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Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch Dx2, Pink

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2, Pink
The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 is an adorable and kid-friendly design that is perfect for taking quality videos, pictures and selfies. The secure and splash proof wristband is perfectly sized for kids’ wrists and features a motion sensor for active play challenges. The Monster Detector game creates an AR experience where you capture monsters in the real world. The learning lodge features free games, watch faces and camera effects for parents to download and use at their discretion. The battery included lasts for up to two years.
  • Stylish Kid-Friendly Design; Secure Splash Proof Wristband Is Perfectly Sized For Kids’ Wrists
  • Take Quality Videos Pictures And Selfies Customize Them With Funny Filters And Make Them Into Watch Faces
  • Monster Detector Game Creates An Ar Experience Where You Capture Monsters In The Real World; Motion Sensor Included For Active Play Challenges Pedometer And Sound Effects
  • Parents Can Safely Share Photos And Videos At Their Discretion Only By Uploading Them To A Computer; Free Games Watch Faces And Camera Effects Available From Learning Lodge
  • Intended For Ages 4+ Years; Battery Included; Only Charge Device Using The Micro-Usb Cable Connected To A Computer; Do Not Charge Using A Third-Party Adapter

Looking for a stylish, kid-friendly smartwatch? Look no further than the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2! This watch is perfect for children 4 years or older and is equipped with a secure, splash-proof wristband, a motion sensor, and free games, watch faces, and camera effects from Learning Lodge. Parents can safely share photos and videos at their discretion only by uploading them to a computer. The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 is also intended for ages 4+ years and comes with a battery included.

Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch – Blue With Movable Arms And Legs, Fun Expressions, Sound Effects, Play Games, Track Fitness And Steps, Built-In Cameras For Photo And Video 512 Mb | Kids Age 4+

Little Tikes Tobi Robot Smartwatch – Blue with Movable Arms and Legs, Fun Expressions, Sound Effects, Play Games, Track Fitness and Steps, Built-in Cameras for Photo and Video 512 MB | Kids Age 4+
Features: – Fun, colorful design with 50+ watch faces – Tobi Robot Smartwatch has movable robotic arms and legs, sound effects, and expressions – Helps kids learn to tell time with features such as a stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, calendar, reminders, and more – GAMES GALORE! Unlock rewards for more play with Search & Seek game, learning, dance activity game, and more – TWO CAMERAS! Tobi Robot Smartwatch has 2 built-in cameras that can film video, take selfies, and capture photos – Add stickers or edit photos and videos with easy touchscreen using included functions – Splashproof and durable for indoor and outdoor play – 3 ways to play with Tobi Robot Smartwatch: wristwatch, clip, or tabletop display stand
  • Comes To Life Before Your Eyes! Tobi Robot Smartwatch Has A Playful Personality Moving Robot Arms And Legs Fun Sound Effects And 100+ Expressions. Helps Kids Learn To Tell Time Featuring Stopwatch Timer Alarm Clock Calendar Reminders And 50+ Watch Faces.
  • Games Galore! Your Favorite Smartwatch Comes With An Augmented Reality Search & Seek Game Learning Dance Activity Game And More! Has A Motion Sensor For The Built-In Pedometer To Keep The Kids Active Healthy And Moving. Playing Games Unlocks Rewards For Even More Play.
  • Two Cameras! Tobi Robot Smartwatch Has 2 Built-In Cameras That Can Film Video Take Selfies And Capture Photos. Add Cool Stickers While Editing. Memory Storage Is 512 Mb Or Up To 3000 640 X 480 Pixels Photos Or 30 Minutes Of 320 X 240 Pixels Video.
  • Easy To Use! Tobi Robot Smartwatch Features A Kid-Friendly Touchscreen A Built-In Rechargeable Battery And A Micro-Usb Cable For Charging As Well As Transferring Photos And Videos To Your Computer.
  • Splashproof And Durable! Designed To Withstand Childrens Activities Indoors And Outdoors. Three Ways To Play With Tobi Robot Smartwatch Wear On Your Wrist Attach To Your Clothing Using The Included Clip Or Set It On A Tabletop With The Display Stand.

Introducing the Tobi Robot Smartwatch! This fun and interactive watch is perfect for kids 4 and up. It has a playful personality, moving robot arms and legs, fun sound effects, and 100+ expressions. And it comes with games galore! Your favorite smartwatch comes with an augmented reality Search & Seek game, learning, dance activity game, and more! The Tobi Robot Smartwatch also has 2 built-in cameras that can film video, take selfies, and capture photos. Plus, it has a rechargeable battery and a micro-USB cable for charging and transferring photos and videos to your computer. The Tobi Robot Smartwatch is splashproof and durable, making it perfect for kids’ activities indoors and outdoors. So why wait? Order your Tobi Robot Smartwatch today!

