Everlane Twill Tote Review

Everlane Twill Tote Review

everlane twill tote review

Twill Zip Tote

The Everlane Twill Zip Tote has an inside pocket and leather straps. And it weighs under a pound 15 ounces. At 13.5″ tall, 17.5″ wide and 3” deep, it’s quite large.

I got one in reverse denim. The zipper’s stitching began unravelling after a while. I wasn’t even carrying anything really heavy like a laptop in it. Everlane sent me the new bag after I informed them. They also took my old one back for inspection. This is what the bag looks like after I have had it for about one year.

This is not bad for a bag I carry all day. It has a small watermark inside due to a spilled water bottle, however it is not visible on the outside. There’s also some wear to two of the corners, but otherwise it’s held up pretty well. It can also fit quite a bit.

Here are my usual items: water bottle, change purse and transit card. I also carry a magazine or a book. And a handbag with my wallet and sunglasses. I was able to simplify my life with the help of my handbag organizer. You can store everything in it and you have multiple pockets. It also makes it super easy to swap bags between them (which I rarely do).

Originally I had an organizer from Muji, which was quite sturdy, but not big enough. It was also not as light as I wanted. Amazon claimed it to be a mere 0.3 ounces in weight. Although it’s not as sturdy as the inside pockets, the zippers are easy to use and they work great. (Update: I have since switched to a pouch system You could carry a laptop in the Twill Zip Tote, but the bag lacks both structure and padding, so if you decide to do that, put it in a case.

The tote is available in two versions: a dip version if you want a dual-tone look.

everlane twill tote review

Everlane Twill Weekender

TripSavvy/ Joseph Gonzalez Shop on Everlane.com. We bought the Everlane Twill Weekender to allow our expert reviewer to thoroughly evaluate and test it. Check out our detailed product review.

The weekend trip packing can be one of the hardest tasks. However, you have more options to overload. It is important to choose the right bag. Everlane’s Twill Weekender bag is light and easy to carry.

You don’t likely need many pockets or hidden storage. It’s even better if the bag doubles as a workout bag. A weekender bag must have the ability to resist the stresses of being put into an airplane overhead box and to also pack easily into a car trunk. The lightweight Everlane luggage will be discussed in detail.

TripSavvy / Joseph Gonzalez

everlane twill tote review


Conscientious consumption is becoming more visible. You can also do reviews. Find plenty of unsponsored reviews of Everlane, Elizabeth Suzann, Only Child, Grana, and Cuyana on the site! This is my journey towards minimising waste. I love bags and am working to achieve that goal. While both are great, they are very different. I use the Celine tote as my everyday personal bag, while the Everlane tote is my work bag (having replaced my Everlane dipped zip tote, similar here Everlane Day Market tote vs. Everlane Twill tote I decided to upgrade my twill tote to the leather market day tote because I found the twill tote a bit too small for my work needs. Although the twill tote had a full zip, which I loved, in reality, my daily work life requires a zipper. Instead, I wanted a bag that would hold all of the stuff I put in it. This is exactly what the Day Market Tote can do!

(with the difference being the MG tote has that patent leather-type of colored interior). The MG is a bit shinier as well as stiffer than Everlane. The Everlane tote is unlined with a flat (and rather useless) pocket on one side.

Everlane was very helpful in providing more details about the leather they offer.

Our leather is made from meat-eating cows. Instead of letting that material go to waste, we are using it to create bags and shoes. It comes from only adult animals. We label it Italian leather because it is tanned in Italy. For the manufacture of our products, we can use either vegetable or chrome tanning. In the case of chrome tanning, we use only chemicals that have passed all environmental compliance laws currently in place. According to my information, chrome tanning is used for brightly-colored leather products and vegetable tanning the rest.

The Everlane tote outperforms the Mansur Gavriel bag, so if I had to choose between them I would go for this. It is easier to source the leather from Everlane, and it’s more ethical. The Everlane bag is also better in quality.

This tote is made for leather lovers who enjoy the scent of leather in bags. For some reason the leather on this still smells like leather even after a month of daily use.

everlane twill tote review

An [Updated] Everlane Tote Review

[We’ve updated this post with a review after taking our Everlane tote across France. The review is at the end. For details on our experience with it, please see the article. For our next trip to France my mom and I had been looking for the right carry-on luggage for our trip. We set high standards. The bag had to be:

It’s large enough to fit all of your necessities, but it isn’t too large that you cannot use it as an everyday bag.

It’s well made with excellent reviews and is a great value. Although we didn’t necessarily need the exact same bag, however, after reading the glowing reviews of the Everlane Tote, we decided to give it a try. It seemed to fit all of our needs, so we ordered the black leather with reverse denim, which is a pretty heather gray. I was eyeing the brown leather with navy twill, but decided to wait and see what the black one looked like in person. We can all agree that I will be ordering the navy leather for myself very soon.

It was a joy to use it to transport my stuff on weekend trips. It was amazing to find that we got a tote with free shipping! The tote we received (with free shipping!) was equally excellent!

.Everlane Twill Tote Review

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