We take protecting your personal information seriously. 

You can find this Privacy Policy on our website. It tells you how we manage the information that’s collected from your site visits and use of KellysClassroom services, including any personal data or sensitive user content (e.g., credit card numbers). You’ll also get a rundown about third-parties with whom we share your information and why it may be necessary to do so in order for us fulfill our responsibilities under applicable laws. KellysClassroom is a website that provides teachers with resources and tools to use in their classrooms. The Privacy Policy details how we collect, manage and disclose your personal information as you browse the site or visit certain pages on our web application.

We want to make sure all of your data remains safe so please read this policy carefully before continuing any further!

Personal Data 

KellysClassroom.com collects information about you during your visit to the site, which may include Personal Data such as age, gender and location. This data helps us personalize our services so that they are more relevant to each user’s needs. For example, this website uses Google Analytics for web traffic monitoring purposes only; it is not used to track or collect any personally identifiable information of its visitors beyond what users voluntarily share with us via email/contact forms on the site etc., nor do we utilize cookies in conjunction with analytics software (see above). We also gather IP addresses from all website visits but these are anonymized before being stored by third-parties like Google Analytics. When we refer to ‘personal data,’ we mean any information relating to an identified natural person who can be directly or indirectly identified by a name, identification number, location data, or online identifier.

KellysClassroom.com collects information that you provide from your use of the site through third-parties and how it is used depends on how you interact with our services provided on the website. Our collection activities include: 1) collecting personal details like names which are then associated with certain behaviors; 2) tracking geographic locations via IP addresses at particular times for analysis purposes 3) transferring collected word documents onto Google Drive where they will remain indefinitely unless deleted upon request

Sensitive Personal Data  

KellysClassroom may collect sensitive personally identifiable information (“SPI) associated with certain customers or clients, such as individuals’ Social Security Numbers and dates of birth, in order to provide product offerings. We will only collect this SPI when it is necessary to fulfill orders for products and services; we will do so voluntarily by the customer. Once collected, however , our company promises not to use any personal data other than what was originally given for an impermissible purpose including sharing that information outside the organization without permission from its original owner . Furthermore , all sales associates are trained on how best secure potential SPIs should they feel like storing them electronically rather than physically after completing transactions online KellysClassroom may collectsensitive personallinely KellysClassroom may collect sensitive personally identifying information (“SPI”) associated with certain customers or their clients, such as individuals’ Social Security Numbers and dates of birth.

We will only use the SPI to fulfill product orders if it is necessary, for a limited purpose that we define in our privacy policy. The company takes reasonable steps to secure this data by limiting access solely to those who need it; they also share the collected SPI under permission-based circumstances when required for business purposes like reporting taxes.

Usage Data 

We designed KellysClassroom.com so that you may anonymously browse our website without revealing your identity or personal data to us. This “usage” data can be used by third-party vendors for targeted advertising, and it includes demographic information, interests, search queries on the site, etc.. You have consented in giving this usage data when visiting KellysClassroom.com including through social media pages or opening emails from us We’ve designed KellysClassroom.com so that visitors can access its content without identifying themselves with their names/identities throughout the webpages of the site itself—it’s just anonymous browsing! Usage Data is collected automatically either through cookies which are stored locally on your computer (or similar technologies) ,and We’ve designed KellysClassroom.com so that you can access our content anonymously and without revealing your identity. You may register on the site, browse the webpages, read emails we send to you – all without telling us who you are or giving away any personal information about yourself! This anonymous data is “usage data” which includes demographic info such as age group and location; interests including what subjects interest a user most; search queries made through forms like Google’s Advanced Search page (which enables specific searches); online activity…

But even though this usage data isn’t private it doesn’t mean we share everything with everyone..we don’t give out personally identifiable information unless required by law enforcement officials when subpoenaed for court proceedings.

Online Advertising 

KellysClassroom is a website that uses industry standard tracking and ad serving technology to serve you relevant ads. We use this information when we display advertisements on our site or in other sites through an advertising network. KellysClassroom uses industry standard website tracking and ad serving technology to serve you relevant advertising on our site. Ads are displayed based on the pages you’re using or through participation in online ads networks, so that advertisers can reach their audiences more effectively. We use industry-standard website tracking and ad serving technologies to provide users with targeted advertisements about related content while they browse KellysClassroom’ educational blog posts aimed at teachers like them looking for information. Our system is part of an online moneymaking model involving a network of websites where companies advertise products directly to consumers who visit these sites via ecommerce links located within social media feeds (i.e., Facebook).