Ticktalk 4 Unlocked 4G Lte Kids Smart Watch Phone With Gps Tracker, Combines Video, Voice And Wi-Fi Calling, Messaging, 2X Cameras & Free Streaming Music

TickTalk 4 Unlocked 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker, Combines Video, Voice and Wi-Fi Calling, Messaging, 2X Cameras & Free Streaming Music
The TickTalk 4 is a 4G LTE kids smart watch phone that has a GPS tracker and a lot of features to keep your child connected. It also has voice and Wi-Fi calling, messaging, 2x cameras, and a music streaming feature.
  • Stay Connected With Video Calling Voice Calling Wi-Fi Calling Talk-To-Text And Preset Text Responses Voice Messages Photos Emojis And Gifs Your Child Never Runs Out Of Ways To Stay Connected With Their Favorite People.
  • Stay Safe With Accurate Gps Location Tracking Emergency Sos And 20+ Parental Controls Ticktalk 4 Is A Great Gift For Boys And Girls Between The Ages Of 5-12 Years Old. Parents Can Also Approve All Watch Contacts Block Unknown Numbers And More In Our Parental Control App.
  • Stay Expressive With 2X 5-Megapixel Cameras With Photo And Video Share Double The Selfies And Snapshots. Choose Between Individual And Group Messages And Chats To Send Talk-To-Text Messages Preset Responses Gifs Emojis And Voice Recordings In Our Secure Messaging Center.
  • Stay On Task Set Daily Step Goals With Our Activity Tracker To Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle. Keep Your Child Focused With Reminders And Do Not Disturb Class Mode To Build Better Habits At An Early Age.
  • Stay On Beat The First Kid’S Smartwatch Phone To Offer Free Unlimited Streaming Music Powered By Iheartradio Family. Access Thousands Of The Most Popular Kid-Friendly Songs Podcasts Stories At No Extra Cost. Only Available For U.S. Customers.

Introducing TickTalk 4, the perfect phone for kids! With video calling, voice calling, Wi-Fi calling, Talk-To-Text and preset text responses, voice messages, photos, emojis, and GIFs, your child never runs out of ways to stay connected with their favorite people. And with our accurate GPS location tracking, emergency SOS, and 20+ parental controls, TickTalk 4 is a great gift for boys and girls between the ages of 5-12 years old. Parents can also approve all watch contacts, block unknown numbers, and more in our parental control app.

Best Smart Watch For Kids

Why you should trust us

This guide was compiled from research that I conducted with more than twelve parents. Another dozen were surveyed via social networking about the smartwatches or cell phones of their kids. I also convened a handful of my daughter’s friends (who were 10 to 11 years old at the time) to solicit their opinions. A technology analyst was also interviewed to gain a better understanding of the market. I spoke with representatives from multiple device companies. For a look at what is available for brick-and mortar shoppers, I went to my local Target, Verizon and Best Buy stores. Also, I read reviews online, blogs posts and reported on basic smartphones and smartwatches in children’s sizes., the San Francisco Chronicle, and other tech publications have featured me on technology trends. I am also the author of Wirecutter’s guide to the best apps to manage a kid’s smartphone and advice on how to set up a tablet for kids . As a parent to an 11-year old and 13-year-old I feel obligated to research and pick a device that won’t be distracting them with endless apps and games, but also allows me keep track of them while they venture off on their own.

best smart watch for kids

This list contains the top 12 smartwatches designed for children who do not yet require a smartphone.

The perfect gift for your techie tot or teen.

The smartwatches designed for children are smaller and cheaper than their regular counterparts. These smartwatches are packed with apps and games for your kids. Some even come equipped with cameras to take selfies. Other communication tools support texting, phone calls, and tracking GPS.

Smartwatches are not designed for children. However, teens can use them to send and receive messages.

For kids that are always asking for smartphones, a smartwatch can be a good middle ground. Though they may not allow unrestricted internet access as a phone does, the majority of smartwatches won’t incur data charges. The recommended models are a great way to help your child transition into tech. Even better, they’re much cheaper than smartphones. So, shop the best smartwatches for kids right now!


(Image credit: Fitbit. By Last Update Smartwatches need not be reserved for adults. Smartwatches have become more accessible to younger generations. Some models offer learning tools and games for those who are on-the-go.

These smartwatches are great for children, and include smart trackers.

