Best Thermostatic Mixers. Ranking And Reviews

▷ The best thermostatic mixers. Ranking and Reviews

Thermostatic mixer – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

Among the thermostatic mixing valves that stand out over others we recommend these two, in particular: 34558000 Grohe Grohtherm 800, with a modern and functional design, equipped with fins not to slide your fingers wet or soapy. A technologically advanced, has a super durable finish. Sanlingo Chrome is much cheaper but it performs its function effectively. Both have a block at 38 ° C in order to avoid sunburn, especially to children.

Reading our guide you can get a better idea about the features that distinguish a thermostatic mixing valve. In the bottom ranking, however, there is a review of what are for us the best of 2020 models on the market. If you do not know which one to choose the look.

▷ The Best Thermostatic Mixers. Ranking And Reviews

Compare prices and performance of various thermostatic mixers and you will notice the significant difference between the various models. There are, however, products that are characterized by the excellent relationship between the overall quality and not much money, as you can see from those that we recommend below.

All mixers, however, have to ensure basic services and, mainly, they must ensure that the temperature of the jet remains unchanged for the entire duration of the shower, even if you open other taps simultaneously. In this way there will be no pressure differential and none of those pesky spikes of cold water or warm you risk causing burns and make the shower less enjoyable. This important advantage is ensured by the thermostatic valve which reacts immediately to any change, adjusting the mixture immediately. It is ideal if in the house there are children or elderly people.

It is the consumer to adjust the temperature, fixing it to the desired level which may be, of course, changed as desired. In addition, if the flow is closed for some time, for example to make the shampoo, reopening the water temperature will be identical and will not be necessary to wait for or readjust.

Another feature that many users find it useful is the ability to set a temperature of the block, generally at 38 ° C, which, once activated, prevents to edit it. It is an important measure for children who want to take a shower or swim alone and could inadvertently raise it. In this way they are safer and the more relaxed parents.

Water Safety and Savings

The ability to have very soon the desired temperature and do not have to change during the shower avoids wasting water unnecessarily before finding the right mix and, in this way, there are lower fuel consumption and, therefore, a savings in the bill and for the environment . The thermostatic mixers, then, can be equipped with other functions.

For example, the models of the best brand are characterized by a particularly fine finish that offers three advantages: first, increased wear resistance, making these products meant to last for years and years; secondly, a cold water channel located underneath the outer coating causes this never exceeds the temperature of the water, avoiding, therefore, that we can burn by touching the mixer. Finally the special chromium present on some models, being repellent to dirt, scratches and oxidation, ensures a shiny appearance maintained over time.

▷ The Best Thermostatic Mixers. Ranking And Reviews

Sometimes, when you have wet hands or soapy, it may not be easy to grasp the ends of the mixer to adjust the temperature. Some models, to allow a more comfortable and secure grip, are very useful flaps that solve the problem.

As for installation, the thermostatic mixing valves should not be particularly difficult to install and just a minimum of convenience to do so even without the intervention of a technician. Better check that in the scope are included all the accessories, in particular eccentric (adapters) with seal.

Top 5 Thermostatic Mixer – Ranking 2020

After having explained features and benefits, now we see in practice how to choose a good thermostatic mixer. Read the ranking with our best buying tips and you will find the most suitable model to you in no time.

1. 34558000 Grohe Grohtherm 800 Thermostatic Shower Mixer

Grohe is a company well known to connoisseurs of taps for bathroom and kitchen since decades combines a stunning design of great performance. This is the case of the Grohtherm 800, probably the best thermostatic mixer 2020.

▷ The Best Thermostatic Mixers. Ranking And Reviews

It is a modern looking template and aesthetically very pleasing but it is equally functional and practical. The lateral fins allow support of the fingers in the most secure manner in such a way that they do not slip – for example when they are soapy – to adjust more easily flow and water temperature.

One of the strengths of the Grohe mixer is finishing, able to resist wear as few derived from everyday use. The Starlight patented technology ensures a fine appearance, brightness unaltered over time and maximum durability that is recognized throughout the world; its surface is three times harder than traditional ones and ten times more resistant to scratches.

The mixer is also technologically advanced because, once set the desired temperature, this will always remain unaltered, while the blocking function at 38 ° C is ideal in the presence of children who can take a shower by themselves without ever getting burned, reassuring the adults. For them it is possible to adjust the temperature to a higher level, if necessary.

