Everlane Tote Review

Everlane Tote Review

everlane tote review

Size comparison

There is one major difference between the bags: their size. And again, this can count for a lot. Remember that my Day Market Tote review indicated that the large size of the Tote would likely be too small if the person is shorter. And coincidentally, I have had a couple of women 5’4″ or shorter reach out to me to tell me that they agreed with that assessment. Let’s look at the size difference.

Everlane DayMarket Tote: It measures 49cm wide and 34cm tall and is 10cm thick. Everlane Day Square Tote: It measures 42cm, 34cm and 34cm respectively. Day Square Tote, on the other hand, is shorter and only 10cm deeper. The photos will show the difference. I’ve been using the tote quite a lot since I received it, and I find the size to be very reasonable. It holds my DSLR, along with some other items, so my laptop can fit in it. The bag also feels lighter against my frame.

everlane tote review

Last Thoughts

Cuyana is my favorite tote. Everlane, however, is an excellent place to start if you prefer a structured look. It is made of high quality materials, with clear craftsmanship and classic colours. While I see myself using and cherishing both bags for years to come, I do prefer the size of the Day Square Tote Day Market Tote . It’s slightly more compact, it’s easier to travel with, and it looks more in proportion with my frame (and I’m 172cm tall for reference). For me, this is pretty important. I don’t want to wear a bag that feels bulky, but I also need it to be roomy enough to fit in all the essentials. It’s the ideal combination of the two. Plus, I like the versatility and cognac colour. This bag is great for autumn/winter as well spring/summer.

Your thoughts? I’d love to know which bag you would choose! x To be completely transparent, I was given the Everlane Day Square Tote by the brand as a gift. But I wasn’t required to share any reviews or posts about it. All views and opinions expressed here are my own.

everlane tote review

One honest review of the Everlane Day Market Tote

It was Meghan Markle who first showed me the Everlane Day Market Tote. This made it a definite favorite piece of mine. It was stylish, big and reasonably affordable. At the time, I had also wanted to support Everlane because of their ethical claims, there is now news to attest their supposed ‘ethical’ values. Now that I have the information I do, I believe I could have loved my purchase even more.

The pros and cons of the Everlane tote are listed below. My Everlane tote review is available on my YouTube channel if you like video reviews.

The Pros: If this bag is used properly, it’s stunning. The leather is elegant and sheeny. When I travel to NYC, this is the bag I want to take with me. It’s easy to carry a book, keys, and my wallet and it makes me feel organized. Everlane’s beautiful items are also very reasonably priced. This why despite the fact that they are said to ‘green wash’, I decided to still on occasion purchase from Everlane. I have not yet found a company offering styles I like at the price I desire. (If you have any recommendations, I would love to know!) Pros This is the picture I took after using the tote once. This was not a tote meant for carrying work. The leather is extremely delicate and can become strained. The leather is extremely sensitive and you cannot stuff everything in there. As a reference, the leather became so stiff after one day of use that I tried to transport my books around NYC as a teacher. Everlane sent me an email to complain. At first, it sent me a recommended treatment for the leather. But after I sent them another email, they sent me this bag back and sent me a new one.

Since owning the new one, I use it lightly and do really love the look of it. But it sometimes does feel so wasteful that a tote this large can’t actually hold many items. Due to the natural nature of leather it can strain easily. It also gets many marks and scratches even with little usage. Cuyana helped me carry my tote to Cuyana. After I expressed concern about the amount of wear on mine, an associate from Cuyana explained to me that it was due to the soft leather on the surface. This is the best type of leather for carrying small objects to minimize wear. Cuyana’s tote is made of textured leather.

Overall, the tote’s design is still stunning to me. I hope that my review will help anyone considering purchasing this product!

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everlane tote review

Twill Zip Tote

The Everlane Twill Zip Tote has an inside pocket and leather straps. It is less than 1 lb 15 oz. It measures 13.5″ in height, 17 inches wide, and 3 inches deep.

The reverse version of the denim was what I ordered. After carrying it for a couple of months, I noticed that the zipper was starting to come loose. It was not heavy enough to hold a laptop or anything else. Everlane sent me a replacement bag and I returned the original one to them for review. The replacement bag has been with me for approximately a year. Here’s how it now looks.