Because during the summer holidays, you want to make sure your kids are staying active, rather than spending every day in bed playing Fortnite. The best camera is great for creativity.

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best smart watch for kids

These are the Best Smartwatches to Buy for Teens and Kids.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know when looking for the best smartwatches that teens and young people can afford.

Capabilities: The best smartwatches for kids vary pretty widely in terms of what they can do within fitness tracking, and range in extra features too, with everything from built-in cameras, step counters, Google Maps/GPS and flashlights, to games, speaker, music storage, FM radio, as well as texting and calling.

Battery Life: These kids smartwatches are capable of lasting between seven and ten days without a charge. The battery itself is also in it for the long haul, and is usually designed to last at least a year or more.

Durability: Waterproof or water-resistant IPX-rated watches can keep liquid damage at bay, and some are sealed to keep out sand and dirt too. An anti-scratch coating is able to protect against damage to your face.

Band: Although the band doesn’t directly control what your watch does, children can have a hard time choosing colors or comfort when they wear it daily. There are many options for bands and straps available from most brands, which will allow you to ensure that they have the right color and design. A wristband that is adjustable and snug enough to fit your child’s wrist is important. As their wrist sizes change, it will need to be flexible.

Age Range Teens Will Want Different Features than Kids. This includes contactless payments, calendars. Buy this gift for teenagers or teens that has the right interface and capabilities to suit their lives.

And since the watch is attached to them, no more lost cell phones – as the “Find My Phone” feature is always a huge help.

The Best Smartwatch for Kids: Information To Help You Make A Sound Choice

TEACHER PET Little Tips Tobi Robot smartwatch Review Price An easy-to-use learning tool disguised to be a digital animal.

Fun features without the high price tag make this smartwatch a smart buy.

KEEP KIDS ON TRACK Garmin Vivofit Jr.

It counts strides and sheep with a stylish activity tracker.

Buying a smartwatch for a kid is actually, well, incredibly smart. Smartwatches can promote healthy habits by tracking steps. Smartwatches can be used to teach kids the importance of having a gadget. A GPS tracker can be used by parents to keep an eye on their child’s movements. And, of course, they can make your little one smile, reminding them that, sometimes, their parents really are pretty cool. Picking the right device is more complicated than just buying an Apple Watch or Fitbit. It’s not easy to outfit a youngin. Do kid-specific watches have more value than those made by adults? This is how you can pick the right smartwatch for your child.

Top GPS watch for kids:

Best child health monitor:

best smart watch for kids

Children’s Smartwatch Benefits

A smartwatch is a device that can be used to track your health and alert you when you are not at work. They are an ideal alternative to smartphones, particularly for young children.

Many children are not mature enough or responsible enough for a smartphone, so it is not advisable to give them one. Smartwatches however are secure, attachable to wrists, less costly, and offer restricted access to inappropriate content.

There are many smartwatches that can be used by children. They have SOS buttons and GPS trackers. The smartwatches can be used to keep tabs on your children while they’re out and about with friends or at school. Some will even allow for two-way calls, enabling you to stay in contact.

These watches are also great for older kids. For ages 6 and up, smartwatches offer fitness trackers , timers, and calendars that can give youngsters the independence they yearn for.

It is probably not the best choice if your child feels distracted by a smartwatch. Or at least, don’t let them wear it to school.

If your child spends most of their time at home alone, then a smartwatch is not necessary.

Looking for the Best Smartwatches For Kids?

Smartwatches that track kids’ schedules will have GPS as the main deciding factor. The Verizon Gizmo smartwatch, which is a true smartwatch, acts more like a cellphone in that it gives parents a real-time view of their child’s location as well as the option to call or text them. Fitbit Ace 2 and other wearables focused on fitness may have no need for location services. They also offer the possibility of two-way communication. Are you not comfortable with using an app? These smartwatches can be used standalone and don’t require any setup.

But, watch that tracks your physical activity have advantages. Parent who are concerned about screen time won’t be disappointed by smart fitness trackers. They can not only monitor your activity but also encourage you to move. While kids may be able to check their daily step count or receive a reminder that they need to sit up, what’s most exciting is seeing the screen celebrate when their sleep goals or activity have been met. While settings can easily be changed in the app’s parent section, setting up your own alarm and/or following your activity rules is a good way for children to learn responsibility.

Smartwatches may be replacing the need of a smartphone or tablet but this doesn’t mean they are completely uninteresting in entertainment. Some watches designed for kids have games that include math, numbers, and mysteries. There might also be funny filter options on the camera. It is small in size, but the screen resolution is impressive and enough to keep the kids entertained at all times, whether they are in the queue, waiting for their turn, or driving home.

