Wide format laminator

What Is A Wide Format Laminator?

Wide-format laminators are an important component of print finishing. They allow print service providers to convert printed images into sealable, finished graphics used in applications such as outdoor signage, trade show graphics, vehicle graphics, window graphics, mounted displays, banners, posters and floor graphics. Check our options below to learn more about our big laminator options.

GBC Thermal Roll Laminator, Ultima 65, 27 inches Maximum Width, 10 Minute Warm-Up (1710740) ,Gray , 14 x 35 x 21

27 Inches laminating width is perfect for schools with heavy lamination needs. Laminator warms up in less than 10 minutes and has a one-touch AutoSpeed feature. The machine enters standby mode after 2 hours of inactivity and will shut off after 3 hours. EZload color-coded end caps show the right way to load film, helping you avoid costly service calls.

  • Easy To Setup
  • Great for Sublimation

    Wide Format Laminators are devices that use heat and/or pressure rollers to apply lamination film and mounting adhesive to printed media. Laminators come in 38″-65″ large sizes to suit the needs of a range of digital printers, sign shops, and print service providers.
    Wide Format Laminators are unique in their flexibility of operation as they can not only apply laminating films and mounting adhesives to versatile graphics but also mount these graphics to a rigid substratum.

    Why Would You Use A Wide Format Laminator?

    Wide-format laminators Machine
    • The pros of wide-format cold laminators are countless. Wide-format cold lamination is an investment worth making, as it will help you preserve important memories for decades to come! Wide Format Cold Laminators: The Best Use Wide-format cold lamination is a great way to protect your documents from getting ruined before they need to be!
    • Wide Format Laminator Prices. Wide-format lamination is a great investment for your business – but not if you overpay! In order to find the best value for money.

    The 44″ large format laminator Chevron Icon is perfect for those looking for a productive laminator with a slew of additional features – all while not breaking the bank. The Spire III 44T was designed with dual heated rollers, adjustable temperature setting and 20 feet per minute laminating speed in mind. The 44T will laminate prints with thermal and pressure-sensitive films when mounting up to 2″ thick substrates.
    The optional roll-to-roll capability with additional unwinds and rewinds can be added later to complete the robust capabilities of Spire III 44T. Spire 364T Chevron Icon The Spire III 64T incorporates all the flexible capabilities of the Spire III 44T with a 64″ working width to create the ultimate economical laminator.
    This 64″ large format laminator gives the width required to complete the widest lamination work. The Spire III 64T’s is fitted with dual thermal rollers, an adjustable temperature setting and a 20-foot laminating speed per minute.

    For A Wider Range Of Wide Format Laminator Offerings

    Printing media Chevron Icon Print media is one of the key factors in the look and feel of the finished product. Print media is specially coated to be sensitive to various ink forms and is used to produce the printed image in combination with a large format printer. Print media is available in a wide range of different materials for use in a variety of applications.

    Wide Format Lamination Supplies

    Close up Wide-format laminators Royal Sovereign provides a broad variety of wide-format roll laminator solutions for colleges, libraries, government agencies, and sign and print industries. Our line of roll laminators includes hot thermal roll laminators, cold pressure-sensitive roll laminators, and roll laminators ranging from 15″ wide to 65″ wide.