This is not bad for a bag I carry all day. It has a small watermark inside due to a spilled water bottle, however it is not visible on the outside. It has some minor wear at two corners but it is otherwise very durable. The size is very versatile.

Here’s what I usually have with me: water bottle, change purse, transit card, a magazine or book, and a handbag organizer with my wallet, sunglasses, a notebook, pen, lip balm, reusable bags (my favorite reviewed here ), and a whole bunch of other little things. This handbag organizer has changed the way I live. There are pockets everywhere and the organizer makes it simple to switch bags.

The organizer I originally had was from Muji. It was sturdy but not large enough. It also wasn’t light enough. This one I purchased from Amazon was a little over 3 ounces. While it has a lot of floppy pockets and the net on the exterior pockets doesn’t hold up as well, you will find that the zippers work great. Update: This bag has now been converted to a pouch. A laptop can be carried in the Twill Zip Tote. However, the bag does not provide structure nor padding.

You can also get the bag in a double-tone version.

everlane tote review


It’s time to move from conspicuous consumption to conscious consumption, and do reviews. You will find many unsponsored reviews about Everlane, Elizabeth Suzann and Only Child on this site. I’m working towards a minimal waste lifestyle, and oh yea I love bags >.< Tale of Two Totes, Part 2: Everlane The Day Market Tote Updated February 2019 with a comparison with the Everlane Day Square Tote If you're wondering about the title, I called this two-part-post series as "Tale of Two Totes" because I started using both this Everlane Day Market Tote Celine small cabas phantom reviewed here as Part 1 ) at pretty much the same time. These are two great totes, yet they're very different. I use the Celine tote as my everyday personal bag, while the Everlane tote is my work bag (having replaced my Everlane dipped zip tote, similar here Everlane Day Market tote vs. Everlane Twill tote I decided to upgrade my twill tote to the leather market day tote because I found the twill tote a bit too small for my work needs. The twill tote was great because it could zip up completely, however, for my work day, I don’t need the zipper. I was looking for a sturdy tote that can hold everything I stuff into it. The Day Market Tote is perfect for this!

The only distinction is the MG Tote’s patent leather-type interior. The MG is a bit shinier as well as stiffer than Everlane. The Everlane tote is unlined with a flat (and rather useless) pocket on one side.

When I asked Everlane for more information about their leather, I got this very informative response:

The leather we use comes from cattle that have been killed to make meat. We are not letting this material waste. Instead, we use it to make bags and shoes. It comes from only adult animals. Because it has been tanned in Italy, we call it Italian leather. For the manufacture of our products, we can use either vegetable or chrome tanning. In the case of chrome tanning, we use only chemicals that have passed all environmental compliance laws currently in place. We chrome tan our brightly colored leather products. Vegetable tan is for the rest.

If you are deciding between the Everlane bag and Mansur Gavriel, I’d choose this one. You can be more transparent about the source of the leather used in the Everlane bag. Also, the Everlane tote has better quality.

– If you love that leather smell on bags, this tote is for you. This leather tote smells just like leather, even after months of daily use.

I like the flat handle design that doesn’t dig in to your shoulders. This bag can be used alone, but is still very lightweight

everlane tote review


Moving from conspicuous to conscious consumption and doing reviews along the way. The site has many honest reviews about Everlane. Elizabeth Suzann. Only Child. Grana. And Cuyana. It’s my first Everlane review, it’s for the gift I got in December. Sorry for any inconvenience. You’re now limited to pastel colors (baby pink or baby blue) and you can order the ReNew Traveler Tote here. Although pastel colors are not bad, “toasted coconut” is an excellent neutral tan colour. They should re-release the bag in more vibrant colors. It is simply a wonderful bag. Perhaps it’s my most favorite Everlane bag. Everlane bags are my favorite.

However, I must say I just love this bag. This is probably because I’m full-on mom-bag-mode. I need a practical, lightweight bag to carry all the stuff. Plus it needs to be able to be tossed around and put on the floor every once in awhile. And this bag fits the bill. This bag is extremely lightweight, and the nylon recycled from it is quite thick and sturdy. You might even find it a bit lighter than my Longchamp Longchamp La Pliage tote.

