Stability Balls In The Classroom

Stability Balls In The Classroom

stability balls in the classroom

10 Best Classroom Stability Balls for 2021

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In the past decade, flexible seating in classrooms has been a common feature. This has changed the perception of classrooms as being static. To accommodate students of different learning styles, teachers are more likely to introduce alternative seating arrangements in their classrooms. This can be done by using stability balls inside the classroom.

Innovations and new approaches to doing things are the foundation of science. Alternate seating techniques would be challenged. Science ultimately prevails over the old ways of thinking. It has been proven that students using stability balls inside the classroom are more attentive and achieve higher grades. We didn’t know this!

After all this, here’s a resource guide for you to learn more about the benefits of

9 Best Stability Balls In The Classroom In 2021

“>stability balls in the classroom.

stability balls in the classroom

What Stability Ball is Best?

Trideer Ball Chair was our choice. While one stability ball won’t break the bank you should consider purchasing several when buying a class set. You should think about the type and arrangement of your seating, along with what flexible seating type you prefer. There are many options available to make your classroom brighter and more vibrant.

We don’t care what your opinion is, this list can help you improve the class and handle all the energy that children bring every day.

When I see this balance ball chair , the only thing I can think of is how much I would have loved one of these in the classroom as a kid! Gaiam has included a stability ball with wheels and a metal base to support it. Each color is available in a range of colours so that teachers are able to find the perfect match for their classroom.

This ball and start measure twenty inches wide and twenty-four inches tall and is recommended for kids between five and seven. This item can only be weighed 175 pounds. Additionally, the item is rated 4.1/5 stars by over 9-hundred Amazon customers. It also comes with free Amazon Prime shipping

The first thing that comes to mind when you use stability balls is “How will I keep my kid safe from falling on the floor?” The child can easily get up and move in class, while the chair’s bottom prevents it from happening. One downfall is that this item’s weight limit identifies that most adults cannot use this chair. Furthermore, this chair is limited to smaller children rather than upper age students.

View on Amazon 2. Children’s Stability Ball Chair Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play

Kids will enjoy sitting in ball like chairs. With seven different colors or smiley face designs to choose from, teachers can be sure that whatever exercise balls they choose will match the room. The four legs on each stability ball are built in to prevent it from rolling about and keep kids from hitting the ground. The chair is available in 2 sizes: 48 cm and 52 cm. You can fit children from 5-7 years, while larger sizes can hold 8-11 year olds.

stability balls in the classroom

4. Hroyl Donut Exercise Ball

This HROYL donutball is unlike the ones before it. Donut! These come in three bright colors that will be sure to make any classroom pop. The HROYL Donut’s unique shape keeps kids in place, while offering the same benefits as stability balls.

The Amazon-verified purchasers gave this “ball” a high rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars. The Amazon verified purchasers rated this “ball” as 4.6 out of 5 stars. This ensures that the product you receive is high quality and suitable for use in schools. The chair’s non-slip surface and resistance to water ensures that your children don’t fall from one place to the next.

Even with its unique shape, students will still benefit from improving their core strength and posture, being active while sitting (wiggle room), and improving brain stimulation. This yoga ball can give a new look to the classroom. It is a suitable size for any teacher or child who wants it for sitting.

Amazon. Wobble Stool for Kids Wobble Stool

This stool is unique in that it offers flexible seating. Children can move this stool side-to-side or in circular motions, just like yoga balls. With no assembly required, remove this item from the packaging and place it at the desk or table needed. Two sizes are available: 14′-17′, 17” to 21, and 21”-23”. The smaller size accommodates students under the age of 7, while the taller size benefits older children and adults.

Amazon has given this stool five stars. This product is also safe for students and can be used to help them move.

It may be the ideal option for an educator looking to have flexible seating options but not have a lot of balls bounce around in your class. It’s great to have different sizes so that students can use it, as well.

stability balls in the classroom


We evaluated the effects of stability balls on in-seat and on-task behavior of students with attention and hyperactivity concerns. A small group of students aged 4th to 5th in fourth grade was observed for 3 weeks. This observation took place over 12 weeks using an A-B Continuous Time-Series Design. Data from standard measures and classroom observations were used to analyze the data for differences between pre-and postintervention phases. The results of the stabilization ball intervention showed increased attention, lower levels of hyperactivity and increased time sitting or in front of the ball. According to the questionnaire, teachers preferred stability balls over sitting. Further evidence is provided by the social validity questionnaire that stability balls are effective in classrooms for students with hyperactivity and attention problems.

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stability balls in the classroom


They come in bright colors, as well as silver and black. The most popular colors for elementary classrooms are red, blue, yellow and green. Consider buying several different colors. A second option is for your students to pick the colors they like before you purchase. Having a choice is a big factor in flexible seating, and the color is important to children.

The Best Stability balls for Classroom Use This is what I recommend for elementary school classrooms.

The recommended age is all ages. Sizes available: 17.7 in, 21.6 in, 25.5 inch, 27.9 inches, 29.9 inches and 33.4″. PVC: A burst-resistant durable, environmentally friendly, high-quality, tough construction that can be used for hard workouts. It is very durable and burst-resistant, and the non-slip surface makes it extra safe for children. You can choose from five sizes or seven different colors. It can be used for Yoga, Pilates, or to strengthen core muscles and balance. Because of its long-lasting durability, it is a top choice in my classroom. While this model is suitable for all ages, I recommend it for older children who can balance on a ball.

You may have to replace the included pump if it isn’t of high quality. You should not overfill the tank as it will cause you to lose air. You won’t see any difference in its performance over time.

