Madewell Medium Transport Tote Review

Madewell Medium Transport Tote Review

madewell medium transport tote review

This $158 item finally made me feel like a grown-up

I confess to being in my twenties and not having a genuine workbag. Although I’ve worked full time for over six years, I never had a dedicated work bag. After hearing a friend rave about her new bag, it was clear that I had to get one. Madewell’s Medium Transport Tote is the bag she meant. It comes in many colors and costs $158. My order was placed before my brain could process it. I received it a few more days later and, lo and behold! It’s the most amazing work bag.

You will understand why. It has enough space to store everything that I need (a MacBook Air for reference), and it doesn’t feel bulky. You can store your small things in the zipper compartment. It’s made of sleek brown leather that looks significantly more expensive than its $158 price tag, and it’s clean and minimal enough to come out after work with me. Even though it has only been with me for a few weeks now, it is already been taken out on numerous occasions to go to dinner. (Even though it was smaller than the one I have now, I still carry a small and chicer bag with me to work. The best part (and the most surprising) about this bag is… This structured and chic tote has made me feel mature. The person who is a confident, well-organized individual to strangers walking down the street is basically me.

But don’t take my word for this bag. One look at all the glowing five-star reviews on this bag should solidify its greatness. I love this bag. “Very high quality,” comments one customer. “Gorgeous. Spacious. Perfect bag for work,” raves another.

It’s the perfect bag to carry around for work. See how I styled Madewell’s Medium Transport Tote and you can shop the bag online.


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madewell medium transport tote review

I Finally Splurged On Madewell’S Classic Medium Transport Bag: Here Are My Thoughts

If you’ve ever lusted after an item for an extended period of time, you’ll know the feeling of uncertainty that comes along before you decide to finally pull the trigger on your purchase. Friends, this is exactly what I felt about Madewell’s Medium Transport Tote for the three months prior to actually purchasing one.

I’d been eyeing this bag since at least before Christmas of last year, and couldn’t justify paying over $200 on such a simple tote. After searching unsuccessfully for the perfect dupe, I was finally able to purchase one after I found a color I loved in Nordstrom’s Summer Sale Medium Transport Tote. It comes in 2 year round colours, True Black English Saddle and a variety of textures that can be customized to suit your needs. While the Linen shade is not currently in stock online, it may still be available in store.

Medium Leather Transport Tote in Linen. Nordstrom image

The leather bag is classic and has been my favourite tote. I can fit my laptop, lipstick, snacks, books, makeup, etc. in it. I love that it’s large enough to carry my everyday essentials, but not so big that I feel like I’m getting in the way of other commuters during the peak of rush hour. I also really like that it can be carried two ways, with either top handles or an adjustable crossbody strap.

The only issue I have found with my latest purchase is its lack of either a zip- or snap-closure. My bag’s contents don’t feel as secure as they should. My plan eventually is to add a magnetic clasp on the top, but I don’t worry about that for the moment. I can still store anything valuable inside the zippered interior pocket.

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Nordstrom customers have also praised this top-selling item with many other positive comments.

How does a MacBook fit into the Madewell Medium Travel Tote

It was such a joy to get my first madewell bag. I chose the dark red color. It arrived in perfect condition. It can hold my keys, wallet, keys, and other daily necessities that I keep with me. Extra cross-body strap.

Madewell Bags: Are they good quality?

Madewell bags are simple and adorable, but they’re also super high-quality. There’s nothing you need that they don’t have! You will love them!16 Ene 2020

.Madewell Medium Transport Tote Review