Walmart College Program

Walmart College Program In 2022 (Your Complete Guide)

Companies are beginning to realize the value of tuition assistance and include it in employee benefits.

  • Walmart is one such company. They recently updated their college program in order to make it more accessible for their employees. For a complete breakdown of the Walmart college program, click here!
  • Walmart College Program In 2022 (Your Complete Guide)

    What is the Walmart College Program in 2022?

    Walmart’s college program is officially known as Live Better U. It covers 100% of tuition and books costs for full-time or part-time associates in the United States. Prospective students can choose from among 10 participating institutions of higher learning, and employees are eligible from their first day of employment at Walmart.

  • You can find all details about Live Better U (LBU), including which schools participate, how you sign up, and any exclusions or restrictions.
  • What Is the Walmart College Program?

    Walmart has announced recently that it will expand access to its college program Live Better U, eliminating the $1-a-day fee.

    LBU is now offering tuition and books for Walmart employees in partnership with Guild Education education management service.

  • It means students won’t be required to pay any tuition fees or book costs.
  • Further, LBU goes beyond just tuition assistance; the program also includes free high school completion, college prep and discounts on other degrees, like master’s programs.

    Additionally, professional certificates in specialized fields may also be covered by Walmart in full, such as business leadership or optical care.

    Language learning and skill development are also available to employees to help them become multifaceted workers in an age where it is practically a requirement for career advancement.

    And finally, students will receive free education coaching from Guild, to help them navigate the program, choose the right degree or skills and just generally offer learning support.

    Walmart College Program In 2022 (Your Complete Guide)

    Which Schools are Acceptable for The Walmart College Program

    Currently 10 schools participate in the program. They are:

  • Johnson & Wales University
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Denver
  • Pathstream
  • Brandman University
  • Penn Foster
  • Purdue University Global
  • Southern New Hampshire University
  • Wilmington University
  • Voxy EnGen
  • If you don’t live near any of these or have no idea where they are located, don’t worry!
  • These schools can be accessed online, or they are brick and mortar schools that offer a strong remote/online option.

    The programs will accommodate both part-time workers and adults, no matter the circumstance.

    These online programs, if they are any like the ones I’ve attended, don’t necessarily require that students “attend class” at certain times or attend lectures.

    Instead, the entire information, written and video, as well as slideshows and videos are available online. The information is available to students online at their leisure.

    Then, it’s on them to manage their time and ensure that they complete assignments by the due dates.

    Discussion boards allow students to communicate with one another (online programs can be surprisingly interactive and social). You can also arrange for offsite interaction via texting or email.

    Online schooling can seem intimidating but counselors and professors are available to help students from faraway locations.

    Because they understand the difficulties of overcoming physical distances and time barriers, online schools are keen to support their students.

    How Much Is The Walmart College Program?

    Walmart’s college programs through LBU are completely free. Walmart reimburses 100 percent for tuition and other expenses.

    Online programs mean that students do not have to worry too much about their on-campus housing or travel expenses.

    Before this system, employees paid a $1 per day tuition fee.

    However, even just a few hundred dollars per annum can cause families undued economic hardship and prevent them from pursuing higher education.

    Walmart is doing a great job of recognizing this and eliminating all financial obstacles for their employees.

    Walmart College Program In 2022 (Your Complete Guide)

    Where Can You Sign Up For The Walmart College Program?

    You can register online to start with Walmart’s college programs. This is the Walmart/Guild Education website.

    There are also links to information on the programs offered by the schools as well the skills training that they provide.

    This will allow you to log in with your Walmart ID and many other details.

    Do you have any restrictions or exclusions with the Walmart College program?

    Walmart has some exclusions and restrictions on its college program.

    This program can lead to degrees in business, supply chain management, and technology, among others.

    Walmart will not pay to help you get the poetry degree you’ve always wanted.

    Employees without bachelor’s or associate degrees cannot use the program. So you can’t use the program to get a second undergrad degree.

    Temporary associates who have been hired to work a holiday season are not eligible.

    Finally, many salaried staff are not eligible. Field facility associates, who are salaried, are the exception to this rule. They are nevertheless eligible.

    Walmart College Program In 2022 (Your Complete Guide)

    Are There Any Walmart College Program Scholarships?

    Walmart offers no scholarships to students who enroll in the LBU program. The company covers all expenses.

    Walmart also offered other scholarships, which were unrelated to LBU. They have done this for years.

    These scholarships were called the Walmart Dependent and Walmart Associate Scholarships, and they could be applied to employees or their dependents.

    You could apply the $13,000 scholarship towards any four-year program.

    Unfortunately, with the expansion of the LBU program imminent, Walmart phased out this scholarship program.

    Instead, they opted to focus their educational assistance with Live Better U.

    LBU applies only to current employees. Therefore, Walmart dependents are no longer eligible for tuition assistance.

    The plus side is that any Walmart Associate or Walmart Dependent employee would be eligible for the entire funding.

    Walmart’s College Program: How Much?

    Walmart will pay a lot for this ambitious program. It covers 100 percent of college tuition and book expenses.

    The mega-retailer actually announced that it would invest almost $1 billion to pay the expenses.

    The program allows over one million U.S. citizens to benefit from it.

    It’s crucial to maintain perspective.

    Walmart, however, reported revenue surpassing $500 billion two years running.

    Walmart can provide education to its employees in a way that is affordable.

    Walmart has many other related topics, including the Walmart employee discount, Walmart student discount, or Walmart’s late policies.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart’s college program provides 100 percent tuition and book remission to over one million eligible U.S. employees.

    This is an upgrade on the former $1 a day program, which still barred some employees from attaining higher education degrees.

    Walmart will invest almost a million dollars in continuing education for their associates. It’s a win/win situation.

    Walmart Pays College Tuition?

    Amazon fulfillment center Eastvale, California. Tuesday, August 31, 2021. Walmart, the most powerful employer in the United States, has announced that they will offer college free to its 1.4 million employees. September 30, 2021

    Walmart Lbu How Does it Work?

    Walmart’s employee-based education benefits program, Live Better U, is called. Live Better U is a program that allows associates, or employees, to receive certificates and degrees at significantly lower costs. Live Better U is an online platform that offers associates the opportunity to pursue any one of these options: Finish high school. November 14, 2020

    What colleges have partnered Walmart?

    Walmart has now announced the full list of partners academic for its LBU Program. They include Bellevue University. University of Massachusetts Global. Johnson & Wales University. Louisiana State University online. Pathstream. Penn Foster Career School. Penn Foster High School. Purdue University Global. Southern New Hampshire University….Oct 21 2021

    Walmart Will Pay You More If you Have a Degree

    Press Center. BENTONVILLE. Ark. July 27, 2021 — Walmart, through its Live Better U program, announced today it will cover 100% college tuition for all associates. Associates will have the option to waive their $1 per-day tuition fee starting August 16, making Walmart fully responsible for all educational programs. July 27, 2021

    .Walmart College Program In 2022 (Your Complete Guide)

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