Grohe is a well known and could not miss in our guide to choosing the best thermostatic mixer. Here is a summary of its main features, listed below.

Quality Grohe is among the most respected names in the faucet industry, thanks to the choice of first quality that puts in materials and finishes. A brilliant mixer and wear resistant, which promises consistent performance.

Functional Design: The product forms have aesthetic value but also functional. It is equipped with fins to lean, which also allow you to adjust more easily the hot and cold water. In addition, once the temperature programs that you want, the mixer keeps it constant, without undergoing changes.

Secure: A detail also studied for the safety of children, is the blocking function at 38 °, so that it will not raise the temperature even if you move the taps.

Price: The brand is among the most expensive available. Besides, if you bet in the long term and you have no spending limits, this product may be for you. Buy on (€ 115.1)

Buy on (€ 110,88)

2. Design Sanlingo mixer Thermostat

One of the best thermostatic mixing valves including recommend a comparison is this model of Sanlingo. Among its merits must be counted the price of very cost sales that could arouse the interest of those who seek first the savings.

▷ The Best Thermostatic Mixers. Ranking And Reviews

Despite cost three times less than the most popular competitors, the performance offered by this thermostatic mixer are remarkable, since it has all that it can expect from such a product.

It is a model made of chrome-plated brass, durable and aesthetically pleasing. As evidenced by the majority of consumers, effectively it performs the functions for which it was designed, that is, always guarantees a constant water temperature, even when other taps are opened at home and is, therefore, modified the water flow. In this way, the shower is always comfortable, for both adults and children.

For them, in fact, there is provided a safety lock at 38 ° C in order to avoid any risk of scalding.

This mixer has been a good success in sales for the performance guarantees. Now we summarize the main advantages and disadvantages, while below is the link where to buy this item at a competitive price.

Price: Between the cheapest mixers, this model is ideal if you want to spend little, without giving up a good quality.

Resistance: A product made in brass and features a modern minimalist design, which is well suited to modern environments. It ensures a constant water temperature, even if other taps are opened in the dwelling.

Security Lock: Fits avoid burns thanks to the function that keeps the water at 38 ° constants.

Installation: If you do not have much experience, could avail the help of an expert to mount it in an appropriate manner.

Buy on (€ 34.99)

3. Sanimar 199 509 Thermostatic Shower Mixer

Del thermostatic shower mixer Sanimar Padua model affects the excellent quality / price ratio. As you can see by clicking on the link below need not spend an excessive amount in order to have the benefits of thermostatic taps shower.

▷ The Best Thermostatic Mixers. Ranking And Reviews

Like all the best models combines an attractive appearance with excellent performance. The design, with its lines that deviate from the most common curves, should be able to satisfy the tastes of even the most demanding users. The chrome coating and the high quality of the materials used also guarantee, strength and durability over time, as emphasized by many consumers satisfied that compare this mixer to the most expensive models.

It is also provided with all the necessary accessories for installation kit that since this is an external model, can be carried out without much difficulty and without having to drill holes in the wall.

Our review continues with a list of the pros and cons of the new mixer. To be able to buy at low prices, click on the link below this description.

Quality / money: If you’re not going to spend a big sum but you still want to have to give up good quality, this mixing may be the solution to your needs.

Aesthetics: The design is original because the lines are not curved, as in most mixers, but squared. The coating is bright and the materials used for its realization ensure a long life.

Easy to install: The package contains all the accessories to install the faucet, an often overlooked detail that is best not to assume.

Design: On the one hand is its strength but for some might be the only flaw. If you like the soft lines, probably from an aesthetic point of view this faucet from the square shape will not make you crazy.

Click here to see prices

4. 34143003 Grohe Grohtherm 1000 Thermostatic mixer for shower

Main vantaggiodotti made by the German Grohe are characterized by elegant design, particularly resistant building materials and innovative technology being used. The quality, however, has a price and this mixer is not among the cheapest, nor among the most sold, probably for the greater outlay that must be sustained. It is, however, a model suitable for those seeking the ultimate in performance and, therefore, could not miss in our ranking.

In addition to the traditional function that is also found in other mixers, that is, the constant maintenance of the temperature, here the consumer can rely on other advantages of the Grohe line as, for example, the block at 38 ° C to prevent children from getting burned increasing it inadvertently or the mechanism that allows you to switch easily and quickly by the functionality shower in that tub.

