allows three devices to use the same Amazon Prime Video Account at the same time.

    However, the video may only be streamed on one of the devices, while another device can stream a series or movie.

    .How Many Devices Can Use Amazon Prime In 2022? (Guide)

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