Best Squirrel Deterrents

Best Squirrel Deterrents

best squirrel deterrents

Expert Tips

Squirrels can cause significant structural damage to buildings. To limit the accessibility of your home, it is important to implement preventative measures. You must take corrective action immediately if you see a squirrel getting into your home. In some cases, one squirrel could give birth up to 5 kittens per month.

They can chew through any kind of material thanks to their strong teeth. To protect your pet food and garbage from squirrels, you can switch to rodent-proof containers as well as metal garbage cans.

A squirrel can cause serious damage to a structure if it is locked in there. Install a live trap between the walls and the area where you want the squirrel to be trapped. Check the trap every day until it is empty.

If you notice any squirrel activity, repellents should immediately be applied to your yard. This will prevent the establishment of new patterns.

Most squirrel repellents are based on their taste. They cause severe allergic reactions upon contact. These pepper-based repellents have the best results and are proven to be effective.

It is a favorite activity of squirrels to dig out and eat bulbs. When planting bulbs, dip them in repellent and then cover them with a thick layer of sharp mulch that squirrels will not want to dig into. There are also varieties of flowers that squirrels don’t like, including daffodils and hyacinth.

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.Best Squirrel Deterrents