One of the best selling features: The pick was designed to help users improve their health, even though they are simply using it as a chair.


Includes additional plugs and an electric pump

stability balls in the classroom

Replacing school chairs with stability balls allows students to focus and study better

Recent formal research shows that public school students from Aroostook Country who were seated on stability balls rather than chairs enjoyed better academic performance as well their health.

The second half of the 2011-12 academic year saw the study assess each student’s “squirminess,” task-level, and posture over a 4-month period. It also assessed standardized test scores for each class, penmanship, observations from teachers and parents, and student opinions.

replaced chairs with stability balls in 13 classrooms located throughout Aroostook County , after teachers completed training during the first half of the school year. Students spent part or all of each day sitting on the stability balls at their desks and in other parts of the room. Stability balls made of latex are free from any allergens and have legs that prevent them rolling.

According to the study, more than half of students reported being able to remain still for longer periods and were able to maintain their postures after changing from a chair or a table to a stool. Overall satisfaction was also expressed by the students who used balls to make chairs.

Robin Norsworthy, fifth-grade teacher at Zippel elementary School said “The benefits have been greater than I could ever imagine.” They are more patient when they get into groups. And, the kids can move faster between tasks. “They love the stability balls and take ownership.” A study found that around 80 percent of students saw an improvement in their standard test scores during the academic year. Teachers reported that the stability balls helped students improve their academic performance.

This pilot project involved students aged between 6- and 18 years in seven different school districts. Teacher evaluations of their students were done before and after using the stability balls. Every student was also measured to determine the appropriate size ball.

This project was created through collaboration between schools and public health agencies that began in 2012. It was funded by The United Way of Aroostook, The Aroostook Medical Center and Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems.

stability balls in the classroom

Stability Balls in The Classroom

Come join us as we welcome Mrs. D from The Third Wheel and Minds Bloom to Minds! In her classroom, Mrs. D uses stability balls. To help you get inspired to use them in your own classrooms.

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Sometimes I wonder if I really have a “type”. SINGLE. YEAR. One of my sons is a small, happy boy. He is always there when I go to class each year. I can honestly say that 99% of his time, he becomes one of our favorite students. It is because he has found a way to give all of that energy good use.

It was about four years into my teaching career when a teacher friend of mine introduced me to the idea of trading out my chairs for stability balls in the classroom. While it didn’t appeal to me immediately, she shared her stories about how the stability balls helped her keep her attention on what was important and help them focus more on their learning than on consuming all the energy. It was encouraging to me that she asked more questions. As I had a tendency to have a number of her 2nd grades in my bedroom as 3rd-graders, I decided that I would give it another try.

It wasn’t easy, however. First, I had to figure out where to find the stability balls. One year ago, I sent an email asking parents for them. I was surprised to find that about 3/4 of my children took one with them. Once one parent alerted me to the fact I could purchase them online for only $10, I decided to buy a few extras for the classroom for those kids not able to transport one. A Donors Choose grant was awarded to me to create a set for class. I saved so much energy in the past when people brought their own desks or borrowed a stability ball from someone else.

The biggest problem was setting expectations about how students would use their stability balls. You should be aware that the first day of school is often a crazy one. Even with years of teaching students who are able immediately to stop their urge to bounce at the highest level, the first two days can be quite hectic. I notice that I get seasick looking out on the noisy bouncing group. The good news? Within a week, everyone settles down and the only ones who need to move and wiggle a bit continue doing so.

I am confident to say that those small challenges are nothing compared with the success stories I have experienced through stability balls in my class. Because they can release their energy, I have seen kids come to my classroom with an unrelenting behavior record. Children who avoid any physical activity and don’t even know it can get exercise. Tyler is a completely different experience. Tyler came into my classroom one year after his chemotherapy had ended. Tyler had received homebound services most of the second grade. Everyone was still anxious about his return to school. Because we had the stability balls, many of them wondered if the classroom they were in was the right one.

stability balls in the classroom


Stability Ball Misconceptions

They don’t last, and kids bounce too often and distract others from stability balls.

WittFitt Solution:

We only provide high quality stability balls with legs created by the original “Swiss Ball’ company in Italy. Complementary education consultation, teacher manual, online Google Docs, and Power Point Training are also available. This will allow you to train your students how to properly use the balls.

QUALITY and Stability Ball Chairs + EDUCATED Students = EFFECTIVE Stability Ball SITTING

Allows students bounce and to shift as their bodies need.

Why Are Yoga Balls Good In A Classroom?

Sitting on the stability ball in the Classroom has many advantages: It allows students to bounce, shift and move when needed. Increases focus and attention. The brain is woken up by good chemicals. Increases circulation to the body, especially the brain.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Stability Ball?

The stability ball can be used to help the core and strengthen lower back (abdominal) muscles. These muscles help with daily activities. A strong core is essential for protecting the back, stabilizing the entire body including the pelvis, spine and hips. Decreasing imbalance. March 10, 2016.

What Exercises Can You Do With A Stability Ball?

  1. Stability Ball Hamstring Curl. *Relax your core, glutes and hamstrings.
  2. Stability Ball Single-Leg Glute Raise
  3. Stability Ball Hamstring floor tap.
  4. Stability Ball Squat.
  5. Stability Ball Preacher’s Curls
  6. Stability Ball Chest Press Locomotive
  7. Stability Ball Seated Shoulder Press
  8. Stability Ball Push Up.

How Do You Keep Yoga Balls From Rolling In Class?

Gaiam Balance Ball Inflatable Safety Ball Ring Turns Your Balance Ball into an Office Desk Ball Chair It provides stability while you are seated at your table or desk.

.Stability Balls In The Classroom

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