I love the Longchamp Tote, but it is not my favorite bag. It has also been my bag for close to 10 years. This bag was purchased back when I first liked the red color. It’s still my favorite red item in my wardrobe. However, I love the Everlane Tote even more because: 1) It has an outside zippered pocket that fits my iPhone perfectly (unlike longchamp’s flat pockets inside which are not very useful); 2) the inside pocket is zippered so my iPhone doesn’t fall out of my shoulders (unlike Longchamp’s rolled handles); 3) The flat flat handles make it easy to carry my iPhone and the flat flat handles keep them from falling off my shoulders (unlike Longchamp’s rolled handles); 4) The handles are a little shorter than the Longchamp-style. The bottom of my tote doesn’t touch the ground when the handles are in my hands. It’s probably better for petite girls to use the Everlane Tote.

The handles may be different in length, but they are exactly the same size (this is Longchamp’s large tote).

Concerning the quality of nylon canvas, longchamp does indeed have a more luxurious texture than the regular one. Longchamp nylon isn’t slippery. It can become brittle if it is used frequently, as in the picture below.

Let’s see what Everlane’s nylon recycled nylon looks like over the long term (I will update this post and let me know if/when this bag develops holes). Foldability is what Longchamp wins over Everlane for me.

The Everlane tote is supposed to fold like in the photo below but it’s not easy. I also didn’t try very hard, but I never do with my Longchamp one. However, this Everlane Tote is my daily bag so I won’t be able to take it with me everywhere.

everlane tote review

The 10 Best Tote Bags to Use for Any Summer Activity

They’re *totes* cute, too.

Credit: Everlane / Hotel Magique Marissa Miller Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Our links can earn us commissions for purchases you make.

Many of these people have now been vaccinated with no restrictions in place across the country. If you’re trying to stay out of the house as often as possible this summer, you’re going to need a stylish tote to help you tote around all your belongings in one place. Tote bags come in an array of colors and shapes. They are practical and easy to carry around.

The coolest bags to carry on summer adventures are you searching for? Here are the top 10 most popular options available online from reliable retailers such as Anthropologie, Everlane and Lululemon.

everlane tote review

Everlane Day Market Tote Review

You can buy the Everlane Day Market Tote in seven different colors (mine is Saddle). It measures 19×16.5×13. You can easily hold the handle over your shoulder while it does not drag on the ground if you are carrying it around in your hand.

This bag is well constructed and not too heavy. The majority of structured bags I have seen are heavy.

This one is lightweight and soft despite the structure. Because the leather isn’t lined it adds lightness. The slightly rectangular shape fits a laptop easily. It could transport many files to and fro the office.

Personally I find the structured shape to look a bit more professional. Also the smooth leather looks polished. You can also scratch it easily.

It only has one internal pocket. Although you could store small items like a lip gloss or tissue in it, this won’t make your bag more organized. No zip closures or any other kind of closure are available.

Everlane Day Market Tote (VS Cuyana) The Cuyana Tote shares similar dimensions as the Everlane Day Market Tote. However, they are made out of different leathers. Meghan Markle favors the Everlane tote, which is made out of smooth Italian leather. Cuyana is another Italian leather tote. However, it is softly pebbled. Cuyana bags are unstructured and very slouchy. While the two main colors of the Cuyana totes are neutrals, Cuyana also has the ability to offer a variety of colours for holiday season. Cuyana bags were originally made in USA, but now they’re made in Turkey as well. Everlane’s bag is handmade in Italy. Both the Cuyana Classic Leather Tote (and the Everlane Day Market Tote) are the same price. My Cuyana tote review is HERE Everlane day market Tote VS Gigi New York. A Teddie Tote from Gigi New York was the first quality leather tote that I had purchased after my children left home. The python embossed on the bag is what makes it unique. The size is slightly smaller than the Everlane Day Market Tote but it is lined with leather and has been updated since I bought mine to include a zippered middle section.

Teddie Tote has a structured design but is heavier due to its lining. The Gigi New York totes are made in the USA and there is a mixture of neutrals and bright colours. Teddie Tote costs $335 more than $175. My GIGI New York Tote review is here. Are you more fond of soft, slouchy or structured bags? Do you prefer a zipper or a smaller size? The Everlane Day Market tote falls between the two. Cuyana is more slouchy than the Gigi NY Teddie, which is structured. Even though the Everlane is less rigid and heavier, it is still structured. However, it is light and malleable.

.Everlane Tote Review

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