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The following products are often preferred by Best Buy customers when they search for Classroom Projectors.

Both students and teachers can benefit from projectors. A projector can help teachers save time on overhead transparencies and allow students to see the lesson from anywhere in the classroom. Easy to use and capable of displaying a variety of materials, the top projectors can be used. These are the very best projectors that you can find today.

ViewSonic’s versatile projector can increase visual learning within your class. Ultrashort throw lenses allow you to position it just inches away from your screen. This makes it great for places with tight space. In addition, the software is simple enough to manipulate documents on-screen instantly. Use the microUSB cable included and the wireless dongle to present interesting content on your ViewSonic projector.

ViewSonic Projectors are able to increase the visual learning experience in classrooms. Ultrashort throw lenses allow you to position it just inches from your screen. This makes it great for places with tight space. In addition, the software is simple enough to manipulate documents on-screen instantly. Use the microUSB cable included and the wireless dongle to present interesting content on your ViewSonic projector.

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classroom projector

12 The Most Popular Classroom Projectors For School – High Definition, Gaming, and Presenting

Last update: August 18, 2019. Classroom projectors make the most of modern digital learning. This shared portal allows students to be active participants and can focus on engaging media.

When they don’t work well,

Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Classroom Projectors.

“>classroom projectors are the source of endless frustration, muffled curse words and a hindrance and distraction to learning.

We are going to tell you about the top-rated projectors that we have found to be the most reliable and cost-effective to save your school money. The Optoma HD143X is our favorite choice. However, we recommend that you take time to review all technical specifications to ensure it meets your needs.

Vankyo Performance V600, Highest Performance Projector. Optoma EH512

classroom projector

Check Out These Best Classroom Projectors

ViewSonic PA503S projector Epson VS250SVGA Epson Luma 150 mini pocket projector ACER H5382BD home theater projector ViewSonic EX5280XGA built-in speaker Projector Optoma WL412 WXGA Projector For Classroom InFocus IN116XA portable projector Crenova Outdoor Movie Video Projector Crenova B-76 We took into consideration many details when deciding on a projector. The first was that it needed to receive positive customer feedback. Next we considered the various components of classroom projectors. Also, we looked at portability as well the throw type (long throw, short throw, and ultra-short). We also considered mounting possibilities and audio output.

The selection of projectors was made with consideration for classroom space, light, and height. Multimedia purposes were key for us. So, for example, the projector should not only be capable of projecting presentations. It also needs to have good quality movie projection and connect to an interactive whiteboard. We also considered gaming when selecting classroom projectors to provide classrooms to teachers who use them. The warranty details are something we thought about when adding the projectors on the list.

While teachers shouldn’t be allowed to select their favorite teacher, we can guarantee that you will have a projector in your classroom as well, just like us. Pssst. Pssst. It is the ViewSonic PS501WWXGA. All units in this listing are excellent choices for classroom use.

classroom projector

Our Top 9 Classroom Projectors Reviewed

Portable projectors can be projected from 30 inches to 350 inches using 3200 lumens. The projector can be used on a PC or MAC as well as the iProjection App. The Epson VS250 is portable and lightweight. It can focus digitally or manually, and it also has remote control.

Brightness and color are two of the most significant features of this projector. The colors are very vibrant. The image appears a little grainy but is almost invisible if it isn’t. This projector is ideal for presentations and graphics in a well-lit room. You may have trouble reading a smaller font than 14 on your presentation. The projector’s quick setup is easy and makes it portable.

It is easy to learn the controls, which makes it a user-friendly projector. It is also portable and can be used with the Acer H5382BD Pocket projector or the Kodak Luma 150 Pocket projector. ViewSonic PS501W provides a better resolution but is only a very short throw projector.

Bluetooth compatibility is a negative aspect of this projector. However, it does support HDMI connectivity and compatibility. Although the built-in speakers provide adequate sound quality, you’ll need to be creative if your preference is for a stronger sound.

An HDMI extractor might be useful to enhance sound quality. While this resolution might not be suitable for large classes, we think it is adequate to fit smaller schools or groups. It is easy to replace the lamp, but it can also be broken after a period of 90 days. As well, the warranty for the projector is limited to two years.

The projector is compatible with MACs, MACs, smartphones, HDMIs, VGAs, mini USBs, as well as other devices. This projector boasts a bright 3,600 lumens brightness. The optical zoom lens allows for a sharp and focused image. Six-segment colors offer color accuracy. ViewSonic PA503S has an SVGA resolution of 800×600

ViewSonic’s projector is great for teaching. This multipurpose projector allows presentations and videos to be displayed in multiple ways. The remote control makes it easy to change the function. A six-segment colour wheel provides a pleasing effect on the viewers.

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Our Take

Even though this portable projector is perfect for teachers who need to travel between classrooms or buildings, its rechargeable battery lasts only about 2 hours. This device must be fully charged before it can be used.

It is portable and lightweight so it can fit in any pocket. The onboard controls light up when the projector is turned on, and no remote is offered, making it hard to move away from the projector when using it.

The projector can be used for movies, but it will not stream content that is copyrighted from services like Netflix or Hulu. They cannot be screencast, mirrored, or replicated.

This projector can be used best with a laptop connected to an HDMI cable. Mounting this projector on a tripod is possible with the ViewSonic. With a smaller and sleeker design than the Epson VS250 SVGA, you get what you pay for with this projector.

It is more difficult to achieve high quality pictures and colors with a smaller layout. This camera’s best feature is its portability. You can contact Kodak customer support to find out if your warranty includes a malfunction.