In addition, the Turbostat technology allows to reach the desired temperature in an instant without then having to wait endless minutes that make the shower less enjoyable. It is, therefore, a technologically advanced model that, thanks to EcoJoy system also ensures a significant saving on water consumption and energy.

Like all the best Grohe models, even this thermostatic mixer is characterized by the high quality finish, virtually indestructible, and for the CoolTouch technology that prevents it from getting burned by touching the surface.

This is not the cheapest mixer, but it certainly is among the best from a qualitative point of view. To discover its benefits, read the small summary that you can find below.

Quality: The mixer is made from one of the best known companies in the industry. If you are looking for the highest quality, without compromise, and you have no budget limitations, your unit may be for you.

Security: It is a technological product and can ensure consistent and durable performance. Moreover, it is equipped with block temperature at 38 ° C, a very useful if using the smaller function.

Savings: Thanks to EcoJoy system, the mixer ensures low power consumption and therefore a saving in the bill.

Price: Consider that the price exceeds hundred euro. So if you have a fairly limited budget, this mixer is not for you.

Buy on (€ 144,87)

5. Aquatrends 199,505 tap Shower, Thermostatic

If you do not know yet what thermostatic mixer buy check out the model proposed by Aquatrends. Thanks to the unbeatable price is one of the top selling online.

It is a simple yet aesthetically taken care of, with good finishes and equipped with all needed for installation that, as pointed out by many users, it is not complicated, making it unnecessary to call a technician.

Of course, the use is simple – despite the absence of instructions in Italian – because you just select the desired temperature and turn on the tap for a few seconds in hot water at the right point and without variations for a relaxing shower and no ugly He surprises. It is also robust and should not cause any problem in terms of wear resistance.

In short, it is a functional mixer and much more convenient than more famous.

Now we summarize the main strengths and weaknesses of the mixer. To buy online, click on the link that follows our description.

Price: If you do not want to spend much, this proposal has to be considered. Rugged and durable, it is a functional and economical solution.

Easy to assemble: Although there are no instructions in Italian, assembly is simple and intuitive, as reported by users who have chosen.

Reliable: Once the selected temperature, the product keeps it constant, without suffering variations even in the case of the opening of other taps in the house.

Design: From an aesthetic point of view, the mixer is really a bit ‘too basic. But if you do not feel much like the aesthetic and want to spend less, it is a good solution.

Buy on (€ 45.35)

First What is a thermostatic mixer? It is a tap, substantially, capable of delivering water at a constant temperature.

It can be installed in any room of your home and there are models for both indoor or outdoor. The most elegant, with chrome finishes and a modern cut and design, are suitable for environments such as the bathroom or kitchen, while the more spartan and able to withstand the elements, are more suitable for a garden, terrace or however an external environment.

Savings in electricity bills

Even if the cost is greater than that of a simple tap, before you consider them too expensive you have to take into account a very important factor: the savings on your water bill.

Often, when you take a shower or wash the dishes, trying desperately to position the faucet so that water is at the right temperature, not too hot nor too cold, so as not to burn or freeze in winter. This procedure, however, requires time, during which the water flows in copious way, representing one avoidable waste.

The mixer can save time and money thanks to its ability to regulate the temperature independently. How does he do it?

The product is equipped with a thermostatic valve which cold and hot water mixture continuously, maintaining constant flow and temperature.

Of course, there safety systems, such as the interruption of if there was lack of cold water, avoiding burns unsuspecting user, intent to take a shower.

If you believe, and you’ve already bought your mixer, you have to provide for its installation.

If you were not experts, or unfamiliar to DIY, the best option would be to consult a professional in the field, even if that would mean paying the extra money.

If you have already carried out such operations, remember that you will need: silicone, Teflon tape, wrench and screwdriver.

After removing the existing faucet you will need to use the eccentric fittings included in the package or available separately, in order to balance the hot water pipe and the cold water. To arrange them perfectly Cover the thread with Teflon tape, useful to prevent leakage of water, and agganciateli with the wrench being careful not to over tighten.

Place the blender

Now, enter the mixer and try to position it so perfectly horizontal time using, if you, a spirit level.

There will only have to screw the mixer and perform a first test. If it works properly, you should be able to set with one of the two knobs temperature, while with the other open and close the water jet.

Seal with silicone

If you have problems and you do not notice any loss coming from the pipes, you can add the silicone to seal and stop the mixer to the wall.

Before carrying out this procedure carefully dry the surface and ensure that there is no drop of water.