Echo Pas 225 Review

Echo Pas-225Vpb Pro Attachment Series Combo Kit Review

We’ve been ECHO fans since we tested their SRM-225i straight shaft trimmer with i-75 starting system. New on the block is the PAS, or Pro Attachment Series, which offers a single tool that is versatile enough to manage multiple jobs for technical or customer users. The Pro Attachment Series is a revolutionary development for Echo, revolutionizing how the company looks at its equipment.

With the Echo PAS-225VPB Pro Attachment Pack, ECHO delivers a single 21.2cc 2-cycle Power Source and allows to transform the device from an edger to a trimmer, a blower, a hedge cutter… you get the idea. In this way, ECHO has improved the versatility of its current technologies and fulfilled the needs of certain users who want the flexibility of tool attachments. Although this package uses the smaller 21.2cc power source, advanced users will benefit from a modular accessory-based system with more power motors up to 25.4cc (ECHO PAS-265). ECHO, as a company, specializes in hand-held lawn care products ranging from professional/commercial to consumer.

Consumers really profit from this, as the business can funnel pro-quality technology into their consumer products, and the equipment can be made accessible via the internet at some home improvement stores. There’s a 5-year guarantee that’s really hard to beat. The company manufactures and distributes everything from line trimmers to chain saws, blowers, and even tillers. The brand has roots from 1978, so when they launch a new line, we want to pay attention – it’s a company that knows lawn care goods. Echoes PAS The Echo Pro Attachment Series has four power heads, each with a different two-stroke engine and 17 tool attachments.

Options for the PAS engine include 21.2-cubic centimeter PAS 225, 22.8-cc PAS 230, 25.4-cc PAS 266 and 28.1-cc PAS-280. Includes line trimmers, brush cutters, edgers, pruners, sweepers, hedge trimmers, a blower and a grower. The PAS-230 and PAS-266 are compatible with all the fittings except the Bed Redefiner edger, and the PAS-280 will operate with all the fittings except the hedge trimmers and the curved-shaft line trimmer. PAS-225 is incompatible with multiple attachments.

Building standard Looking at ECHO PAS-225VPB, we first realized how lightweight it shipped us. Contained inside a single rectangular cardboard and covered by reinforced cardboard on all corners, a safe-packed PAS-225 2-cycle Power Source, 17-inch trimmer attachment and 100 mph Blower attachment. The PAS system we got also included a semi-automatic bump head for the trimmer attachment and a 50:1 2-cycle oil bottle suitable for power source motor use. Although ECHO recommends 89 octane petrol, we find that using even higher octane results in a cleaner-running tool and keep the carburetor clear for much longer. If you don’t use loads of gas in a private environment, we suggest stepping up.

ECHO PAS-225VPB: All in place and well-packaged A small amount of assembly required. For example, the plastic shield had to be mounted before it could be placed on the rotating shaft. That was quite quick, and ECHO’s instructions were on place. Rugged hardware was included in order of secure plastic shield The ECHO PAS-225VPB contains a durable but economical 21.2cc power source. The engine has some very pro features, including an electronic ignition for fast and easy start.

There’s also an easily removable fuel line filter, important if you’re planning to use the tool for a long time. We also liked how simple it was to remove air cleaner and engine cover to clean and maintain the cylinder fins. Fast maintenance with an accessible set screw for idle adjustment (which should only be adjusted after a couple tanks of fuel have gone through and the system has stabilized).

echo pas 225 review


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echo pas 225 review


Product Costing And Warranty

By Roma Friesen

We believe it is our duty and priority to always provide 100% up-to-date and reliable information. In this race, if you find any details unattractive, improper and incorrect, please feel free to contact us. We take full care of rectifying the problems. Nice shopping! Recently updated: Roma Friesen Concluding ECHO’s PAS Pro Attachment Device is designed for professionals and customers alike. For Pros, you should pick up the PAS-265, which power outputs 25.4cc and comes with the latest i-30 starter. But for customers,

it’s the latest ECHO PAS-225VPB. With an integrated blower and trimmer, it addresses much of the landscape maintenance needs you are likely to have. If you want to move the blower to an edger, look at the ECHO PAS-225VP running only $50 more. Before this product, I’d have to say attachment systems were just for novice users. Echo applied its credibility and quality know-how to its PAS line, making it a viable choice for commercial users. They also appear to back up this with a 2-year warranty, a bold statement in and of itself. In our view, the device has little drawback, nor seem to be any obvious reliability problems. If you’d benefit from a more flexible attachment-based lawn device, you owe ECHO PAS-225VPB to yourself.