It will help things to go more smoothly when you have your child on board. If you decide to buy a watch with GPS tracking and boundaries or location tracking, it is important that your kid knows that their location can be viewed. This can promote mutual respect.

Check out these smartwatches that kids will love in 2021.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2

best smart watch for kids

Verizon Gizmowatch 2: The Best Smartwatch For Kids (And Parents)

Verizon Verizon According to the GizmoWatch 2, the GizmoWatch2 can be described as a smartwatch that tracks your fitness and is not a health tracker.

, though a fair bit larger and with a blue or pink strap. Like the Apple Watch, it also comes with a bright, colorful, 1.4-inch screen. It can withstand water and lasts for approximately 2-4 days depending upon how often you use it.

GizmoHub apps can be easily installed on parent’s phones. This will allow them to create location alerts, set up to-do list, make step goals, schedule quiet times and much more.

The possibility to follow their child’s movements will prove very useful for parents. You can send a message to your child and call up to ten people (including you) and can also set guardians. It’s useful when both parents desire to track their children.

Parents will find the device easy-to-use and helpful. It could become the most trusted smartwatch for their children, where safety and communication are paramount concerns. The health track features may be a little basic. However, many of the features can prove to be very useful for parents.

Fitbit Ace 3: The Best Fitness Tracker For Kids

Fitbit Fitbit smartwatches are well-known because they track and encourage movement. It is not a traditional fitness tracker but the Ace 3 has some excellent smartwatch functions.

Fitbit Ace 3 is a continuation of the Ace 2’s success. It has a bright screen, easy integration with the Fitbit app, and a durable design. The screen, while bright, is black and not really eye-catching. The screen is better suited for older children. However, the three different colors and fun strap options (including a Minions design) help mitigate the otherwise basic aesthetic.

Ace 3 is a great device. It has impressive battery life (up to eight days), a solid heart rate sensor , 50-meter water resistance, robust activity tracking, sleep tracking , and some nifty features like a bedtime reminder. Its best feature is its encouragement through the various targets that help you to develop healthy habits. It lacks certain features of grown-up models. There’s no GPS , for example, and no stair count, either. This is still the most effective fitness tracker available for children who want to be more active.

Find the best trackers for your child’s fitness. Get them moving

best smart watch for kids

Honorable Mention: Apple Watch Se

Apple Watches come now with Family Setup, which allows the user to setup and manage an Apple Watch for another family member. It’s great for people who don’t own iPhones, but share a home with one. You can also use it to help your kids get the watch.

We reviewed the Apple Watch SE and called it “the smartwatch most people should get.” But, the Apple Watch SE can only be used by older children. The user interface is a bit too complicated. The beautiful display and plenty of third-party applications will make every child who is lucky enough to have one very happy. The same goes for parents who will find apps which mimic features on the devices listed. While the Apple Watch is the smartwatch that is best for kids is the Apple Watch, the cost is still high. The UI for it is less user-friendly.

Check out our full review to learn more about the Apple Watch SE.

Top smartwatches wearables

Kids Smartwatches With Gps

If you want to keep tabs on where your kid is, the GizmoWatch can help you do that you can track the location of GizmoWatch (and thus the kid it’s attached to) via a GPS locator you can connect to your own phone. To alert your child if they move outside of the boundaries you can set them up. Quick Dial or Auto Answer are available to help you quickly get in touch with your child. You can even add as many contacts as you wish. It’s also functional for your kid too, as it’s a fitness tracker and watch, and you can set alarms and reminders. This watch comes in two colours: pink or blue.

TickTalk Unlocked 4G cellular LTE Universal Kids smart watch

For a way to reach your kids without actually giving them a phone, this TickTalk smartwatch is the next best thing. It is compatible with the majority of phone carriers, can make video calls and messages, as well track your location. You can connect the watch to WiFi and pair it with other TickTalk watches for text and emojis. Use the Android and iOS versions of the app for parents to pre-select contacts, create reminders, disable features, etc.

One reviewer

He said that the watch is “incredible in all aspects.” From the quality of the product to the ease of using the app on my phone, this watch is the best item I have ever bought for my daughter. My daughter is in a stage when she needs to check on her family, but doesn’t need a phone. Being able to reach her in case I get late picking up my daughter from school is a great plus. We are also very pleased with the location tracking feature and the firewall to block telemarketers. 4G is working great!

For more ideas on great products for your family, check out our Kids Gear Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

.Best Smart Watch For Kids

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