First Day Of School

First Day Of School

first day of school

This is the List Of All Dates For School Years 2021-22

Check out the school’s start and stop times. Except for the first day, schools can have an early release of 75 minutes on Wednesdays.

Jump Start August 17-18 for new kindergarten students. Learn more about Jump Start September 1-First day of school The September 1 release isn’t an early Wednesday. Every Wednesday, except the first week in school, will see early release.

September 1 to 3 Family Connections Every new kindergartner is invited by their family to have a meeting with the teacher.

September 6 Labor Day. All preschool students are exempted from school. September 9 First Day of School.

November 25-26 Thanksgiving break (no schools) Thanksgiving Day and Native American Heritage Day. December 17, 2021 – January 2, 2022 Winterbreak (no schools) January 17 Martin Luther King Jr. Day. (no schools) January 27 Day Between Semesters. February 21-25 Mid-winter Break including Presidents Day. April 11-15 Spring break. May 30 Memorial Day. June 17, 2022. Last day of school. (1-hour early dismissal).

first day of school

Approval And Planning School Year Dates

The School Board approved the District Calendars for 2022-2023 and 2021-22 school years at its regular meeting of February 10, 2021.

The school schedule is jointly developed with SEA. They agree on the dates in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. CBA stipulates that the school year’s first day will fall on the Wednesday before September 1. For the beginning of the 2021-22 school school year, families should be aware that school will start before Labor Day on September 1st 2021 for Grades 1-12. The key dates formula was initially negotiated in the 2015-18 CBA to help staff and their families. This ensured consistency and didn’t allow for dates being arbitrarily chosen.

During the 2019 bargaining period, multiple joint workgroups between SPS and SEA were established, with one specifically organized to address inclusive considerations related to religious and cultural observations and practices. This group developed additional materials and guidance for the traditional school calendar.

Although not all religious/cultural celebrations can be accommodated, the guidance is intended to help families and schools to identify potential scheduling conflicts, excused absences, and/or make accommodations for families and students on religious/cultural holidays.

Additionally, the documents on Religion and Religious Accommodations for 2021-22 and 22-23, respectively, highlight religious and cultural observances that can have an impact upon students’ performance or lead to absences.

Board Documents with 2022-22 and 2023-23 School Year Calendars, and Religious Observances Guidance

first day of school

Cba’s Key Dates

The below dates were negotiated as a part of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

First day of school: The first Wednesday in September.

State In-Service Day is a day when the state recognises the event and occurs typically on the 2nd Friday of October.

Winter break: Minimum 10 weeks, beginning after New Year’s Day. Students will be able to return to school the following day (Tuesday) if New Year’s Day falls on or is observed on Mondays.

Mid-winter vacation: President’s Day (and the subsequent four workdays).

Spring Break: 5 days, starting on the 2nd Monday of April.

You can add snow day make-up to your June school calendar. You can add snow day make-ups in June, if required

first day of school

Important Dates


September 13 Monday The

List Of All School Year Dates 2021-22

“>first day of school,

Wednesday, September 16th. Schools closed

October 11 Monday Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day, schools closed

November 2nd, 2018 Election Day. Full remote, asynchronous instructional Day

November 3, 2015 Wednesday Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences for Elementary Schools and K-8 Schools.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at noon. Afternoon parent teacher conferences for K-8 elementary schools.

first day of school

Nyc Tech issues marred first day of school

Nearly one million students from New York City returned to school Monday morning, but the City Department of Education’s website for health screening crashed on the first day of school.

Students and teachers must screen the site each day to gain entry to the building. The website refused to load the screening, so it crawled to get some before the first bell. Just before nine o’clock in the morning, the screen came back online.

“The DOE Health Screening is back online. Our apologies for the short period it was down this morning. NYC Public Schools sent a tweet stating that the only way to access the online tools is by using a paper version or calling school staff.

Mayor Bill de Blasio spoke out about the problem, saying that “First day in school, one million children, that will overload the system.” Hizzoner could not explain why the site crashed.

Staffers at PS 51, Hell’s Kitchen were asking parents to complete paper copies for the health screening while their children waited to be admitted.

Students are excited to be back at school on Monday, 18 months after COVID-19 destroyed the largest school in the country.

The face of a student in a mask.

first day of school

Midlothian boy’s first day of school is his best ever

Michael Murphey was prepared for kindergarten Monday by being dressed in his Batman-themed T-shirt. He also had a Batman helmet and Batman backpack.

“I think every first day of school is super special,” Murphey’s mom, Brittany Denison, said.

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Midlothian fire cars pulled up behind Murphey’s house at 7.45am, sirens audible.

Denison said “Hello buddy,” to her child. “Somebody’s here for you.”

first day of school


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. It was titled, “Dear God. Please make them be kind to him.” Murphey’s Treacher Collins Syndrome, which shrinks the bone size of his skull was discussed in this post.

Gatlin helped to arrange for the Fire Department and Murphey’s favourite superheroes Batman and Captain America to pick Murphey up at his home and escort him into Mountain Peak Elementary, Midlothian, to start school.

Gatlin explained that you don’t always know the circumstances of everyone. You can either help someone who is struggling or step up and make a difference for them. You never know whose life you’re gonna touch or change.” Murphey arrived in his fire truck, escort. The kindergarten students were waiting at the curb to meet him.

Principal Adam Henke explained, “He’s part and parcel of the family now.” “It is huge that you recognize that your differences are important. It also helps me to appreciate and to comprehend what it means. Sometimes there are tears on the first day of school. These tears didn’t come directly from Michael.

“I could have never imagined,” Denison said wiping tears from her cheeks. I think he will have a great first year.”

first day of school

First Day Of School For Kckps 2021-22 Details

Your student’s first day at school will depend on their grade for the year.

If Your Student Is in… Their First Day of School is:

Full-Day Preschool Wednesday, August 18th, 2021*

Part-day (or Half-Day) Preschool Thursday, August 19th, 2021

*Wednesdays count as “Early Release”, meaning students can return to school earlier than usual. This also includes any Wednesdays that are the first day for students.

first day of school

Establish Rules And Routines

8. A tour of the classroom or scavenger hunt can help you to highlight the key features.

9. Present the most important classroom routines in a positive way, as you would a regular lesson. Students will be able to learn, practice, and discuss the most important routines.

10. Collaborate with students to create classroom rules. Establish a schedule that includes lunch, music, PE, class work, and recess. It is important to teach students the procedures that can help them move in these times quickly and effectively. They won’t be able to learn everything in one day. For the first few week, you should continue to practice and emphasize classroom routines.

12. Post the daily schedule that lists academic goals. Please note interruptions in your daily schedule like class pictures or assemblies.

13. Start with short academic reviews. This will ensure a high success rate. They will increase confidence and reduce fears. These can be used as a way to practice routines such as asking for help or turning in work.

14. Monitor and maintain constant contact with students. Spending time doing clerical work on the first day is not a good idea. Do not leave students to their own devices. In an emergency, get another teacher or school adult to monitor students.

first day of school

It is your only chance to get one “first day at school”.

Lisa Mims Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via flickr (CC BY 2.0) It’s that time of year again! The first day of school is here! The First Day of School! Everybody, no matter their experience level, has mixed feelings about that first day.

It doesn’t have to be as horrible as what you dream. My last 28 “first day of school” experiences have been pretty good. As a matter of fact, like a good wine, they have only become better with age.

You probably know that saying, “You only have one chance to make a first impression.” Remember, “first day at school” is only one. Of course, if you don’t do well on the first day, that does not mean you should quit teaching. Here are seven ways to make an impression the first day.

.First Day Of School

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