Teaching Math With Lego

Teaching Math With Lego

teaching math with lego

Lego Bricks are able to be used for teaching all types of mathematics concepts, it seems.

Here are some of the best ideas!

LEGOs are a favorite toy of many children. We don’t know of any. These beloved building bricks make terrific tools in your classroom, and they’re especially great for teaching a variety of math concepts. These are some of the top LEGO math ideas that we love for everyone. Your students are going to love them!

Get started with these LEGO math worksheets. Kids align the bricks as shown to make a numeral, then lay out the appropriate number of bricks below it.

Live More Than Cs 2. To practice counting, race to 20

This activity is great for 2+ players. You can write one-to-20 numbers (one for each) using wet erase markers on the flat side 20 LEGO (or DUPLO!) bricks. Kids start with the brick labeled “1” and roll a die. They add the indicated number of bricks to their stack in the correct order, racing to see who can be the first to get to 20. The game can be extended to allow for as many bricks available.

PLATO/LEGO Games: Playdough to Plato Skip counting using LEGO math (Method 1

You can use the same stack and count activity, but you should change the numbers so that skip counting is 2, 5, 10 or any other number you are currently mastering.

teaching math with lego

Lego Math Games

Teaching with games is my favorite. A game can make it easier for children to subtract, multiply and divide. Games teach thinking skills, sportsmanship, teamwork, and strategy. Games can be found in almost every category on this list. However, these games don’t belong to any other classes.

Lego Sudoku: Lasting Tumbprints

This fun puzzle game is intended to be played solo, but you could also turn it into a tournament or timed contest.

Star Wars (r) Minifigures and Uno (r) are required to play this Lego Math Game created by Inspirational Laboratories.

Lego Math Game on Coordinated Planes with Ninjago, I Game Mom

teaching math with lego

Teach Math with Lego – 8 Ideas for Your Classroom

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This article will give you 8 fun ideas for teaching math with LEGO in your classroom or home school. A LEGO brick might seem to be a simple rectangular piece of plastic made for fun. LEGO bricks, which are small and easy to use, have been used for years as a great tool for teaching children spatial awareness, proportional awareness, etc. LEGOs are a great way to help young children understand abstract mathematics concepts. This can be attributed to LEGO math.

LEGO math does more than simply bridge the gap between abstract and concrete math concepts. Their positive attitudes towards math have helped to create a better attitude. LEGOs can make math enjoyable and promote perseverance. This is something that every educator agrees is crucial for a student’s mental health. LEGO math is an amazing hands-on resource that engages kids who often feel intimidated by new math concepts. The little rectangular shapes allow children to feel at ease and inspire them to conquer new math challenges.

Which LEGO math activities can you use in the classroom? At home or on projects-based learning opportunities? Here are some tips and tricks to use LEGO math in your classroom, home or project-based learning activities. This article aims to highlight the many ways LEGO bricks are able to help students learn math and offer some comfort for those who find it difficult.

teaching math with lego

1. Use Lego Duplo blocks to teach numbers

For young kids, the most obvious math goal is to learn familiarity with numbers and count from 1 to 10 with ease. It is often a goal of preschool children or for those entering kindergarten. These young children will be able to introduce themselves to the numbers up to ten in an engaging way that can help them build their math careers. However, many children find it difficult to learn numbers. They feel bored and frustrated.

LEGO math is a great resource for teachers and parents alike. Begin by purchasing a package of LEGO Duplo Blocks. The LEGO Duplo Blocks are slightly larger than regular LEGO blocks, making them ideal for those with smaller hands. There are many ways to teach numbers once you’ve got your LEGO bricks. The first is to create counting number mats for DUPLO using one of the many free printables online. The mats encourage students to place LEGO bricks on top of each other to create the numbers. They’ll eventually be able to see how each number looks.

Once the student is familiar with the numbers, they can create the numbers with the LEGO math bricks using LEGO baseplate.

Your child may also be able to put numbers on either a LEGO or DUPLO LEGO brick. They can then learn how the numbers are arranged. You can then have your child count every brick. It’s a great way for young children to connect with abstract concepts like counting, without having to worry about the frustration that often comes along new ideas.

teaching math with lego

3. Lego: Multiplication and division with Lego

Anyone who works primarily in second- and third-grade math will know that many of the key concepts for multiplication require tedious array building or drawing. These arrays are essential in teaching multiplication principles. While it can be frustrating to create such arrays or examples, the task of teaching multiplicative math concepts to students is not always easy. LEGO math provides a simple tool that allows students to explore fundamentals and not be frustrated.

These LEGO blocks can be used to teach math skills and help children learn how to solve complex math problems like factoring. LEGO baseplates of various colors can be used to teach multiplication, division and commutative properties. Multiplication can be difficult to grasp, but if students can see square numbers in a tangible way how these properties work, concepts suddenly become much more clear.

.Teaching Math With Lego

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