The specs of this white ACER H5382BD projector have a brightness of 3,300 lumens, DLP projections, and 1280×720 resolution. You can connect to the projector via HDMI or USB as well wirelessly. You can project any background color using the eColor Boost 3D included with this projector.

This powerful projector boasts many great features. It connects in just three steps. It is simple to connect via HDMI, VGA or USB. The wireless connection is also simple. You can freely roam the room with the wireless network.

classroom projector

Our Take

Although the long-shot is not the most expensive on this list, there are still great things about it. The fact that the projector only comes in one color makes it great for use in classrooms. Although the image appears very vivid, impressive, and smooth initially, it gradually becomes cloudy, with blurry corners, as the projector is turned on.

It should be easy to adjust the keystone (+/- 15deg) and to use a roller focus wheels. This product is easy to mount on the ceiling or to use with a tripod.

As the maximum display size is 200′, this projector works well in small areas. But the fans can get noisy if they’re used for too long. Crenova offers a 12-month warranty on their products and a lifetime guarantee if you purchase through them.

This Crenova projector shares many of the same specs as VANYKO. It has the exact same brightness and projection, but this is not the only thing that makes them similar.

The ability of this projector to not focus entirely is a negative aspect. Another negative aspect is that you need an adapter for a convenient phone connection. Also, like many of the other classroom projectors, copyrighted content from Hulu, Netflix, and similar services can not be mirrored or screencast. The built-in speakers do not offer great sound quality, and an external set of speakers or soundbar is suggested.

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Connecting to your Classroom Projector

This page shows you how to use a projector in a classroom to show the computer screen.

Know the features of all connectors prior to connecting.


If you don’t find a connector on your Biola computer, then you will need the adapter IT provided you with when your Biola was delivered.

1/8-inch Audio for Use with VGA HDMI Without a Video Adapter HDMI with a Video Adapter

No additional audio connector is needed for HDMI.

If you’re using an HDMI-to-VGA adapter with a Windows computer, make sure to enable sound through the 1/8-inch cable.

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11 Best Classroom projectors [2021 Teacher Projector Guide]

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The size and style of the classroom will determine the ideal projector. There are several different types of projectors for classrooms and we’ve taken a look at some of the top options to suit a wide range of teaching and classroom needs.

Crenova Native is our number one overall choice. This powerful classroom projector will project HD movies outside. The image will not be affected by sunlight. You can also use it with smart devices such as Roku or a TV Stick.

classroom projector

What are the top classroom projectors?

Crenova Neon The Crenova Native is our number one classroom projector thanks to its excellent performance in all classes. The projector is built for outdoor use, incorporating 6,000 lumen bulbs that create visible images even in bright light. To enhance the viewing experience, the extra contrast ratio improves color saturation.

In addition to excellent image quality, this projector has built-in speakers that use an SRS sound system. SmartEco technology and advanced cooling combine to make it an efficient model. The lamp lasts up to 50,000.

An HDMI cable can be used to connect your phone or tablet with the computer. The system also supports Audio, VGA and USB cables.

Native 1080p HD video projections across 200 inches

6000 lux brightness, suitable for bright classrooms.

Built-in SRS sound system speakers erase the need for external speakers

Compatibility with HDMI, USB and AV cables

classroom projector

We like this

40 to 100-inch projection size is good for small classrooms

This is designed for your home entertainment. It can also be used for classroom use

Sound drivers provide a powerful surround sound experience

Works well with HDMI or USB cables

Ideal to darken classrooms and teachers who are on a tight budget Nebula from Anker Mars Pro 500 ANSI Luminen Portable Projector.

You do not pay any additional costs to us, but we will earn a commission when you buy.

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Get a Smart Wireless Projector for Your School

Smart wireless projectors are a great option for school design and implementation. Without the need to require teachers and students to use a smartphone app, this is the easiest and most convenient way to enable wireless screen-sharing or desktop casting.

The BenQ Smart Projector For Classroom is easy to use. Students can pair any device with it and begin sharing content or looking at the images.

The smart projector for classroom use from BenQ is the first of its kind to offer built-in apps and web browsing capabilities. Getting started with the BenQ Smart Interactive Classroom Projector involves a minimal learning curve.

Once a classroom is set-up with its own wireless, PC-free and driverless projector, teachers and students can take it online and take advantage of different educational apps, online resources and presentation sharing formats.

Teachers can share and access their teaching materials from anywhere using the Account Management system. IT staff can also centrally manage their projectors across their network or cloud.

Discover more information about the BenQ Smart Projector in Classroom.

How Much Does A Classroom Projector Cost?

Lower resolution projectors will sell at a lower price than $500 if purchased for a school district. Although most districts spend around $700 to $1200 per projector, many are fully networking them, and include central monitoring.

What are the Projectors Found in Classrooms?

An overhead projector (OHP), like a film or slide projector, uses light to project an enlarged image on a screen, allowing the view of a small document or picture to be shared with a large audience.

Do Classrooms Still Use Projectors?

Marquez explained that projectors mounted on ceilings can display any information on the teacher’s computer on the wall. “The overhead projector, where the teacher would place it on a cart to display transparency sheets of the lesson, is not an option. “Jul 15, 2019

How many Lumens Are Required for A Classroom Projector

The lumens measure projector brightness. You will need at least 1500 lumens for home theater projectors, where the ambient light level is low. Ideal for classrooms and conference rooms that have windows is a projector with at least 2500 lumens.

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